Daniel Mananta Play As “Ahok” In Movie Titled A Man Called Ahok

Daniel Mananta Play As "Ahok" In Movie Titled A Man Called Ahok

For 2000s generation, of course, they are know about Daniel Mananta, right? Daniel Mananta began his career as a VJ and hosted several talent shows on television.

A truly brilliant career development has made Daniel open a new business in the world of distro homeland, yes he start his fashion brand called “DAMN, I LOVE INDONESIA.”

Daniel Mananta finally ventured into the world of cinema. Daniel immediately ventured to play a role as one of the quite phenomenal political figures, so Daniel portrayed the figure of the former governor of DKI Jakarta, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama or more familiarly called Ahok.

If we do a little flashback, Ahok’s struggle in managing the city of Jakarta that has been dilapidated and filled with mafia and corruptors is not easy. Ahok even lost election due to religious issues and hoaxes.

Ahok’s journey was finally lifted into the big screen film titled “A Man Called Ahok.” The film certainly became a breath of fresh air for supporters and fans of Ahok. As we know, Ahok is currently in prison because case of religion that wrapped around him last time.

“The film that I played is not about me playing so Ahok, this is more to Pak Kim Nam,” Daniel said when met at the press screening event, XXI Epicentrum, South Jakarta.

“After taking scene and long filming process, I am increasingly convinced that this film is not only focused on the figure of Ahok, but also his father Kim Nan. The drama touches, the plot can make the audience cry. We borrow the story of Ahok’s life and then we make the family drama. “Denny Sumargo is indeed the best, really great!”.