Taylor Swift Choosing Democrats !

Flashnewscorner.net – Taylor Swift as far as we know is one of the superstar that do not want to talk about politics on her country. Even already getting so many critics on why she never want to confess her politic choose, The ex country singer that now already become the pop singer just keep silent about this thing. However, This time look like Taylor Swift want to change that.

On her new Instagram posting just now, Taylor Swift confess her chosen senate on the election that will be held on this November in United States. Taylor Swift that come from Tennessee talk about two candidates that she want to become the senate on her birth town. Moreover, The singer of Look What You Made Me Do also inviting all her fans to vote their own favorite candidate.

On choosing the senate, The value that Taylor Swift concern the most is about Human Rights. So she tell that she will give her voice to the want that do not do discrimination on the ethnic, gender and LGBTQ.

” I am writing this post about the upcoming midterm election on November 6th. i will be voting in the state of Tennessee. In the past i have been reluctant to publicly voice my political opinion, But due to several events in my life and in the world in the past two years, I feel very differently about that now. I always have and always will cast my vote based on the human rights. I believe in the fight for LGBTQ rights and that any form of discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender is WRONG. I believe that the systematic racism we still see in this country towards people of color is terrifying, sickening and prevalent. I cannot vote for some one who will not be willing to fight for dignity for ALL American no matter their skin color, gender and who they love.” write Taylor Swift.

So based on that Taylor Swift write that she will choose Phil Bredessen that is the candidate from democrats. ” I will vote for Phil Bredesen as the Senate and Jim Copper as the House of Representative,” Tell her.

Let hope that our world will be free from all kind of discrimination as what Taylor Swift and most of us want it for.

Flashnewscorner.net – As one of the most influence celebrity family in this world, we will have no doubt about the dollar have by The Beckhams. Yes Victoria Beckham and David Beckham already being a couple that always being the center of attention by the public on this decade.

Succeed on every business that they being in, The Beckhams already save a lot from their hard work until now. So it is not surprising that they own so many luxury house. Now they just decide to sell one of luxury mansion that located on Beverly Hills, California. The price will be the shocking one absolutely if coming from this family.

From the report we can get, the luxury mansion own by Beckham will be sell with the price around $33 million ! Yes it is an fantastic price offer by Beckham for becoming the new owner of the place the stay for the past eleven years. As we know this couple bought this mansion on the last 2007 . One that time Beckham by that house with the price around $22 million when Beckham joined LA Galaxy and playing in United States.

But do not worry, as people like to say, every thing has their own price. So do this one, with the price you willing to pay you can get a mansion with 6 bedroom, 9 bathroom, swimming pool, private library and many others.

They decide to sell this house because after David retire from playing football, now this couple mostly spend their time in London, so it make sense why they want to sell this one. Unfortunately until this news being updated, There is no one know about the identity of the one who is lucky enough to having The Beckhams ex mansion.

Let hope this family will always be one of the inspiring family that can the role model for all family in this world.




After Her Pregnancy Leave Over. Kate Showing Her New Hairstyle

Flashnewscorner.net – Kate Middleton just have her pregnancy leave over this week and will be active again on her duty in England kingdom. As we know that the 36 years old already been vacuum from every duty that she have in the kingdom because she just having the third child of Louis Prince on last April.

So in Tuesday, The mother of three children is being reported go to a garden in Paddington, London, for spending the time with the junior high school student. From the news we get, Kate go to there for teaching the kids about the wild plants.

What make that moment become more interesting is because of the appearance that come from the Kate Middleton itself. It because that in that time Kate is having her new hairstyle. Usually The Kate that we know usually have a long hair, but look like she just cut her hair shorter and make it more layer. Because of that, Her new style of hair is succeed on making her look more fresh and young.

And to complete her new hairstyle. Kate choose to having a casual look that look perfectly fit with outdoor activities. She choose to have a green olive sweater and a motive blouse combine with the same tone of jacket. By wearing jeans and high boots, Kate make her appearance so beautiful on that day.

After the picture of her shown to the public. a lot of praise come from the public for her directly. The picture by the way is share by media social account own by Kensington Kingdom.

“She look extremely Beautiful,” comment one of the user Twitter. ” Her hairstyle make her looks more beauty and fresh,” Tell the others. ” She is prettier now after the leave.” comment by the other one. ” Kate got a natural beauty that being show from inside herself,” other one.

Kate just start her duty after her leave on last April. But on the leave time, She also attend some event that needed her to be attend. From Royal Wedding, Tropping the Colour, Also the Polo event not a long ago.

So lucky for Prince Louis For having Her !

Fail to Keep Kim Save, Her Bodyguard Being Charged for $6 Million

Flashnewscorner.net – Robbery with a gun case that happen to Kim Kardashian in Paris, France, on the last 2016 still going on. Not only leave a physic scar to Kanye West wife and make her trauma, now the insurance company also charged the bodyguard that guard Kim on that time with the fantastic amount of money.

From the report we get, ex bodyguard Kim, Pascal Duvier being charged by the insurance company after failed to protect Kim from that accident. The owner of AIG insurance company charger Pascal also with his working place, PROTECTSECURITY, with the amount of $6 million as the claim of the lose for the diamond that become being rob on that accident.

On their charge , Pascal Duvier is reported leave Kim alone in the hotel and prefer to follow Kourtney and Kendall to the nearest club in there. From the report we get, this charge is based on the malfunction of security around the hotel make by the bodyguard, in where suppose to be a man safe the front door.

Because of that thing, The owner of AIG claim that this robbery can happen. Not only Charge the Bodyguard, AIG also look down on the hotel security that in that time one of the hotel man also being kidnapped and ask him to bring them to Kim room and open the door for the robbery.

On his first interview after this thing happen, Pascal confess to he feel guilty and always think “IF” he is with Kim on that night. ” I do not like to waste my time to think about ” if ” or “what will happen”. Tell him. ” There are a lot of bad and good things happen in life. Life is all about how we react on what we choose to do in our life, you can not choose only to change a certain things. Every choose you make, make things happen.”

After that incident, Kim and Kanye being report change their entire security team and system. Once of the things they do is to fire Pascal.

Hope every one can get a lesson from this. And for the robbery, please stop it, make peace in life bro.

A Pink Nails Painted on the Finger of Dwayne Johnson ?

Flashnewscorner.net – What do you think when you are hearing the name of Dwayne Johnson ? The image of beast and hard should be the one pop up to our mind when we are thinking about him. Moreover when we remember that the 46 years old guy before he becoming a  Hollywood actor was a WWE boxer.

But who in the world can believe that behind his big muscle body, The man who called as The Rock apparently can use something feminine and does not suit him. Moreover the actor of Jumanji : Welcome to the Jungle is not shy having a pink nail painted on his hand !

This thing can be seen on his new upload at his private Instagram. On his upload, the actor of Hobbs and Shaw sharing a cute moment in where showing his relationship with his daughter. The moment show the scene in where His daughter is paint his father hand finger with a pink color.

In that scene Dwayne look force accepted what his daughter do to him. From the caption, the actor of Jungle Cruise on the first only want to say bye to his daughter before go to work. However, his 2 years old daughter suddenly want to give her father a nail painted before her father can go to work.

Looking at this cute moment, a lot of fans even consider Dwayne as the ideal father. Moreover some of them also throw a joke in where that Dwayne look more “MAN’ with his pink nail painted on his finger.

“Super Daddy,” Comment by one of the fans. ” You are the ideal of a Father, Dude,” Tell the other. “You are still a man although using a nail painted from your daughter,” form the other one. “The Rock is a real man that love his Family more than anything,” Comment by another one

Dwyane Johnson, Super Daddy for you.



Who Want Dakota Johnson Phone Number ?

Flashnewscorner.net – Movie lover around the world should be ever heard the name of Dakota Johnson. Chris Martin girlfriend’s is already succeed bring her name well known in the world after her act as Anastasia Steele on Trilogy  “Fifty Shades of Grey’.

Not a long ago, Dakota Johnson once again having a public attention towards her after she suddenly give her phone number to the public ! Who in the world can decline such opportunity to get a phone number from a beautiful star like Dakota Johnson ? From the report we get, this beautiful actress also giving out her private email address when she stand in the stage on Global Citizen Festival on New York last month.

“I want to help you guys, women or all young girl in this world, tell me and share your story,” Tell Dakota on the stage. ” this is my phone, and here is my number. I want all of you call me and telling me your story by phone and also i want you all to send me an email to Dakota.johnson@globalcitizen.org and tell me exactly what you guys already being through out.

Not only that, This beautiful actress also confirm that she will be open to all the woman in this world that contact her, Moreover, she say that different language can not be a border between them.

“If you can not speak my languages, it is okay, we have a team will handle about that. And if you are some one try to hurt and threaten me, you also can calm because i will have my team come for you,” tell Dakota.

28 years old girl tell that she will record all the story given by the people and make their voice can be heard all around the world. “together we will find a world that all of us will be the same,” Dakota.

From the news that we get, if we try to call that number, we can hear Dakota voice saying” This is Dakota Johnson, leave me a message after the tone and this one will be recorded and your story will be share to the world with equality. thanks.”

Hopefully that Dakota act can bring this world becoming a better world for all that life inside.


Kris Jenner is Being Kidnap !

Flashnewscorner.net – Mom from the Kardashian Family, Kris Jenner becoming a  victim of kidnapping. This new already being confirm by her from a video that she upload on her Instagram account. How can a kidnapping victim can upload a video ? And what more unbelievable is the one who kidnapping her is two young children !

Okay everybody can be calm now, in here there kidnapping is not like any of us think about. Kris Jenner being kidnap by two popular young children which is the twin Stauffer, Mila and Emma that well known on social media.

This think happen when this two young cute and adorable come to Kris Jenner house. They are dressing like a princess from a kingdom, and look so cute. with a handbag on their hand, They come for the purpose of Trick and Treat.

As we know Trick and Treat is a western culture in where this think will be done by all people in there when Halloween time. Done every year by every people in there with Trick as being cheated and treat as a candy. So in other word for you not getting trick you need to treat them a candy or anything else that sweet.

So Mila and Emma come for the first time to Kris House, looking at her big house, both Stauffer hoping that get something big. And for sure, when they coming to that house, they receive a big chocolate. That make them greedy and try to visit Kris house for second time with another costume. and for the second time they get a big lollipop from Kris.

After the second time both Stauffer still want more from this house, but they are out of costume, so they decided to visit that house just by showing their real person. And when the door open, Kris can recognize both of them. ” Oh both of you are little Mila and Emma right ? Get this one”  tell Kris with also giving them a big bowl of sweet things, while carrying two puppies with her.

But what happen is Mila not want that candy but seh prefer to get her puppy. “No, i want one of your puppy!” Scream Mila while getting the puppy from Kris hand and run away. Because of that Kris try to call the police and tell them that 2 young girl just kidnap her puppy and now run to the North West.

Hearing the word North West make the police confuse because as they know that North West is the name of Kris grandchild. So the police ask Kris ” What is this two young girl do to your grandchild ?” ask the police. ” Not my grandchild, But North West direction!”

Actually, this video is make as the video promotion for the upcoming Halloween that will be held by Stauffer family called Mila and Emma’s halloween Pumpkin Patch. From this event Stauffer family will invite all the children to come and celebrate Halloween without need to confuse about having a costume or not, just be yourself and you will get treat !

This event will be held a month full from 1 until 31 October on Culver City California. So interesting right ?


Naomi Campbell Comment on Kendall Jenner Career

Flashnewscorner.net – Now Kendall Jenner already becoming the most highest paid model 2018 from Forbes version. Her income can reach the number of  $22 million in the last year although that we know that Kendall is very selective on taking the job. For this year also, she missed all the chain on New York Fashion Week and only do some show in Milan and Paris.

But not only that the fantastic income that she got become the talk on media and public. Her controversial comment for modelling world also become something hot to be talk about. On her interview with LOVE Magazine, She admit that she is not a type of model that willing to take to much job on Fashion week show. She told that she need to be selective because she have another job outside from modelling alone.

Her comment invite so many reaction from another model. Start from the amateur until the legendary super model, Naomi Campbell. This senior model showing her reaction towards what Kendall say about modelling when she was invited to one of the talk show with Andy Cohen as the presenter.

The host ask her directly about this things when the show in live. “Kendall Jenner now is the highest model that ever paid, however she admit that she is being selective on her job and will never do like 30 fashion show on one season, your opinion ?” Ask Andy to Naomi.


With her uncomfortable and not so good expression, The supermodel that being well known on 1990 just giving a simple answer. “NEXT!” tell Naomi clear and  assertive. It look like that Naomi does not like being involve in the drama make by the Kardashian – Jenner Family.

But Kendall already dismiss the interview with that magazine. From her source, That interview already being “seasoning” by them. She also admit that for becoming what she is now, she already work so hard, learn so much and will always have a dedication and love toward modelling world.



Rinady Yunardi Crystal Glasses in Ariana Grande New Album

flashnewscorner.net – As we know that in the mean time Ariana Grande just launched her new album Sweetener. The single ‘ God is A Woman ‘ as her main songs also launched their music video.

As we can see in her new MV, Ariana Grande is willing to cover her body with paint with pastel color with different color from lavender until pink. As we can see, Ariana Grande looks very sexy, unique and also very elegant with her new glasses that looks very cool.

And from the source that we can get, we found out that crystal glasses that wear by Ariana Grande in that MV is make by Indonesia Designer which is Rinaldy Yunardi, That also are known as one of the best Designer in Indonesia and also the world.

At last Rinaldy Yunardi from his instagram account @rinaldyyunardi also post the picture of that glasses . the glasses is make from metal , with the dark glass for both of the lens. And the highlight of course is the crystal that cover the side of this glasses.

This is not the first time Rinaldy getting the pleasure in where his masterpiece is wear by international actress. Before, singer and also celebrity such as Mariah Carey, Kylie Jenner, Until Madonna is known also love that wear his masterpiece also.

So with his masterpiece now is wore by Ariana Grande, we can say that Rinaldy Yunardy once again show to the world that he is one of the best designer that we will ever see.

Always found out the newest news about Hollywood only at flashnewscorner.net


Is It a House or Shopping Mall ?

Flashnewscorner.net – Becoming one of the most paid actor on Hollywood absolutely make Chis Hemsworth becoming one of the most rich man on this time. Because of that, it make sense that the main character on the Thor movie for MCU Franchise do a lot of invest on property aspect.

Not to long ago, Media found out that Chris just build a new mansion in Australia since last year. Husband of Elsa Pataky confirm that this mansion is build precisely as their Dream home. But unfortunately, His desire on building this mansion make his neighborhood feel disturbing.

This super elite mansion was build on top of Seven Mile hill that located on Broken head, Byron Bay, New South Wales. It is been predict that Chris and Elsa need to spend around $8 million for building their kingdom. From the news we get, This mansion will be consist of six bedroom, a big swimming pool, sauna place, fitness center, a luxury spa place and media center place.

Since the framework of this mansion was build, some people that live in there already afraid that this building will destroy the beauty of local place in there. This mansion was build in rectangle shape with the wall that build so high. Seeing from this mansion big, make some people consider this luxury mansion as the bunker, shopping mall, a prison, hospital until an airport !

Local man that already live in there almost 38 years, Darren Birch tell that the incoming of Hollywood star to their neighborhood can destroyed the nature in there. this place supposed to be so calm and quiet in the past, you can find a peace when coming home, but it is not happen again now.

There are a report say that this building was buy around $7 million on the past 2014 by this couple. Actually before they buy it, this house shape is having a Bali shape in where most of the building is so open and make by wood.

Let see on how will be this mansion become after the construction finish.

Who Say They Break Up ? Liam and Miley Just Having Their Date

Flashnewscorner.net – There is been a negative rumored lately that come out from Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth relationship. Moreover, both of them is being reported already break up and called it to the end for their relationship and cancel their plan on getting married.

This rumored is like going to be true when Miley delete all his picture and video on her private instagram. There is a lot of people and media believe that the love relationship between this two is really over by now.

However, rumored is always just a rumored. Breaking all the speculation that come out into their relationship, Liam Hemsworth prove his commitment towards their relationship and make sure that everything is going well between them. Both of them look very enjoy and being in loved with their partner that been shown by them lately.

At least, that just happen when Liam hemsworth from his private instagram account show off his picture that show his togetherness with Miley Cyrus when they are on a date. Both of them look very happy together.

Both of them also being accompany by their beloved dogs. Also on that chance, Liam also write a simple caption ” A walk with my ladies ”

Absolutely this picture can answer all the curiosity from both of their fans related to their breaking rumored. This is not the first time both of them showing their togetherness moment amid rumors of their breaking up.

last time they this rumored comes out, Liam also post a cute video on his story that show their moment in the car, in where Miley is having fun with her dance and got a suprise when Liam shout out to surprise her.

Let hope for the best on their relationship guys !


Demi Lovato After Overdoses

Flashnewscorner.net – Two months after the accident that happen to Demi Lovato that found out overdoses on using drugs on her home that almost cause her life, She need to get an intensive care on a hospital. She been care in that hospital for two weeks and after that now she already been in the middle of rehabilitation center place.

Since that accident, Demi not yet shown her figure to the public until now. She just wrote some statement on her Instagram account. Look like until now Demi is choose to be far away from the media and also from The entertain world in Hollywood. Demi also cancel all the tour that already being plan in the early year. She thinks that is the best choice that can she do in the mean time. As we know after come out from the hospital, Demi directly go to a Rehabilitation center in Chicago.

But as we know that paparazzi  has their job to do and to found out a news about this star. Just now her picture are coming through the internet. Demi looks wearing a green jacket and a cap, She looks having a conversation with a girl that are walking with her dog in that area. Demi look fit and her face look better now. On her hands looks like she having a cup of coffee. A beautiful smile come out from her beautiful face.

Also there are a report say that her ex, Wilmer Valderrama are there staying with her and accompany her on her hard time. Demi alone will be having this rehabilitation until 4-5  months next.

Lets hope that Demi can be healthy soon and come back also bring the happiness from her figure and her creation to all of us.


Barbados Ambassador : Rihanna !

Flashnewscorner.net – The first time Rihanna coming into the music world is on 2005 with the single Pon De Replay. After 13 year having a career on music world, Rihanna now also widened her wings by plunge into the fashion world.

Rihanna now already have a lot of business start from the clothing, cosmetic until the undewear. Rihanna also been active lately on social and humanitarian activities. And now she also spread her wings in movie world after being cast on some movie, The latest one should be Ocean’s 8 that she play with Sandra Bullock and Cate Blanchett.

Now after all she done on hollywood, she get another prestige things on her life. Rihanna is appointed by their country for becoming their Ambassador ! Yes lately Barbados government pointed Rihanna as the ambassador to promote the home country education, tourism, and also other invesment in their country.

The singer that have a real name Robyn Rihanna Fenty with the stage name Rihanna is choosen by their country because of all the things that she do until now. It is an amazing job do by Rihanna not only on the creative field but also in business tell the Prime Minister of the country that located on Caribbean island.

“Rihanna have a deep love towards her country and it shown by the humanitarian activities that she been involved especially on the health and education field. She also ever show her patriotism by appreciate Barbados as her home ,” Tell Mia Amor Mottley.

As the ambassador in the culture field for Barbados, Rihanna got an important mission which is using her power as the world class influencer for getting a prosperity for her home land. Before, Rihanna already done a lot of humanitarian activities all around the world.

” I am very proud on being chosen to get a special and honor position on my home land, Every single person in Barbados will do their best as same as me doing my job and responsibility on giving the best to my country,” Rihanna.



A Cat Can Cause Beyonce for Imprisoned

Flashnewscorner.net – A shocking news come from the pop world Diva, Beyonce Knowles. Not a long ago, Ex Destiny’s Child, Beyonce is  being prosecuted to be imprisoned cause accused killing the cat from her ex drummer band.

From the news we get, ex drummer that include on Beyonce tour, Kimberly Thompson is planning to sue Jay-Z wife. Moreover Kimberly already filed a request to detain Beyonce.

Kimberly claim that Beyonce already kill his cat and also spying on her activities via phone. Moreover Kimberly also claim that Beyonce having an access to his finance. Unfortunately, Kimberly reluctant to tell more about her accused regarding for this matter. Nevertheless, until now Kimberly is sure that the one do this things to her is Beyonce.

Kimberly Thompson alone is known that she ever working as a team as the drummer with Beyonce on the past 7 year and just ended her contract not a long ago. Until the news spread, Beyonce representative not yet giving any clarification about the weird accused that been pointed towards the Diva.

On the other hand, Beyonce alone still preoccupied with a series of On The Run II Tour that schedules that she held together with her beloved husband Jay-Z that  being schedules will take time until the last of october.

From 38 concert that already being held until august, This couple is recorded already earn around USD 150 million. This number will surely increasing in the last 10 concert.

Interesting to see will this news will have an effect for their concert or not ? And also the most important one is, does or does not this news is real ?

And the Winner of America’s Got Talent 2018 is …..

Flashnewscorner.net – Last night United States already have the winner of their America’s Got Talent 2018  show. One finalist that come out becoming the ninth champion for America’s Got Talent is already being pointed.

The final AGT 2018 that being held in Dolby Theater, United States, Wednesday (19/09/2018) local time and being live by NBC, Shin Lim, Michael Katterer, Vicki Barbolak, Samuel J. Comroe, Glennis Grace, Daniel Emmet, Brian Raja Joseph, Zurcaroch and Duo Trancend is the ten finalist that been doing their best over so many week for coming to this final.

KISS the legendary Band Rock succeed on opening this show with their spectacular performance. The first finalist which is Glennis Grace show outstanding performance when having a duo with Bebe Rexha.

Courtney bring the stage on FIRE when having a collaboration with The Struts by bringing Janis Joplin hits Piece of My Heart. After that, Daniel Emmet doing a duo with the Opera legend, Placido Domingo. the comedian Vicki and David Spade tear the Dolby Theater roof off using their jokes.

In this final, Simon Cowell wish coming true when Garth Books write a song for Michael katterer, and for that perfomance succeed in making Cowell crying like a baby. ” You are incredible, ” say Simon.

Shin Lim the magician with the help from Tyra Banks and American Ninja Warrior Host, Matt Iseman and Akbar Gbajabiamila showing a real magic to us.

Brian and Lindsey Stirling not just giving us their music tonight, but also add by same beautiful acrobatic move from them.

And last but not the least, The Golden buzzer man by Tyra, Zurcaroh show an impresive beautiful choreograph but to danger to be watch.

After all the finalist do their best on that night show, Tyra is ready on giving the world know about the polling result for AGT 2018 season. Unfortunately for Duo Transcend, Glennis Grace, Daniel Emmet, Vicki Barbolak and Courtney Hadwin , they should come out first. So there are five remaining finalist on the stage, the next one that need to come out is Michael Katterer that been shocking the whole theater and also the judges become Michael is known as the favorite finalist.

Last four, the next one need to come out is Samuel and then Brian for the third position. Only two left in the stage which is the magician and the acrobatic man. So who is the winner of AGT 2018 ? Tyra banks shouted out the name of SHIN LIM ! The magician succeed on becoming the winner of AGT 2018.



Picture From House that Cost USD 2.5 Million to have it

Flashnewscorner.net – Who in the world does not know with Taylor Swift, One of the most popular woman pop singer in the world ? As we know Taylor Swift already become one of the most paid star between all hollywood star. From the rumors we get, Taylor Swift get around USD 300 Million only for this year 2018 !

Because of that, becoming such a billionaire, It make sense that Taylor Swift have a lot of  expensive property. One of those property can be seen from her home in Beverly Hills, California. From the rumors we get just now, Taylor Swift willing to sell that house  with the fantastic price around USD 2.5 million !

That house she buy with the price around USD 1 million at 2012. Two floor house that size 274 m2, having a swimming pool inside and build so beautifully with the deck of the wood. This beautiful house consist of 4 bedroom and 5 bathroom.

The air circulation in this house also work very well and also in these house we can find a wine cellar that having an automatic weather control. That wine cellar can be fill by around 1000 bottle of wine. Moreover, the kitchen in this house is very fascinating that can become the dream kitchen that love by all mother in the world.

So for all of you that are very curious on how this house lookalike and for you that are willing to pay USD 2.5 million for an ex pop singer woman star house, This we provide a picture for you

Swimming pool




Living Room


Wine Cellar


Want to have it  ? 😀





Fan BingBing Being Reportedly Missing Since July

flashnewscorner.net – Fan BingBing, actress that come from China become trending topic in Indonesia now. Fan BingBing is being reportedly missing and no one know about her condition until now. There is a rumor in where BingBing already missing since July 2018. from the rumored also stated that Fan BingBing is arrested by her government.

Moreover there are some of brand that use BingBing service as their ambassador already confirm that they already cancel their contract with this actress. The last time Fan BingBing show up in the media is when she visiting a children hospital, 1 July 2018 ago.

So actually where does Fan BingBing gone ?

As we know Fan BingBing is one of the most popular actress in China that have so many fans like her. As a superstar at her country, she already been in at least 50 movie inside and outside her country. She also ever being cast with Penelope Cruz, Jessica Chastian and Lupita Nyong’o in 355  movie. They also being reportedly together attend in a special event at Cannes, France, Mei 2018 ago.

There are some speculation comes out about she has been missing. Some of them guessing her missing is about she not paying for her tax. On the last Mei 2018 the retired presenter television China is claim that Fan BingBing is not paying the tax. There are a rumored that comes out that Fan BingBing only pay around USD 1.6 million from USD 7.8 million she suppose to pay.

Also there are a rumored in where she is being involving in corruption and illegal rent and for now is waiting the result from the government about this problem.

But until now all of that things just speculative things that comes out after Fan BingBing reportedly missing, none of them is proving with the truth yet.



Justin And Bailey Married Secretly ?

It seems that the relationships that Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin lived have entered a more serious level. This has actually been seen when they just returned, where Justin was immediately engaged to Hailey shortly after they returned.

Justin is also not ashamed to say he wants to be Hailey’s husband. He even prepared all the needs to be used for their marriage. According to news circulating, the two couples will get married next year. But lately, the latest gossip has emerged which says they are married secretly.

There is even the latest news saying Hailey and Justin were found coming to the Marriage License Courthouse, which is a court similar to civil registration in Indonesia. What’s happen?

The one who first reported this was TMZ. Through photos circulating, Justin and Hailey were seen walking into the civil registry building in New York on Thursday 09/13/2018.

According to the expressions of several sources, Justin and Hailey looked very emotional that day. Even Justin could say “I can’t wait to marry you soon baby.”

According to other eyewitnesses, Justin and Hailey had met directly with the judge. Most likely they are married secretly and will only celebrate next year.

Mail Online is currently looking for the truth about this news. If what is reported by TMZ is true, this means that Justin and Hailey will immediately carry out their marriage before the end of this year.

Jessica Iskandar Ready to Marry Even though It’s Just Dating 3 Months

The relationship between Jessica Iskandar and Richard Kyle is relatively short, which is only three months. Even so, Jessica Iskandar claimed she was ready if later Richard Kyle invited her to get married. As we know, Jessica Iskandar and Richard Kyle often upload intimate photos with their children.

“When asked whether it’s ready or not, I’m ready. Already praying with God, yesterday I walked with Richard, it’s already open my heart. If given a mate then it is made easier, especially if you can accept my condition with El, why not? “Jessica Iskandar said when interviewed in the Tendean area, South Jakarta.

On the occasion of the interview, Jessica Iskandar also shared stories about her video with Richard while on vacation to Mentawai Island.

“Oh, the video is right when we are on vacation to Mentawai. “Actually, it’s gone a long time ago, if it’s not wrong in June, but it’s only been post now,” Jessica explained.

Jessica Iskandar also plans to vacation with her family and Richard abroad. It’s just that they still haven’t decided where to go and still determine the right date.

In addition, Jessica also hopes that the relationship she is currently living is the right relationship so that she can continue to the marriage level. We just pray for the best friend for Jessica Iskandar and her child.

Olla Ramlan Starred A New Horror Movie Called SAKRAL

After long disappearing from the Indonesian screen, Olla Ramlan returned. In fact, her presence immediately decorated the widescreen in Indonesia where she starred in a horror film called SAKRAL. Previously many doubted the existence of Olla Ramlan, but with the presence of this film, of course, public doubts were all answered clearly.

“Well, if you want to be honest, playing drama series has also been a long time ago, usually just being a host, carrying out household events. Then, just be a host or guest star, “said Olla when met at XXI Metropole during the release of the SAKRAL film.

Surprisingly, the article no one thought Olla Ramlan’s name would be present to adorn the widescreen again. Olla also claimed to have had difficulty while running the shooting process. But over time, she also enjoyed every process.

“Well, there is no problem with shooting this movie. The shooting here is only 20 days. At first, it was difficult, but after a long time, it was normal. The problem is the first horror movie, so it still has to be used to it first. ”

In the SAKRAL film, Olla Ramlan must compete with Teuku Zacky. Both seemed to have no difficulty when carrying out their duties, this was because the two of them had previously undergone the same film project.

For those of you who want to watch this movie, just come to your favorite cinema. This one horror movie is guaranteed to make you shiver in fear!

Nabila JKT48 Returned Playing Horror Movie

Nabila is a former JKT48 personnel. Her name is soaring after joining to JKT48. The girl whose real name is Ratna Ayu Azalia is now focusing on acting. Nabila herself has actually played in three films, this time she will again adorn the big screen called Mata Batin 2.

When interviewed on a shooting location in the Kota Tua, Nabila then recounted her excitement and experience while undergoing the shooting process of Mata Batin 2.

Actually, Nabila has played in a horror film called Wewe. But her acting in the film gained a lot of criticism from connoisseurs and film critics. But that didn’t make her desperate. Evidently, she returned to playing in one of the horror films entitled Mata Batin 2.

When undergoing the shooting process on the third day, Nabila claimed she felt excited about the actions she was going to play. In the film, Nabila plays Nadia, an orphan who lives in an orphanage.

In Mata Batin 2, Nabila plays an introvert role, this is certainly very different from Nabila’s original extroverted nature.

“The characters that I play are introverted, really different from the original. “I am an extrovert, so it will make a quiet character feel so strange,” said Nabila.

In this latest film, Nabila also feels more challenged because she has to explore the role. She must try to be as if she could see a spirit. This is a special excitement for Nabila.

Later Nabila will compete with Sophia Latjuba and Jessica Milla. What are we waiting for by Nabila’s acting, is it disappointing like before or will we be amazed because of her beautiful acting?

Mac Miller OD ?

Flashnewscorner.net – Once again international music is having a dark time. An American Rapper Mac Miller that also Ariana Grande Ex in being reported that been found die at his home in California, Los Angeles, United States on Friday (07/09/2018).

As being report by BBC.co.uk, saturday (08/09/2018), there is a lot of rumored that state Mac Miller that also known the one that become duo with Ariana Grande is die because of overdoses to drugs. Mac Miller alone already confess that he already in the state of drug abuse.

Rapper that having a real name Malcolm James McCormick is die when he just 26 years old now. Mac Miller is known by worldwide after in 2011 he release his own single and become the top in music chart in United States at that time.

Mac Miller release his very first album , Swimming on this early year and planning on having an event tour in this year. Mac Miller become more famous after the fact that he choose to have a break with Ariana Grande on this early year too.

Not only both of them ever having a relationship since 2012, Mac Miller also ever having a collaboration with his ex-girlfriend  on several songs, with the most popular one “The Way”.

Mac Miller before he die, already facing the law in the past month. In where he is being caught because driving a car in the influence of alcohol that cause him crash into the street walker.

Now once again Hollywood artist in found died because of drugs, lets pray and hope him get the best place in there, Chao Adios Ma Friend.



Indra The Titans Finally Get Married Today !

Happy news came from Indra The Titans. Today, Indra finally marry a women named Seruni. Both of them celebrating this moment in Bandung. Only family and best friend invited to join the party.

Back in time, Indra already post his picture with Seruni is social media. He also post the prawedding photo in his own Instagram. There is so many bouquets in their wedding ceremony. The bouquets came from their family and best friends.

In this ceremony, his parents pray for their happiness. Not only their parents, their best friend and other musicians also praying for their prosperity. One of them is NOAH.

“I pray for you, hope your wedding will be the best wedding, it’s what we want,” said Indra mother.

Indra father also pray for the wedding. In that ceremony, Indra father and mother wearing a traditional suit with white colour.

If we see the prawedding photo, their photo look so natural. Many people say that their prawedding photo look so simple buat very sweet. Indra bring a guitar and they look so cute wearing same shirt colour.

Their concept for prawedding photo including home and music themes. They don’t want to much colour in their prawedding photo. Let’s pray for their wedding, happy wedding Indra and Seruni !

After Devorced, Anna Faris And Chris Pratt Still Walk Together For Their Kid

We all know that Chris Patt and Anna Faris already divorced. But there is still have a relation between them. Even divorced, they still walk and meet sometimes for the sake of their kid, Jack.

Jurrasic World and Overboard actor, Chris met Anna in Santa Monica, California in Monday 27/8. This reunion coincide with Jack sixth birthday. Jack celebrating his birthday on 25 August last week.

In that time, Chris and Anna wearing a casual shirt. Anna wearing a ripped jeans with black shirt and boots, Chris wearing short jeans wearing grey shirt and hat. They holding Jack together. Jack, their son wearing red long shirt with sunglasses. They look like a wonderfull family even already devorced.

We can see their face full of smile. Jack also felt so happy when walk together with his parent. Even broke up, his parent became a close friends only for Jack. There is no hate in their heart. Maybe if you don’t know about the divorce, you will think they are still family.

Now Chris has been dating with Katherine Schwarzenegger. Their relationship going public and they have been caugh doing a romantic picnic in California.

Anna also dating with Michael Barret, a cinematographer film.  Anna and Chris commited to devorce after 8 years after the marriage.

Jessica Iskandar And Richard Kyle Relationship Going Public !

Jessica Iskandar and Richard Kyle relationship now being a hot gossip in media. Back in time, they having a closed relationship. But now, they unhesitatingly show their relationship in public. They also post an romantic photo on their own Instagram account.

Jessica and Richard already been in relationship for 4 month. They often caught on camera go on vacation with El Barack Alexander, Jessica Iskandar little son.

Last week, Jessica Iskandar posted a photo in her Instagram. In that photo, we can see Jessica and Richard go on vacation in Mentawai Island. Jessica also said that she want to undergo a serious relationship.

Her family also support her decision about her boyfriend, Richard Kyle. There is a rumour that said Jessica and Richard will go to Europe for holiday with family and her son. But there is no prove about this rumour.

In Jessica Instagram account, Jessca also posted a romantic photo in the beach with sunset background. It’s look so cool and romantic. They look like a perfect couple. Jessica also have a close relation with Richard family. Maybe next time they will go on vacation with their family together.

When they spend their time in Mentawai Island, they also take a picture with El Barack. If we see the photo, they really like a family, right ?

Kimberly Ryder And Edward Akbar Officially Married

Marriage contract between Kimberly Rider and Edward Akbar which was held in Masjid Al Ihsan running smoothly. This event start in 09.45 WIB and goes according to plan.

This thing already confirmed by Tamara Blezynski and Natasha Ryder as Kimberly Ryder little sister.

“Yes, the marriage contract event between my sister and Edward Akbar run smoothly. There is so many touching moment in the event. So many people crying including me and our family. I hope they can be a wonderfull family” said Tamara when met at Masjid Al Ihsan, Gunung Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta. ( Sunday, 26/8/2018 ).

We can see that Natasha face is full of happiness seeing her sister has been taken by Edward Akbar. Natasha also give a memorable message to her sister.

“A wonderfull wedding so far also a wonderfull future for my sister and her husband. May God bless your wedding. God Bless Kim and Edward !,” said Natasha with full of joy.

As we know, Edward Akbar also come to Kimberly graduation day with Kim family last time. They spend so much time together and this is the new journey to them. Wish their wedding can run smoothly and awarded a child. Happy wedding Kim and Edward ! Wish you a wonderfull wedding !


There Is A Reason Behind Via Vallen Lip Sync At Asian Games 2018

The opening ceremony of Asian Games 2018 last time is success. Lot of country and netizen tell that the opening is bigger and luxurious than the opening of World Cup in Russia. In the opening ceremony, there is so many event that showed to us. One of the most popular singer in Indonesia, Via Vallen have the opportunity to sing in the ceremony. But there is one thing who can’t be forgotten, that is when Via Vallen lip sync when singing.

But there is a reason behind the lip sync and it’s logic, seriously. Let’s see what is the reason behind that.

“Organizer said that i must do that. Yes, there’s a reason ! Why i must lip sync ? You know, the organizer need to prevent any possibility of doing a mistake when singing. So they said all the singer must do lip sync to prevent that thing. As we know, in the ceremony also have the firework who made a noisy sound, the sound of the firework can go through the mic, it will be so annoing to some people. Even Tulus who sing Indonesia Raya also do lip sync. We bring the name of Indonesia when performing on stage, so we need to prevent any mistake, even small mistake can make our country shame,” said Via Vallen.

“About the bad comment from netizen, i don’t care about them. But i just want to say sorry if my fans and many people feel dissapointed about my perform yesterday, but there is a rumour that said they are buzzer, someone pay them to said that thing to me.”

Brooklyn Beckham Having a New Girl Friend, What Does Chloe Moretz Say ?

Flashnewscorner.net – A month ago citizen is having a shock news when the relationship between Brooklyn Beckham and Chloe Moretz is over suddenly. Always look so close and romantic every time they are being together, There is no one in the world ever think about them decide to having a break.

More suprisingly, Brooklyn Beckham is being caught by the paparazzi is having a kiss with another beautiful girl on his favorite tattoo studio. Both of them do not aware about paparazzi are getting their picture on that moment. That moment also become the prove that the relationship between Chloe Moretz and Brooklyn Beckham is already over.

There is a rumored that Lexi Wood, a beautiful model that are caught having a kiss with Brooklyn Beckham is the reason why Brooklyn and Chloe is over. But that picture is being captured after Brooklyn and Chloe already over. It means that Brooklyn Beckham is already found his new girlfriend.

And what is Chloe reaction after finding this picture ? Absolutely that thing make her feel uncomfortable after seeing it.


“Heart Broken is a putting us in a difficult situation. it would be more difficult if every time there is a news every one will tag on me on my social media, That it the reason why i know 90% about the news nowdays,” Say Chloe.

Not only that, She also say that ” I am not a kind of person that like to showing my relationship in the public, So i do not like to see everyone kissing on my phone screen.”

Now Chloe is been rumored having a relationship with Dylan O Brien. Let see will this relationship can be real in the mean time.



Kendall Jenner and Ben Simmons are Caught Having a Romantic Holiday on Mexico

Flashnewscorner.net – From the first time Kendall and Ben Simmons are rumored having a special relationship, both of them never want to admit and talk about it since the first time. Always stay away from public and media, This couple is like keeping their relationship so secretly.

But since both of them never want to admit their relationship, they are always become the target of media to be watch. there are so many moments is where media can capture a moment in where both of them a having fun together. And for this time Both of them are being caught spend a time together again.

But this time is not like a simple date or having a shopping together, They are being caught is having a holiday together in Mexico. That is the moment that being captured by the media in one the luxury place own American producer, Joe Francis.

Both of them is caught trying to have their own time. As we know on this holiday both of them are not alone, they are with their friends also. But both of them choose to be together by relaxing on the sofa near the swimming pool.

They look likes enjoy the moment they are being together alone, Looks there are a lot of smile on their face that sign they are really comfortable being alone and do not want it to be end. Kendall always stare of Ben face on that moment.

There is a cute moment in where Kendall try to kick on ben face using her legs and Ben is trying hard to get away from her.

Absolutely it can become a sweet moment that can captured by the paparazi, Maybe there is know a scene where both of them having a kiss or a hug, but Their act just now can be the prove that both of them a comfortable being together on this moment.



Emma Stone Confess That Getting Married and Having Baby is Her Priority Now

Flashnewscorner.net – In her early 30, Emma Stone start to thinking about getting married and having her own baby. As we know Emma Stone is one of the most popular actress that already been in movie still she is young. All of his all day is fill by working on hollywood. But now the star and also the executive producer by Maniac serial movie tell her life story to Jennifer Lawrence on Elle USA in September edition. Evidently Emma and J Law is been a friend for such a long time guys.

“My perspective about kids is changing along with the change on my age. On my teen i never thinking for having baby and take care of them. There is a moment in where i am thinking that i am fine being single and do not to getting married and having a baby,” Tells Emma to Jennifer.

“But When i get Older, I feel like getting married is a process of life that we need to face it and suddenly because of that  i feel that really want to have a kid now,” tell Emma with her chuckle smile.

Emma realize that in the moment she will be on her 30. Maybe that number is not very old, but also clearly that not a very young one. So for now her main ambition is to fullfill her personal desire rather than the professional one.

Emma Stone ever having a date with Andrew garfield, Her partner on Amazing Spiderman. But unfortunely they call it an end on October 2015 after been in a relationship almost 4 year. Now Emma has been rumored having a relationship with Dave McCary, a television writer. They has been in a relationship almost a year but they are a few news for them cause Emma alone do not active on social media.

Both Emma and Jennifer Lawrence do not have a social media account, because of that it is hard for their fans to know about their presence life. When Emma been asked why she does not having a social media account, she reply by telling that she thinks that social media does not give her any positive impact, so why she need to having it.

Let us pray and hope that Emma Stone can get all she want in the future.


What Happen to Sam Smith After The Accident About “Jackson” ?

Flashnewscorner.net – Sam Smith just get so many criticism from public after  his opinion about Michael Jackson. This thing happen when the singer of “Lay Me Down” say that he is not  a big fan for King of Pop when he and Adam Lambert having a holiday together in the past weekend.

It is came from the video that accidentally post by Adam that showing the conversation between them into his instagram account in 9 august. When finding that the video he post is causing a chaos, Adam already delete the video. Unfortunately, That video already spread too wide on social media.

On that short video, both of that musician looks enjoy their holiday on the ship with hearing the song by Michael Jackson “Human Nature”. from the video we can hear that Sam Smith say ” I do not like Michael Jackson, but this is a nice song.”

when this video is retweet by one of twitter user from their twitter account, The big fans of Michael Jackson showing their feelings by criticized on Sam. Moreover, some of them  also swear a lot about the video.

“Only a stupid people do not like King of Pop,” say one of the fans. “I do not like Sam Smith and his songs is a trash,” say another fans. “This is the end for you after what you say about Jackson,” treat from the other one.

Not only getting a criticize  from their fans, Sam also getting the same comment from Stephanie Mills one of the famous music writer. Even Stephanie from her personal instagram account quip Sam. A 61 year old Steph also say that only when Sam can get over anything and any record that make by Michael jackson, Only on that point Sam can talk anything he likes about Michael.

But until now there is no any clarification from both Adam and Sam about that video. But one thing for sure, until now Sam Smith still getting so many criticism from the fans of Michael jackson on his social media account.





Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin Caught Crying in New York Side Street

Flashnewscorner.net – There is a story that the reporter share to us about Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin this weekend. The Reporter claim that accidentally he found out Justin and Hailey are having a fun riding a bicycle In New York city on tuesday morning, But suddenly both of them go down from their bicycle and sit in the sideways of New York street. And the next thing that happen is where Hailey look likes try to make Justin calm down by cheering him. Justin look likes he is crying and cover his face with his two hands.

Hailey try to calm down her fiancee by softly touch his back and try to comfort him, At last it seems Justin look like stop crying. but after Justin stop crying, it is look likes Hailey become the one that crying, And another romantic scene happen in where Justin with all his feelings try to touch Hailey face that look like holding the tears come out from her eye.

Until now there is no one know why both of them acting like that. An hour after that accident, Hailey post the picture with Justin on her insta story and act like nothing happen between them.

She shared a black and white picture in where show both of them is kissing with the word “My Love’ in upper side of the picture.

From their closed family, The reporter get a news on how both of them are more than ready to move their relationship into the next level which is married, Every one are so happy because of that news.

Let see will this relationship will end with the happy one or the bad one.



Present You The One and Only Zac Efron on Teen Choice Awards 2018

Flashnewscorner.net – When people heard the name of Zac Efron, Mostly all of them will agreed that he is one of the mos handsome man this earth ever have. A ex superstar on High School Musical already known that he has the gift in his face since he were young. Until now there are so many women that are already bewitched by Zac Efron appearance.

But there is a moment where everyone confused about this handsome actor decision which is when he do a dreadlocks on his hair. There are so many people tell that Zac is not suitable with that kind of hair.

Luckily this is not going to long, because as we can see on Teen Choice Awards we can see that Zac already change his hairstyle. Surely this Baywatch actor showing his handsome face with his short hair and his casual shirt on that day.

And also in that event he is going to get an award as a winner, not only one time he goes up to the stage to receive the awards, but Zac in total got 3 awards in Teen Choice Awards 2018.

Start from the best actor from Drama categories, the best collaboration, the best film, The most handsome man until the best kissing scene got by Zac on that night. Mostly all of the nominee come from his action in the film The Greatest Showman. So finnaly on that night Zac come home with three Trophy which is the best actor drama , the best collaboration and also the best film

Zac represent all other The Greatest Showman kru to be on stage to receive that Trophy. And he show his gratitude to all his fans by saying thanks again and again.

So how Hlovers, prefer Zac with shorthair or  the messy one ?