After Devorced, Anna Faris And Chris Pratt Still Walk Together For Their Kid

We all know that Chris Patt and Anna Faris already divorced. But there is still have a relation between them. Even divorced, they still walk and meet sometimes for the sake of their kid, Jack.

Jurrasic World and Overboard actor, Chris met Anna in Santa Monica, California in Monday 27/8. This reunion coincide with Jack sixth birthday. Jack celebrating his birthday on 25 August last week.

In that time, Chris and Anna wearing a casual shirt. Anna wearing a ripped jeans with black shirt and boots, Chris wearing short jeans wearing grey shirt and hat. They holding Jack together. Jack, their son wearing red long shirt with sunglasses. They look like a wonderfull family even already devorced.

We can see their face full of smile. Jack also felt so happy when walk together with his parent. Even broke up, his parent became a close friends only for Jack. There is no hate in their heart. Maybe if you don’t know about the divorce, you will think they are still family.

Now Chris has been dating with Katherine Schwarzenegger. Their relationship going public and they have been caugh doing a romantic picnic in California.

Anna also dating with Michael Barret, a cinematographer film.  Anna and Chris commited to devorce after 8 years after the marriage.

Jessica Iskandar And Richard Kyle Relationship Going Public !

Jessica Iskandar and Richard Kyle relationship now being a hot gossip in media. Back in time, they having a closed relationship. But now, they unhesitatingly show their relationship in public. They also post an romantic photo on their own Instagram account.

Jessica and Richard already been in relationship for 4 month. They often caught on camera go on vacation with El Barack Alexander, Jessica Iskandar little son.

Last week, Jessica Iskandar posted a photo in her Instagram. In that photo, we can see Jessica and Richard go on vacation in Mentawai Island. Jessica also said that she want to undergo a serious relationship.

Her family also support her decision about her boyfriend, Richard Kyle. There is a rumour that said Jessica and Richard will go to Europe for holiday with family and her son. But there is no prove about this rumour.

In Jessica Instagram account, Jessca also posted a romantic photo in the beach with sunset background. It’s look so cool and romantic. They look like a perfect couple. Jessica also have a close relation with Richard family. Maybe next time they will go on vacation with their family together.

When they spend their time in Mentawai Island, they also take a picture with El Barack. If we see the photo, they really like a family, right ?

Kimberly Ryder And Edward Akbar Officially Married

Marriage contract between Kimberly Rider and Edward Akbar which was held in Masjid Al Ihsan running smoothly. This event start in 09.45 WIB and goes according to plan.

This thing already confirmed by Tamara Blezynski and Natasha Ryder as Kimberly Ryder little sister.

“Yes, the marriage contract event between my sister and Edward Akbar run smoothly. There is so many touching moment in the event. So many people crying including me and our family. I hope they can be a wonderfull family” said Tamara when met at Masjid Al Ihsan, Gunung Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta. ( Sunday, 26/8/2018 ).

We can see that Natasha face is full of happiness seeing her sister has been taken by Edward Akbar. Natasha also give a memorable message to her sister.

“A wonderfull wedding so far also a wonderfull future for my sister and her husband. May God bless your wedding. God Bless Kim and Edward !,” said Natasha with full of joy.

As we know, Edward Akbar also come to Kimberly graduation day with Kim family last time. They spend so much time together and this is the new journey to them. Wish their wedding can run smoothly and awarded a child. Happy wedding Kim and Edward ! Wish you a wonderfull wedding !


There Is A Reason Behind Via Vallen Lip Sync At Asian Games 2018

The opening ceremony of Asian Games 2018 last time is success. Lot of country and netizen tell that the opening is bigger and luxurious than the opening of World Cup in Russia. In the opening ceremony, there is so many event that showed to us. One of the most popular singer in Indonesia, Via Vallen have the opportunity to sing in the ceremony. But there is one thing who can’t be forgotten, that is when Via Vallen lip sync when singing.

But there is a reason behind the lip sync and it’s logic, seriously. Let’s see what is the reason behind that.

via vallen.jpg

“Organizer said that i must do that. Yes, there’s a reason ! Why i must lip sync ? You know, the organizer need to prevent any possibility of doing a mistake when singing. So they said all the singer must do lip sync to prevent that thing. As we know, in the ceremony also have the firework who made a noisy sound, the sound of the firework can go through the mic, it will be so annoing to some people. Even Tulus who sing Indonesia Raya also do lip sync. We bring the name of Indonesia when performing on stage, so we need to prevent any mistake, even small mistake can make our country shame,” said Via Vallen.

“About the bad comment from netizen, i don’t care about them. But i just want to say sorry if my fans and many people feel dissapointed about my perform yesterday, but there is a rumour that said they are buzzer, someone pay them to said that thing to me.”

Brooklyn Beckham Having a New Girl Friend, What Does Chloe Moretz Say ? – A month ago citizen is having a shock news when the relationship between Brooklyn Beckham and Chloe Moretz is over suddenly. Always look so close and romantic every time they are being together, There is no one in the world ever think about them decide to having a break.

More suprisingly, Brooklyn Beckham is being caught by the paparazzi is having a kiss with another beautiful girl on his favorite tattoo studio. Both of them do not aware about paparazzi are getting their picture on that moment. That moment also become the prove that the relationship between Chloe Moretz and Brooklyn Beckham is already over.

There is a rumored that Lexi Wood, a beautiful model that are caught having a kiss with Brooklyn Beckham is the reason why Brooklyn and Chloe is over. But that picture is being captured after Brooklyn and Chloe already over. It means that Brooklyn Beckham is already found his new girlfriend.

And what is Chloe reaction after finding this picture ? Absolutely that thing make her feel uncomfortable after seeing it.

Image result for chloe moretz


“Heart Broken is a putting us in a difficult situation. it would be more difficult if every time there is a news every one will tag on me on my social media, That it the reason why i know 90% about the news nowdays,” Say Chloe.

Not only that, She also say that ” I am not a kind of person that like to showing my relationship in the public, So i do not like to see everyone kissing on my phone screen.”

Now Chloe is been rumored having a relationship with Dylan O Brien. Let see will this relationship can be real in the mean time.



Kendall Jenner and Ben Simmons are Caught Having a Romantic Holiday on Mexico – From the first time Kendall and Ben Simmons are rumored having a special relationship, both of them never want to admit and talk about it since the first time. Always stay away from public and media, This couple is like keeping their relationship so secretly.

But since both of them never want to admit their relationship, they are always become the target of media to be watch. there are so many moments is where media can capture a moment in where both of them a having fun together. And for this time Both of them are being caught spend a time together again.

But this time is not like a simple date or having a shopping together, They are being caught is having a holiday together in Mexico. That is the moment that being captured by the media in one the luxury place own American producer, Joe Francis.

Both of them is caught trying to have their own time. As we know on this holiday both of them are not alone, they are with their friends also. But both of them choose to be together by relaxing on the sofa near the swimming pool.

They look likes enjoy the moment they are being together alone, Looks there are a lot of smile on their face that sign they are really comfortable being alone and do not want it to be end. Kendall always stare of Ben face on that moment.

There is a cute moment in where Kendall try to kick on ben face using her legs and Ben is trying hard to get away from her.

Absolutely it can become a sweet moment that can captured by the paparazi, Maybe there is know a scene where both of them having a kiss or a hug, but Their act just now can be the prove that both of them a comfortable being together on this moment.



Emma Stone Confess That Getting Married and Having Baby is Her Priority Now – In her early 30, Emma Stone start to thinking about getting married and having her own baby. As we know Emma Stone is one of the most popular actress that already been in movie still she is young. All of his all day is fill by working on hollywood. But now the star and also the executive producer by Maniac serial movie tell her life story to Jennifer Lawrence on Elle USA in September edition. Evidently Emma and J Law is been a friend for such a long time guys.

“My perspective about kids is changing along with the change on my age. On my teen i never thinking for having baby and take care of them. There is a moment in where i am thinking that i am fine being single and do not to getting married and having a baby,” Tells Emma to Jennifer.

“But When i get Older, I feel like getting married is a process of life that we need to face it and suddenly because of that  i feel that really want to have a kid now,” tell Emma with her chuckle smile.

Emma realize that in the moment she will be on her 30. Maybe that number is not very old, but also clearly that not a very young one. So for now her main ambition is to fullfill her personal desire rather than the professional one.

Emma Stone ever having a date with Andrew garfield, Her partner on Amazing Spiderman. But unfortunely they call it an end on October 2015 after been in a relationship almost 4 year. Now Emma has been rumored having a relationship with Dave McCary, a television writer. They has been in a relationship almost a year but they are a few news for them cause Emma alone do not active on social media.

Both Emma and Jennifer Lawrence do not have a social media account, because of that it is hard for their fans to know about their presence life. When Emma been asked why she does not having a social media account, she reply by telling that she thinks that social media does not give her any positive impact, so why she need to having it.

Let us pray and hope that Emma Stone can get all she want in the future.


What Happen to Sam Smith After The Accident About “Jackson” ?

Mengaku Tak Suka Michael Jackson, Sam Smith Banjir Hujatan – Sam Smith just get so many criticism from public after  his opinion about Michael Jackson. This thing happen when the singer of “Lay Me Down” say that he is not  a big fan for King of Pop when he and Adam Lambert having a holiday together in the past weekend.

It is came from the video that accidentally post by Adam that showing the conversation between them into his instagram account in 9 august. When finding that the video he post is causing a chaos, Adam already delete the video. Unfortunately, That video already spread too wide on social media.

On that short video, both of that musician looks enjoy their holiday on the ship with hearing the song by Michael Jackson “Human Nature”. from the video we can hear that Sam Smith say ” I do not like Michael Jackson, but this is a nice song.”

when this video is retweet by one of twitter user from their twitter account, The big fans of Michael Jackson showing their feelings by criticized on Sam. Moreover, some of them  also swear a lot about the video.

“Only a stupid people do not like King of Pop,” say one of the fans. “I do not like Sam Smith and his songs is a trash,” say another fans. “This is the end for you after what you say about Jackson,” treat from the other one.

Not only getting a criticize  from their fans, Sam also getting the same comment from Stephanie Mills one of the famous music writer. Even Stephanie from her personal instagram account quip Sam. A 61 year old Steph also say that only when Sam can get over anything and any record that make by Michael jackson, Only on that point Sam can talk anything he likes about Michael.

But until now there is no any clarification from both Adam and Sam about that video. But one thing for sure, until now Sam Smith still getting so many criticism from the fans of Michael jackson on his social media account.





Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin Caught Crying in New York Side Street – There is a story that the reporter share to us about Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin this weekend. The Reporter claim that accidentally he found out Justin and Hailey are having a fun riding a bicycle In New York city on tuesday morning, But suddenly both of them go down from their bicycle and sit in the sideways of New York street. And the next thing that happen is where Hailey look likes try to make Justin calm down by cheering him. Justin look likes he is crying and cover his face with his two hands.

Hailey try to calm down her fiancee by softly touch his back and try to comfort him, At last it seems Justin look like stop crying. but after Justin stop crying, it is look likes Hailey become the one that crying, And another romantic scene happen in where Justin with all his feelings try to touch Hailey face that look like holding the tears come out from her eye.

Until now there is no one know why both of them acting like that. An hour after that accident, Hailey post the picture with Justin on her insta story and act like nothing happen between them.

She shared a black and white picture in where show both of them is kissing with the word “My Love’ in upper side of the picture.

From their closed family, The reporter get a news on how both of them are more than ready to move their relationship into the next level which is married, Every one are so happy because of that news.

Let see will this relationship will end with the happy one or the bad one.



Present You The One and Only Zac Efron on Teen Choice Awards 2018 – When people heard the name of Zac Efron, Mostly all of them will agreed that he is one of the mos handsome man this earth ever have. A ex superstar on High School Musical already known that he has the gift in his face since he were young. Until now there are so many women that are already bewitched by Zac Efron appearance.

But there is a moment where everyone confused about this handsome actor decision which is when he do a dreadlocks on his hair. There are so many people tell that Zac is not suitable with that kind of hair.

Luckily this is not going to long, because as we can see on Teen Choice Awards we can see that Zac already change his hairstyle. Surely this Baywatch actor showing his handsome face with his short hair and his casual shirt on that day.

And also in that event he is going to get an award as a winner, not only one time he goes up to the stage to receive the awards, but Zac in total got 3 awards in Teen Choice Awards 2018.

Start from the best actor from Drama categories, the best collaboration, the best film, The most handsome man until the best kissing scene got by Zac on that night. Mostly all of the nominee come from his action in the film The Greatest Showman. So finnaly on that night Zac come home with three Trophy which is the best actor drama , the best collaboration and also the best film

Zac represent all other The Greatest Showman kru to be on stage to receive that Trophy. And he show his gratitude to all his fans by saying thanks again and again.

So how Hlovers, prefer Zac with shorthair or  the messy one ?