Sam Smith Clearly Said His Dislike To Jackson

We certainly agree that Michael Jackson became a very important and influential figure in the development of world pop songs. He is also a legend in world music. His work is indeed deserved thumbs up. Michael Jackson was even referred to as the King of Pop because of the action.

However, Sam Smith has a different opinion. Not all pop music developments are listed by Michael Jackson. Even due to the controversy Tweet made by Sam Smith, he gained a lot of criticism from netizens.

At the moment with Adam Lambert, the singer who helped the QUEEN become a video cameraman when Sam Smith relaxed on the boat. When the camera was highlighted on Sam Smith’s face, he then expressed his dislike of Michael Jackson.

“I never liked Michael Jackson. But the song he made was pretty good, “Sam Smith said in the video. Some friends who were in one boat with him were suddenly shocked and said WOW.

No need to wait long for the video to reap the reaction of netizens. Various criticisms were sent to Sam Smith. Some netizens explained that the disclosure of their dislike should not be too frontal.

“Everyone can argue, that’s natural. But it is not obvious that he does not like Michael Jackson. He can say it more politely, like Michael Jackson’s song is not my favorite or other words that are more polite, “wrote one of the netizens who gave criticism.

Know More About Sam Smith

One of the most popular singers today is Sam Smith. His real name is Samuel Frederick Smith. This singer was born on May 19, 1992. Sam Smith’s name became famous after being involved in the Latch song from Disclosure. The song broke the top of the song chart in the UK and finished 11th.

Smith was born in London. Sam Smith is the son of FredericK Smith and Kate Cassidy. Her parents are a pretty well-known broker. Sam Smith is an alumni of the Youth Music Theater, England. Sam Smith has also been involved in projecks Oh! Carol in 2007.

Before becoming a singer, Sam Smith was a member of a jazz band. For years studying singing and writing song lyrics, he finally decided to go to school at S. Mary’s Catholic School, Stortford Bishop. At present the name of the school has changed to the Bishops Stortford Musical Theater Society.

In 2013, his career increased. The song he brought with Naughty Boy under the title La La La won the top spot in the UK music chart in 2013. In December of the same year, Sam Smitgh was awarded the BRIT Critic’s Choice Award and BBC’s Sound 2014.

Until now, Sam Smith has released a lot of albums and videos on Youtube always managed to get a fantastic number of views.