Song Hye Kyo New Hairstyle, Look So Beautifull !

Song Hye Kyo New Hairstyle, Look So Beautifull !

Since playing in the Encounter film, Song Hye Kyo does use short hairstyles. Even in a few photo shoots conducted by Song Hye Kyo, she still maintains her short hairstyle.

But on this occasion, Song Hye Kyo actually appeared with a long hairstyle. Many say that his current appearance looks very elegant and charming.

His latest hairstyle was revealed through uploads by Song Hye Kyo on his personal Instagram account. At that time he was part of an advertisement from a Chinese brand. In the photo shoot, it looks like Song Hye Kyo’s hair, which is beautifully laid out, really fits her appearance at that time.

The latest appearance of Song Hye Kyo immediately reaped a lot of praise from fans and the world public. Well, naturally, everyone would agree that Song Hye Kyo’s appearance is indeed charming.

Actually there are many who question the problem of the long hair that Song Hye Kyo has. Because to get long hair like that takes a long time, but in Korea, adding hair extensions is normal and often done among artists. Besides being beautiful, the hair extension also looks natural.

Whatever the reason behind her hairstyle now, one thing that everyone must agree on, is Song Hye Kyo’s beauty that is timeless, right?