Jordyn Woods Hasn’t Apologized to Khloe Kardashian

It really can’t be imagined how Khloe Kardashian feels now. Not only found the fact that her boyfriend had an affair, she was also betrayed by his own closest person.

Deciding to separate from Tristan Thompson, Khloe Kardashian also flooded the support of her family and her closest people. Not only that, many netizens have helped strengthen Khloe in the most difficult times of her life.

Meanwhile, Jordyn Woods and Tristan were targeted by cyber bullying. Her social media accounts are flooded with various blasphemies and scathing comments that want to overthrow them.

Unfortunately, the blasphemy by the netizens did not have any impact on Jordyn Woods. Evidently, until now the woman who was a friend of Kylie Jenner had not apologized to Khloe Kardashian, as reported by Us Magazine.

This news was revealed by one source through an interview with Us Weekly, “This is quite surprising because she (Jordyn) prefers to chat with Jada rather than apologize sincerely. Actually she hasn’t even apologized!”

Previously Jordyn Woods did share a teaser via Instagram Live. It was revealed that she would open-up the news about the affair through an interview with Jada Pinkett on the show entitled Red Table Talk.

Not a surprising thing indeed, the article Jordyn has been very close to Will Smith’s son named Jaden Smith. What would Jordyn’s confession be like?

Kendall Jenner Look Mesmerizing With Pink Suit In Cannes Film Festival

Not Kendall Jenner’s name if it doesn’t succeed in becoming the center of attention. Wherever they appear, Kylie Jenner’s brother has always been in the public and media spotlight. That all happened because of its status as one of the most popular supermodels today.

Success with her career in the modeling world, it’s no wonder that Kendall Jenner is preoccupied with various busy schedules. Not long ago he was even invited to attend the amfAR’s 26th Cinema Against AIDS Gala event held in the midst of the 2019 Cannes Film Festival celebrations.

Present at a special event, Kendall Jenner also ensured herĀ  performance remained proper and perfect. As a result, Ben Simmons lover came up with a tutu gown designed by Giambatistta Valli collaborating with H & M.

This dress with a ballgown model is really striking, especially with the choice of pink that gives a girly impression on Kendall’s appearance. Her appearance is more perfect with glowing makeup makeup and natural pink lipstick.

Not to forget, he also uses strappy heels with matching color choices. Posing on the red carpet, Kendall shows her best charm in front of the camera. It seems that he was really satisfied with ger appearance that night.

Khloe Kardashian Responds to Fans’ Posts About Tristan Thompson

The issue of infidelity involving the name Tristan Thompson and Jordyn Woods is currently a hot topic of conversation on social media. Nobody expected if Tristan was willing to betray Khloe Kardashian with the closest person Kylie Jenner.

Although Tristan Thompson immediately denied it, Khloe Kardashian seemed to agree with the truth of the rumor. Evidently, she had responded to one of the media posts that spread the news of the affair on Instagram.

Not yet satisfied, apparently this time Khloe again answered the fans’ curiosity. Although they did not speak directly, many believed that Khloe had succeeded in moving on and wanted to forget Tristan.

That is what you can find in the tweet list that Khloe Kardashian likes on Wednesday (2/20) yesterday. In a post that is given a red box, you can see the comments of fans who are trying to give him support for this affair problem.

“Don’t let anyone say that this is your fault! He is indeed a crazy man and if it is true (about infidelity), then he (Jordyn) is an evil woman. The two bad guys are not worthy of your love. TRUE certainly knows and you have done what best to show your love for him, “said the tweet.

Khloe decided to give his liking until the account post with the @ MISS_YOLIE49 username appeared in the list of 222 tweets he liked before. No wonder this has caught the attention of netizens.

Song Hye Kyo New Hairstyle, Look So Beautifull !

Since playing in the Encounter film, Song Hye Kyo does use short hairstyles. Even in a few photo shoots conducted by Song Hye Kyo, she still maintains her short hairstyle.

But on this occasion, Song Hye Kyo actually appeared with a long hairstyle. Many say that his current appearance looks very elegant and charming.

His latest hairstyle was revealed through uploads by Song Hye Kyo on his personal Instagram account. At that time he was part of an advertisement from a Chinese brand. In the photo shoot, it looks like Song Hye Kyo’s hair, which is beautifully laid out, really fits her appearance at that time.

The latest appearance of Song Hye Kyo immediately reaped a lot of praise from fans and the world public. Well, naturally, everyone would agree that Song Hye Kyo’s appearance is indeed charming.

Actually there are many who question the problem of the long hair that Song Hye Kyo has. Because to get long hair like that takes a long time, but in Korea, adding hair extensions is normal and often done among artists. Besides being beautiful, the hair extension also looks natural.

Whatever the reason behind her hairstyle now, one thing that everyone must agree on, is Song Hye Kyo’s beauty that is timeless, right?

Kate Beckinsale’s Ex-boyfriend Gives a Warning to Pete Davidson

Age seems not to be a big problem for Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale. Although initially it was very closed about their relationship status, the couple finally began to dare to go public.

If previously the media camera managed to capture their intimate moments when holding hands, now Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale without reluctance to indulge in a hot kiss in public. That view was clearly seen when they watched the hockey match in New York on Sunday (3/3) ago.

When their kissing photos shocked social media, the public is now shocked by the latest news. Not long ago Kate Beckinsale’s ex-boyfriend opened his voice through an interview with TMZ.

The man named Matt Rife delivered his message to Pete Davidson. Hoping that Pete could be happy with Kate Beckinsale, Matt also warned the SET IT UP star.

“Advice for Pete? As fellow men, run away. Enjoy while you can. I hope they are both happy. I hope they can build good and serious relationships. I hope they are happy. I have no strong advice, just be careful,” Matt said.

Furthermore, Matt also shared stories about his experience when he became Kate’s lover. He claimed to have had a relationship for approximately 1 year, but experienced quite a lot of problems.

“We dated for a year, our relationship was very complicated. Really. There are many ups and downs. But he (Kate) has moved on,” he concluded.

Meghan Markle And Kate Middleton After Giving Birth

Monday (6/5) became a very historic day in the life of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. The pair of Duke and Duchess of Sussex finally welcomed the birth of their first baby male sex.

Shortly after, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle agreed to announce their baby’s name, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. But apparently, the little one is not the only one who managed to steal public and media attention.

Meghan’s appearance that day was also busy being discussed on social media. With her high class fashion taste, the Duchess of Sussex managed to look stylish and stunning after giving birth.

That day Meghan Markle appeared wearing a white trench dress by a famous British designer, designer Grace Wales. Sleeveless dress with a model like this is already a signature look.

To perfect her appearance, Meghan blends the dress with nude heels. No wonder the luxurious and expensive elegant impression emanated from the look at that time.

Unlike Meghan, Kate Middleton’s appearance is arguably simpler and simpler. Posing in front of Lindo Wing, St Mary’s Hospital Prince William’s wife always consistently wears a simple knee-length dress.

When giving birth to Prince George in 2013 ago, Kate wore a blue dress patterned polka dots. 2 years later Kate appeared fresh with a bright yellow dress with floral nuances. While for the third birth, the Duchess of Cambridge dropped his choice on a red dress with white collar made of lace.

Kate-William and Meghan-Harry Will Do Project Together

Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have just released a project together. This time they will campaign on how important it is to maintain mental health. Through a program called Shout, they will provide mental health support services through short text messages via Crisis Text Line.

Not long ago William released a video inviting people in the UK to volunteer for Shout. According to available data, 100 million messages have been sent and 5,000 volunteers have been trained since the program was released.

“They (Kate, Will, Harry and Meghan) are the first celebrities in the world who are serious about mental health problems. It is close to them and they have done great things to popularize this issue and reduce negative stigma,” said Nancy Lubin CEO of Crisis Text Line reported by People.

Furthermore, it turned out that the idea to start this project had been around since 2016. Precisely when Crisis CEO Text Line met Prince William at a dinner event.

“They have visited our office several times in the UK, they also met with volunteers. They were very involved. We could not find another spokesperson. Mental health problems have become an epidemic in the current generation,” continued the CEO.