Dakota Johnson Pregnant ?

Flashnewscorner.net – As we know beautiful actress Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin already being in a relationship such on long time. And from the update news that we get, both of them already being reportedly getting engaged not to long ago.

Because of that thing, now more speculative news comes out about their relationship. Not Too long ago, there are a news that stated Dakota is having a baby with Chris ! This news spread out after this couple held a celebration party with full a beautiful balloon around Chris house.

On that party we can see so many their close friend like Melanie Griffith, Don Johnson, Sean Penn, Jeremy Allen White and Julia Roberts look attend and having fun in that party. After the place is full by the guest, a hundred of blue balloon is releasing to the sky. Public be speculative if this celebration is a party that they use to confess the gender of their baby.

But look like that Dakota do not want to make this rumors spread more wide than this. This beautiful actress that well known after her act as Anastasia Steele on the sequel Fifty Shades of Grey just denied the news of her pregnancy.

Denied that speculation, Dakota already give the clarification that the party they make and celebrate about is for celebrate her birthday that will be come on the next October 4th. However, What more surprising is she do not denied that she will become a mother in the mean time.

But it not like she will be having a baby soon, But rather she will become the Godmother of her best friend child, Addison Timlin. Addison also already confess that thing on her personal Instagram account on that celebration day.

Congrats for both of Dakota and Addison !