Kimberly Ryder And Edward Akbar Officially Married

Marriage contract between Kimberly Rider and Edward Akbar which was held in Masjid Al Ihsan running smoothly. This event start in 09.45 WIB and goes according to plan.

This thing already confirmed by Tamara Blezynski and Natasha Ryder as Kimberly Ryder little sister.

“Yes, the marriage contract event between my sister and Edward Akbar run smoothly. There is so many touching moment in the event. So many people crying including me and our family. I hope they can be a wonderfull family” said Tamara when met at Masjid Al Ihsan, Gunung Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta. ( Sunday, 26/8/2018 ).

We can see that Natasha face is full of happiness seeing her sister has been taken by Edward Akbar. Natasha also give a memorable message to her sister.

“A wonderfull wedding so far also a wonderfull future for my sister and her husband. May God bless your wedding. God Bless Kim and Edward !,” said Natasha with full of joy.

As we know, Edward Akbar also come to Kimberly graduation day with Kim family last time. They spend so much time together and this is the new journey to them. Wish their wedding can run smoothly and awarded a child. Happy wedding Kim and Edward ! Wish you a wonderfull wedding !