How to Address Meghan and Prince Harry Baby ? – Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle is reportedly waiting for their baby that being predicted to be born on the next year spring. This report is coming directly from the Kensington Kingdom on the last Monday.

So if talk about the kingdom hierarchy, their baby will be on the seventh position, precisely below his father. Unfortunately, when this child was born their will not be address as the prince or princess. Nevertheless, Their baby will be get another title to be address. From the source that we get, if their baby is a boy, he will get the title of Earl of Dumbarton. Meanwhile, if the girl was born later, she will be address as Lady Mountbatten-Windsor.

This happen because back on 1917, Harry Great-Grandfather,which is King George V having a limited title for all of Royal Family members. Moreover that same source are sure that the child from Prince Harry and Meghan is being predicted are way to far for becoming HRH (His Royal Highness or Her Royal Highness) or be Prince or Princess.

Urutan ke-7 Takhta, Anak Harry dan Meghan Tak Akan Sandang Gelar Pangeran atau Putri

“The grandchildren of the sons of the Royal Family in the direct male line (only for the eldest son of the son of Prince Wales, Charles) should be the one  get and enjoy all the features of their style and title for their children,” Declaration of King George V on that time.

Because of that declaration, it means the special title can only fall to the Prince William as the first son of Prince Charles. But Absolutely Prince Harry baby will move the the position of Prince Andrew become the eight, Princess Beatrice becoming the ninth and Princess Eugenie becoming the tenth.

Only one way can be done if Prince Harry and Megan want their child having the title of Prince and Princess which is by the help of The Queen Elizabeth II. Only the Queen can change that with declaring a patent letter for their baby.

So let see on how this will be going on.


Another Royal Wedding Coming ! – England just celebrate another Royal Wedding, the Wedding between the Eugenie Princess and her fiancee, Jack Brooksbank just being held on this Friday on 11.oo local time. This couple is officially becoming husband and wife after being in relationship for  more than 6 year.

This beautiful moment always becoming the center attention all over the world. Royal Wedding is one of the biggest wedding ceremony England and this world have. Every time Royal Wedding is being held anything like the cake, the decoration, the fashion and also the guest becoming the attention of the world. Also for this time, Eugenie Princess is making a strict rules like can not have a decoration things make by plastic and also having a rules on what can and can not wear by the guest.

Now we will show you guys some beautiful moment capture on The Royal Wedding between Eugeine Princess and Jack Brooksbank.

Putri Eugenie Mengenakan Tiara dari Queen Mother

In this picture we can see how beautiful Eugeine Princess wearing a crown by Queen Mother.

Putri Eugenie dan Sang Ayah Sampai di Lokasi Royal Wedding

This is capture before the entering the ST. George’s, look like the Princess and her father, Andrew Prince say hello to their guest.

Pengeran Andrew Mengantarkan Anaknya Menuju Altar

This is one of the happiest and sadness moment on father life when send his daughter through the aisle.

Momen Eugenie dan Jack Mengucapkan Janji Suci

The moment where two people will become one that bond by the sacred promise between both of them

Gaun Indah Putri Eugenie Perlihatkan Bekas Luka di Tubuhnya

As we know that Eugenie herself got a big scar on her back when she was just 12 years old, But she is not shy showing that to the public on her big wedding day by wearing a beautiful dress that show her back make by Peter Pilotto and Christopher De Vos.

Momen Ciuman Pertama di Royal Wedding yang Paling Ditunggu

And here it is, the most waiting moment on the wedding, The first kiss !

Happy for Both of you, Sending love and regards from other side of the world Prince and Princess

Selena Gomez Threatened to be Depression for the Rest of her Life – Not a long ago Selena Gomez is reportedly being rushed to the hospital. Ex Justien Bieber Girlfriend need to get an intensive care because of the unstable emotion that she have. Selena is called suffering from emotional disorders such as anxiety and depression. Because of that, the star of Monte Carlo need to get a treatment at a mental health facility.

Hearing this thing happen to Selena, a lot of fans try to figure out what actually cause the depression get by this beautiful 26 years old  singer. A lot of speculation comes out and the most popular one is the rumored of her ex, Justin and his new girlfriend Hailey Baldwin is getting married.

Selena Gomez Saat Berkumpul Bersama Para Teman untuk Kegiatan Amal

From the report that we get, one of Selena close friend also tell that Selena getting depression is because of that of that rumored is true. Her depression is the combination of several things that can break her mental health. And because of that reason Selena is choosing to be vacuum from social media for a while. Her feeling and sensitivities can be influence by all the negative things and haters things that she can see on social media.

Beside from that, hearing a married rumor come from the man that she falling deep in love before should be so difficult for Selena to handle it. But also they confess that it is not the only thing make Selena mental health becoming this worst, there are some several aspect outside from that thing.

Selena Gomez Tebar Kebahagiaan Lewat Kegiatan Amal

As we know that before vacuum from social media, Selena is a kind person that very charming and cheerful. We can see how happy she is when she is together with her close friend and also when she is doing some charity event outside.

Let all of us hoping the best for Selena to get better and heal from her depression so she can becoming our star again, Stay Strong Selena !

Dakota Johnson Pregnant ? – As we know beautiful actress Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin already being in a relationship such on long time. And from the update news that we get, both of them already being reportedly getting engaged not to long ago.

Because of that thing, now more speculative news comes out about their relationship. Not Too long ago, there are a news that stated Dakota is having a baby with Chris ! This news spread out after this couple held a celebration party with full a beautiful balloon around Chris house.

On that party we can see so many their close friend like Melanie Griffith, Don Johnson, Sean Penn, Jeremy Allen White and Julia Roberts look attend and having fun in that party. After the place is full by the guest, a hundred of blue balloon is releasing to the sky. Public be speculative if this celebration is a party that they use to confess the gender of their baby.

But look like that Dakota do not want to make this rumors spread more wide than this. This beautiful actress that well known after her act as Anastasia Steele on the sequel Fifty Shades of Grey just denied the news of her pregnancy.

Denied that speculation, Dakota already give the clarification that the party they make and celebrate about is for celebrate her birthday that will be come on the next October 4th. However, What more surprising is she do not denied that she will become a mother in the mean time.

But it not like she will be having a baby soon, But rather she will become the Godmother of her best friend child, Addison Timlin. Addison also already confess that thing on her personal Instagram account on that celebration day.

Congrats for both of Dakota and Addison !


Taylor Swift Choosing Democrats ! – Taylor Swift as far as we know is one of the superstar that do not want to talk about politics on her country. Even already getting so many critics on why she never want to confess her politic choose, The ex country singer that now already become the pop singer just keep silent about this thing. However, This time look like Taylor Swift want to change that.

On her new Instagram posting just now, Taylor Swift confess her chosen senate on the election that will be held on this November in United States. Taylor Swift that come from Tennessee talk about two candidates that she want to become the senate on her birth town. Moreover, The singer of Look What You Made Me Do also inviting all her fans to vote their own favorite candidate.

On choosing the senate, The value that Taylor Swift concern the most is about Human Rights. So she tell that she will give her voice to the want that do not do discrimination on the ethnic, gender and LGBTQ.

” I am writing this post about the upcoming midterm election on November 6th. i will be voting in the state of Tennessee. In the past i have been reluctant to publicly voice my political opinion, But due to several events in my life and in the world in the past two years, I feel very differently about that now. I always have and always will cast my vote based on the human rights. I believe in the fight for LGBTQ rights and that any form of discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender is WRONG. I believe that the systematic racism we still see in this country towards people of color is terrifying, sickening and prevalent. I cannot vote for some one who will not be willing to fight for dignity for ALL American no matter their skin color, gender and who they love.” write Taylor Swift.

So based on that Taylor Swift write that she will choose Phil Bredessen that is the candidate from democrats. ” I will vote for Phil Bredesen as the Senate and Jim Copper as the House of Representative,” Tell her.

Let hope that our world will be free from all kind of discrimination as what Taylor Swift and most of us want it for. – As one of the most influence celebrity family in this world, we will have no doubt about the dollar have by The Beckhams. Yes Victoria Beckham and David Beckham already being a couple that always being the center of attention by the public on this decade.

Succeed on every business that they being in, The Beckhams already save a lot from their hard work until now. So it is not surprising that they own so many luxury house. Now they just decide to sell one of luxury mansion that located on Beverly Hills, California. The price will be the shocking one absolutely if coming from this family.

From the report we can get, the luxury mansion own by Beckham will be sell with the price around $33 million ! Yes it is an fantastic price offer by Beckham for becoming the new owner of the place the stay for the past eleven years. As we know this couple bought this mansion on the last 2007 . One that time Beckham by that house with the price around $22 million when Beckham joined LA Galaxy and playing in United States.

Image result for beckham family

But do not worry, as people like to say, every thing has their own price. So do this one, with the price you willing to pay you can get a mansion with 6 bedroom, 9 bathroom, swimming pool, private library and many others.

They decide to sell this house because after David retire from playing football, now this couple mostly spend their time in London, so it make sense why they want to sell this one. Unfortunately until this news being updated, There is no one know about the identity of the one who is lucky enough to having The Beckhams ex mansion.

Let hope this family will always be one of the inspiring family that can the role model for all family in this world.




After Her Pregnancy Leave Over. Kate Showing Her New Hairstyle – Kate Middleton just have her pregnancy leave over this week and will be active again on her duty in England kingdom. As we know that the 36 years old already been vacuum from every duty that she have in the kingdom because she just having the third child of Louis Prince on last April.

So in Tuesday, The mother of three children is being reported go to a garden in Paddington, London, for spending the time with the junior high school student. From the news we get, Kate go to there for teaching the kids about the wild plants.

What make that moment become more interesting is because of the appearance that come from the Kate Middleton itself. It because that in that time Kate is having her new hairstyle. Usually The Kate that we know usually have a long hair, but look like she just cut her hair shorter and make it more layer. Because of that, Her new style of hair is succeed on making her look more fresh and young.

And to complete her new hairstyle. Kate choose to having a casual look that look perfectly fit with outdoor activities. She choose to have a green olive sweater and a motive blouse combine with the same tone of jacket. By wearing jeans and high boots, Kate make her appearance so beautiful on that day.

Image result for kate middleton new haircut

After the picture of her shown to the public. a lot of praise come from the public for her directly. The picture by the way is share by media social account own by Kensington Kingdom.

“She look extremely Beautiful,” comment one of the user Twitter. ” Her hairstyle make her looks more beauty and fresh,” Tell the others. ” She is prettier now after the leave.” comment by the other one. ” Kate got a natural beauty that being show from inside herself,” other one.

Kate just start her duty after her leave on last April. But on the leave time, She also attend some event that needed her to be attend. From Royal Wedding, Tropping the Colour, Also the Polo event not a long ago.

So lucky for Prince Louis For having Her !

Fail to Keep Kim Save, Her Bodyguard Being Charged for $6 Million – Robbery with a gun case that happen to Kim Kardashian in Paris, France, on the last 2016 still going on. Not only leave a physic scar to Kanye West wife and make her trauma, now the insurance company also charged the bodyguard that guard Kim on that time with the fantastic amount of money.

From the report we get, ex bodyguard Kim, Pascal Duvier being charged by the insurance company after failed to protect Kim from that accident. The owner of AIG insurance company charger Pascal also with his working place, PROTECTSECURITY, with the amount of $6 million as the claim of the lose for the diamond that become being rob on that accident.

On their charge , Pascal Duvier is reported leave Kim alone in the hotel and prefer to follow Kourtney and Kendall to the nearest club in there. From the report we get, this charge is based on the malfunction of security around the hotel make by the bodyguard, in where suppose to be a man safe the front door.

Because of that thing, The owner of AIG claim that this robbery can happen. Not only Charge the Bodyguard, AIG also look down on the hotel security that in that time one of the hotel man also being kidnapped and ask him to bring them to Kim room and open the door for the robbery.

Image result for kim being robbery

On his first interview after this thing happen, Pascal confess to he feel guilty and always think “IF” he is with Kim on that night. ” I do not like to waste my time to think about ” if ” or “what will happen”. Tell him. ” There are a lot of bad and good things happen in life. Life is all about how we react on what we choose to do in our life, you can not choose only to change a certain things. Every choose you make, make things happen.”

After that incident, Kim and Kanye being report change their entire security team and system. Once of the things they do is to fire Pascal.

Hope every one can get a lesson from this. And for the robbery, please stop it, make peace in life bro.

A Pink Nails Painted on the Finger of Dwayne Johnson ? – What do you think when you are hearing the name of Dwayne Johnson ? The image of beast and hard should be the one pop up to our mind when we are thinking about him. Moreover when we remember that the 46 years old guy before he becoming a  Hollywood actor was a WWE boxer.

But who in the world can believe that behind his big muscle body, The man who called as The Rock apparently can use something feminine and does not suit him. Moreover the actor of Jumanji : Welcome to the Jungle is not shy having a pink nail painted on his hand !

This thing can be seen on his new upload at his private Instagram. On his upload, the actor of Hobbs and Shaw sharing a cute moment in where showing his relationship with his daughter. The moment show the scene in where His daughter is paint his father hand finger with a pink color.

Terkenal Sangar dan Berbadan Kekar, Dwayne Johnson Ternyata Doyan Pakai Kutek Warna Pink

In that scene Dwayne look force accepted what his daughter do to him. From the caption, the actor of Jungle Cruise on the first only want to say bye to his daughter before go to work. However, his 2 years old daughter suddenly want to give her father a nail painted before her father can go to work.

Looking at this cute moment, a lot of fans even consider Dwayne as the ideal father. Moreover some of them also throw a joke in where that Dwayne look more “MAN’ with his pink nail painted on his finger.

“Super Daddy,” Comment by one of the fans. ” You are the ideal of a Father, Dude,” Tell the other. “You are still a man although using a nail painted from your daughter,” form the other one. “The Rock is a real man that love his Family more than anything,” Comment by another one

Dwyane Johnson, Super Daddy for you.



Who Want Dakota Johnson Phone Number ? – Movie lover around the world should be ever heard the name of Dakota Johnson. Chris Martin girlfriend’s is already succeed bring her name well known in the world after her act as Anastasia Steele on Trilogy  “Fifty Shades of Grey’.

Not a long ago, Dakota Johnson once again having a public attention towards her after she suddenly give her phone number to the public ! Who in the world can decline such opportunity to get a phone number from a beautiful star like Dakota Johnson ? From the report we get, this beautiful actress also giving out her private email address when she stand in the stage on Global Citizen Festival on New York last month.

“I want to help you guys, women or all young girl in this world, tell me and share your story,” Tell Dakota on the stage. ” this is my phone, and here is my number. I want all of you call me and telling me your story by phone and also i want you all to send me an email to [email protected] and tell me exactly what you guys already being through out.

Not only that, This beautiful actress also confirm that she will be open to all the woman in this world that contact her, Moreover, she say that different language can not be a border between them.

Image result for dakota johnson

“If you can not speak my languages, it is okay, we have a team will handle about that. And if you are some one try to hurt and threaten me, you also can calm because i will have my team come for you,” tell Dakota.

28 years old girl tell that she will record all the story given by the people and make their voice can be heard all around the world. “together we will find a world that all of us will be the same,” Dakota.

From the news that we get, if we try to call that number, we can hear Dakota voice saying” This is Dakota Johnson, leave me a message after the tone and this one will be recorded and your story will be share to the world with equality. thanks.”

Hopefully that Dakota act can bring this world becoming a better world for all that life inside.


Kris Jenner is Being Kidnap ! – Mom from the Kardashian Family, Kris Jenner becoming a  victim of kidnapping. This new already being confirm by her from a video that she upload on her Instagram account. How can a kidnapping victim can upload a video ? And what more unbelievable is the one who kidnapping her is two young children !

Okay everybody can be calm now, in here there kidnapping is not like any of us think about. Kris Jenner being kidnap by two popular young children which is the twin Stauffer, Mila and Emma that well known on social media.

This think happen when this two young cute and adorable come to Kris Jenner house. They are dressing like a princess from a kingdom, and look so cute. with a handbag on their hand, They come for the purpose of Trick and Treat.

As we know Trick and Treat is a western culture in where this think will be done by all people in there when Halloween time. Done every year by every people in there with Trick as being cheated and treat as a candy. So in other word for you not getting trick you need to treat them a candy or anything else that sweet.

So Mila and Emma come for the first time to Kris House, looking at her big house, both Stauffer hoping that get something big. And for sure, when they coming to that house, they receive a big chocolate. That make them greedy and try to visit Kris house for second time with another costume. and for the second time they get a big lollipop from Kris.

After the second time both Stauffer still want more from this house, but they are out of costume, so they decided to visit that house just by showing their real person. And when the door open, Kris can recognize both of them. ” Oh both of you are little Mila and Emma right ? Get this one”  tell Kris with also giving them a big bowl of sweet things, while carrying two puppies with her.

But what happen is Mila not want that candy but seh prefer to get her puppy. “No, i want one of your puppy!” Scream Mila while getting the puppy from Kris hand and run away. Because of that Kris try to call the police and tell them that 2 young girl just kidnap her puppy and now run to the North West.

Hearing the word North West make the police confuse because as they know that North West is the name of Kris grandchild. So the police ask Kris ” What is this two young girl do to your grandchild ?” ask the police. ” Not my grandchild, But North West direction!”

Actually, this video is make as the video promotion for the upcoming Halloween that will be held by Stauffer family called Mila and Emma’s halloween Pumpkin Patch. From this event Stauffer family will invite all the children to come and celebrate Halloween without need to confuse about having a costume or not, just be yourself and you will get treat !

This event will be held a month full from 1 until 31 October on Culver City California. So interesting right ?