Queen Elizabeth II Feel Sad About Tsunami in Anyer, Indonesia

3 days after Tsunami in Anyer. Even so, all victims and families left behind still feel deep sadness. Even many feel traumatized by the incident.

All parties expressed their condolences. Concerns not only come from all levels of Indonesian society, but also from Queen Elizabeth II. In fact, he gave his official message to Indonesian President Joko Widodo.

“The Queen has sent this message to the President of Indonesia and all the people of Indonesia. Here is the full message,” wrote the official Royal Family account on Twitter.

Although the message is quite short and dense, it contains extraordinary meaning. The Queen could not resist her sadness to see what had happened and hit Indonesia.

“Prince Philip and I were very sad to know that many lives were lost after the devastating Tsunami hit Indonesia,” – Her Majesty the Queen.

“We express our deep condolences to all who lost their loved ones, and victims whose homes were destroyed and all affected,” he continued.

The message was not only for the victims, but all involved helped evacuate. Yes, they are an important team and provide help.

“I appreciate the courage and dedication of emergency services and volunteers who always provide support,” said Elizabeth R.

Got Bad Petition, This Is How Nikita Answer It

It seems that Nikita Mirzani has always made sensations throughout her career. This behavior often makes netizens upset. Even netizens to make petitions containing requests that Mirzani stop being an artist. When asked for information, Nikita Mirzani answered it.

“It’s just normal. People don’t like it, yes it’s up to them. I don’t take care of petitions, “said Nikita Mirzani when met in the Tendean area, South Jakarta.

Hearing a lot of news that said he did not have achievements, Nikita Mirzani then gave a statement regarding the news. He dismissed the news saying he did not have talent or achievements in the world of art.

“That person always discussed my sensations. I have a lot of shows. Many of my films are box office. Anyone discussing? It’s not like that! You know, if there are any cases, then it gets excited. If I don’t have any achievements, it’s not impossible that I’m still selling well, still exists. ”

Nikita continued that as a public figure, sensation was needed. It is legitimate as long as the sensation is not a cheap sensation and does not have to be able to lift a career.

“The sensation must be, the artist’s needs sensation. But the sensation must be good, not the cheap one, “closed Nikita.

Behati Prinsloo & Adam Levine Christmas Celebration Plans

Everyone knows if Behati Prinsloo and Adam Levine are one of the most romantic and intimate celebrity couples. Met at every opportunity, both of them always show how warm and happy their household is.

Often indulging his intimacy in public, Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo also often upload their sweet photos on social media. No wonder if they succeeded in becoming one of the celebrity couples that became a dream of many people.

Their marriage is also increasingly happy with the presence of 2 children named Dusty Rose Levine and Gio Grace Levine. Now, they are also preparing a plan for the Christmas celebration.

As we know, Christmas will soon arrive. So, what is the plan and preparation done by Behati Prinsloo and Adam Levine? To answer your curiosity, Behati just answered her while attending the Your Mom Cares event recently.

“Adam was born and raised in LA (Los Angeles), thankfully, we will remain here and prepare everything,” said angel Victoria’s Secret in an interview with Us Weekly.

Furthermore, Behati also admitted that she and Adam would hold a Christmas party with her extended family. This has become a tradition and routine from year to year.

“Adam and I always hold Christmas parties every Christmas night, then we will spend Christmas with his grandparents (Adam), so we will also meet his mother and father. All of them live in LA, so we can easily divide the time for a second the family side, “Behati explained.

Daniel Mananta Play As “Ahok” In Movie Titled A Man Called Ahok

For 2000s generation, of course, they are know about Daniel Mananta, right? Daniel Mananta began his career as a VJ and hosted several talent shows on television.

A truly brilliant career development has made Daniel open a new business in the world of distro homeland, yes he start his fashion brand called “DAMN, I LOVE INDONESIA.”

Daniel Mananta finally ventured into the world of cinema. Daniel immediately ventured to play a role as one of the quite phenomenal political figures, so Daniel portrayed the figure of the former governor of DKI Jakarta, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama or more familiarly called Ahok.

If we do a little flashback, Ahok’s struggle in managing the city of Jakarta that has been dilapidated and filled with mafia and corruptors is not easy. Ahok even lost election due to religious issues and hoaxes.

Ahok’s journey was finally lifted into the big screen film titled “A Man Called Ahok.” The film certainly became a breath of fresh air for supporters and fans of Ahok. As we know, Ahok is currently in prison because case of religion that wrapped around him last time.

“The film that I played is not about me playing so Ahok, this is more to Pak Kim Nam,” Daniel said when met at the press screening event, XXI Epicentrum, South Jakarta.

“After taking scene and long filming process, I am increasingly convinced that this film is not only focused on the figure of Ahok, but also his father Kim Nan. The drama touches, the plot can make the audience cry. We borrow the story of Ahok’s life and then we make the family drama. “Denny Sumargo is indeed the best, really great!”.

Prince Louise Look So Cute In Christmas Greeting Card

Soon all people in the world will celebrate Christmas. In this special moment, there are many preparations made by Hollywood artists, including the British royal family. One of the artists who have exhibited Christmas decorations is Kylie Jenner.

But what is quite interesting is the British royal family, Kate Middleton and also Prince William who is busy preparing for Christmas. Every year, the British royal family will do a special photo shoot as an image that will be used on the Christmas card.

Finally Kensington Palace decided to release a Christmas card with a picture of the pair of Duke and Ducss of Cambridge. Intrigued by the photo on the Christmas card?

On the Christmas card, not only Kate Middleton and Prince William were present, but their son, Prince George, Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, and Louis Arthur Charles also helped decorate the photo.

Usually George and Charlotte get public attention, but this year it was precisely the youngest Louis who managed to attract attention. In the photo, Louis who is still a baby looks very adorable and also handsome while showing a sweet smile to the camera.

The photo was taken by a photographer named Matt Porteous. The photo shoot was carried out at Anmer Hall. Unlike the usual, in this photo all the royal members use makeup that is quite casual and not excessive so it looks very natural. What do you think, does Louis look adorable?

Call Boy – Newest Drama By Tori Matsuzaka

Recently the teaser for the film Call Boy has just been released. This film is an 18+ rating film that will be played by the famous Japanese handsome actor, Tori Matsuzaka. The film Call Boy was produced by Daisuke Miura and will soon be aired on the big screen. This film has a fairly complicated storyline and shows several scenes devoted to adults.

Call Boy was appointed from a novel entitled Shonen. This novel is a work by Ira Ishida which was published in 2001. The novel tells of a man named Ryo Morinaka (who will later be played by Tori Matsuzaka). He is a student who does part-time work at the bar. Shinya Tajima (later will be played by Yu Koyanagi). who became Morinaka’s friend brought a host bar owner to come to the bar where Morinaka worked.

Apparently the person invited by Tajima is a woman named Shizuka Mido (later to be played by Sei Matobu). Ryo Morinaka finally decided to work with Shizuka and only served members. Although initially embarrassed, Ryo can fulfill all of his client’s requests. Apart from the above artists, the film will also star Amie Tomite, Kenta Izuta, Tokuma Nishioka and several other artists whose roles have not been revealed in the film Call Boy.

Intrigued by the Call Boy movie? The film will reportedly be released on July 7, 2019.

Hey! Group Member Expelled !

Previously, Keito Okamoto had reportedly been dropped out of Sophia University some time ago. Not long ago, now he was again rumored with bad news, the article according to alerts from the Tabloid Bunshun, Keito Okamoto had been officially excluded from the Hey! Group. Say! JUMP. Keito will officially leave at the end of this month due to his behavior which is considered to be bad.

Johnny & Associates has not officially announced this news. But according to some existing tabloids, Keito was excluded from the group because of bad and inappropriate behavior that should not be done when behind the scenes.

Some time ago when he was expelled from Sophia University, he also showed bad behavior, not only that, Keito was also unable to attend studies at the university. Therefore the university decided to issue Keito.

Bad news about him continued to flow, even his picture that was sleeping with a woman had also circulated on the internet. According to reports circulating, Keito often drank and drunk and often visited cabaret clubs.

According to news reported by Bunshin, Keito will only be released from the group but will continue to join Johnny & Associates. According to the news reported by the same source, Keito seems to be starting a solo career, but many consider Keito’s popularity to be not high so it is very unlikely he can compete with other competitors if he wants to go solo.

Priyanka Chopra Finally Married With Nick Jonas

It is undeniable, Nick Jonas’s decision to marry Priyanka Chopra was very fast. Almost all publics have the same opinion regarding Jonas’ marriage to Chopra. Many have questioned the reason behind the marriage that seems too fast.

Speculation after speculation continues to emerge. One of them is the insistence of the Chopra family, considering Chopra’s age has reached 36 years. But the rumor was denied by Nick Jonas. He said that his marriage to Chopra was without coercion from any party.

“My parents and Chopra’s parents were married shortly. They met, then had a short relationship, then decided to get married. My parents got married after three months of meeting, Chopra’s parents after 10 days of acquaintance,” Nick said as quoted by Hello Magz.

Nick Jonas also said that his decision to marry Chopra was a very right decision. According to him the figure of Chopra is the most appropriate woman to accompany his life.

Although not very familiar with Indian wedding traditions, Nick was happy to be able to marry Priyanka using the tradition believed by Priyanka Chopra. According to Nick, there are many interesting things from the marriage tradition in India.

“The meaning that is in the tradition of marriage in India is very much. I can see every detail. I am increasingly in love with Indian culture,” said Nick.

The marriage process of Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra runs with great emotion with the Punjabi Hindu tradition adopted by the Chopra family.

Joo Sang Wook’s and Lee Min Jung Latest Drama

SBS has just released a teaser for their latest drama named as FATE AND FURY. The latest drama was played by Joo ang Wook and Lee Min Jung. This drama will tell about Cinderella’s life, but is wrapped in a modern nuance.

In the latest video teaser, viewers can see a picture of the relationship that Goo Hae Ra (Lee Min Jung) and Tae In Joon (Joo Sang Wook) are undergoing.

In the teaser video, the audience can see the chemistry between the two players. The atmosphere presented is quite melancholy. It seems that there will be surprises that will load the audience heartbroken.

In the drama, Goo Hae Ra has a sad life. He wants to change his destiny by having a relationship with Tae In Joon. Whereas his lover also loves Goo Hae Ra very much.

After his meeting with Tae In Joon, Goo Hae Ra’s life changed dramatically. This can be seen from the luxurious life he lived in, very different when he had not met with Tae In Joon.

Goo Hae Ra is described as a beautiful and intelligent woman, but her financial condition is in turmoil. Initially he tried to approach Tae In Joon who was the company’s heir, but over time, it seems that Goo Hae Ra really fell in love with Tae In Joon.

This drama will be aired on December 1. You can see the teaser video on Youtube.


Know More About Sam Smith

One of the most popular singers today is Sam Smith. His real name is Samuel Frederick Smith. This singer was born on May 19, 1992. Sam Smith’s name became famous after being involved in the Latch song from Disclosure. The song broke the top of the song chart in the UK and finished 11th.

Smith was born in London. Sam Smith is the son of FredericK Smith and Kate Cassidy. Her parents are a pretty well-known broker. Sam Smith is an alumni of the Youth Music Theater, England. Sam Smith has also been involved in projecks Oh! Carol in 2007.

Before becoming a singer, Sam Smith was a member of a jazz band. For years studying singing and writing song lyrics, he finally decided to go to school at S. Mary’s Catholic School, Stortford Bishop. At present the name of the school has changed to the Bishops Stortford Musical Theater Society.

In 2013, his career increased. The song he brought with Naughty Boy under the title La La La won the top spot in the UK music chart in 2013. In December of the same year, Sam Smitgh was awarded the BRIT Critic’s Choice Award and BBC’s Sound 2014.

Until now, Sam Smith has released a lot of albums and videos on Youtube always managed to get a fantastic number of views.

New Photobook From Kasumi Arimura Called “CLEAR”

Kasumi Arimura is a very famous Japanese artist. She has even starred in many feature films in Japan. Kasumi Arimura was born on February 13, 1993 in Itami City, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan.

Not only starring in box office films, Kasumi Arimura also became a model. Not long ago Kasumi Arimura just took a photo session for her latest photobook entitled “Clear”.

Kasumi Arimura’s photo in her latest photobook is a photograph of a photographer named Kotori Kawashima. The photos taken by Kasumi Arimura are located in Australia.

Not only the photos in the photobook, in the photobook were also the results of interviews conducted by Kasumi Arimura. In the interview, Kasumi Arimura told the story of her career, starting from her debut, a turning point at the age of 20, school friends, to her dreams in the future.

Kasumi Arimura also expressed his feelings to his fans through this photobook saying:

“I have nothing special to do, but I hope fans can enjoy this photobook casually. I also feel very happy that you can accept my thoughts. ”

Let’s look at some of the photos in the photobook. In photos circulating on the internet, we can see how beautiful Kasumi Arimura is with her adorable outfit that is so adorable!



Ed Sheeran Will Held Concert In Indonesia Next Year

Perfect song singer, Ed Sheeran will actually hold a concert in Indonesia on November 9, 2017, unfortunately due to a number of obstacles, the concert show must undergo a schedule resignation.

Ed Sheeran has also submitted a schedule resignation and plans for the concert to be held in 2018, but due to the lack of space, the concert must once again be postponed.

After a long time of not hearing the news, PK Entertainment as the promoter of the Ed Sheeran concert gave the latest news saying that the Ed Sheeran concert titled Divide World Tour will be held on May 3, 2019 at the Bung Karno Main Stadium, Jakarta.

Election on May 3, 2019 is not without reason, according to Peter Harjani as CEO of PK Entertainment, the selection of the date is considered very appropriate, because January to April is election day, while May 5 has entered the month of Ramadan.

“The selection of this schedule has been discussed with other management. The election will be held in April, May 5, it will be Ramadan, so we think May 3 is the most appropriate.”

The initial plan for this concert will be held at ICE BSD City, Tangerang. But after discussion, finally the Bung Karno Stadium was believed to be the most appropriate place.

“The concert that was held by Ed Sheeran has always been on a large scale, so the place chosen must also be able to accommodate a lot of spectators. We also want Divine World Tour to look magnificent and memorable. GBK is a very iconic and magnificent place in Jakarta, so we think this is the right choice. “