Seung Woo Ong Performs Photo Shoot After Broke Up With Wanna One

The name Ong Seung Woo indeed caught the attention of K-Pop music lovers when he participated in the Produce 101 Season 2 competition and joined Wanna One. After the group broke up, now the Idol seems ready for his new career.

Yup, as is known, after one more year the contract of Wanna One has ended and inevitably the boy group must disband. The members returned to their respective agencies including Ong Seung Woo.

After broke up, Ong Seung Woo took a photo shoot with a fashion magazine and had an interview. Are you curious about it?

For the March 2019 edition, Ong Seung Woo was invited to do a photo shoot by ELLE Korea fashion magazine. This was his first solo photo shoot after Wanna One broke up.

In one of the photoshooted photos, the Idol from Fantagio Entertainment’s agency appeared charming in a denim suit.

In the next portrait decorated with a black-and-white filter, Ong Seung Woo looks so tired with a contemporary hairdo. Look, it’s more manly wearing a black leather jacket.

Besides taking photos, the handsome Idol also had an interview. Ong Seung Woo claimed to be very anticipating that he could start his career again.

“I am more anticipating than nervous, and I am happy to be able to start a newer and bigger job. I want to remain optimistic and find my potential and strengths,” said Ong Seung Woo.

Emma Stone Becoming the Next Wonder Woman

As long as we know, when we are talking about Emma Stone, The first things that comes out into our mind is her character as the young witch Hermione Granger that she played in “Harry Potter”. But this time, this beautiful actress showing her other self that she can be other than the media and her fans thinks. Yes recently Emma Stone show herself as the other famous woman character which is Prince Diana , Wonder Woman.

Not a long ago, Emma post her newest picture on her private instagram. In her picture, The beautiful actress that also become the main actress in Beauty and the Beast (2017) looks wearing a Halloween Wonder Woman costume. in that picture showing how she and her partner that using Yoda costume.

It takes a short time only for that picture being commented by her fans, lot of her fans showing their admire and their like toward Emma and saying how good Emma wearing that costume. Also a lot of her fans are hoping that Emma Stone can soon be real having a project as one of the superhero adaption actress in movie.

There are a lot of suggestion come in from their fans that look like very encouraging her to act in superhero movie. From become Poison Ivy and Batgirl from DCEU franchise until become Spider Woman in marvel

“Emma looks so gorgeous in this costume.” say one of her fans. ” she looks very much same with Gal Gadot, both of them is strong woman in a real life,” say the others. “if Gal not yet becoming a Wonder Woman, i guess that Emma should be suitable becoming the one,” tell the others.

So just wait and see, Will Emma Stone becoming our next superhero or not ?


My Butterfly Angel : Bella Hadid !

Bella hadid, sister from the super model Gigi Hadid just celebrate her birthday. Yes exactly on last October 9th Bella celebrate her 22 years born to this world. The age where somebody is consider to be mature on western country.

In her age, Bella get so many surprising surprise for her. Not only from his boy friend, The Weekend, but also come from her beloved sister, Gigi Hadid. We can say that when Gigi post a picture of his sister birthday celebration on her private Instagram recently.

As we know, this two sister is very close to each other. So without a doubt we can see their bond, their connection to each other is so strong and there are not shy on showing their love towards each other, This also happen on the special day of Bella Hadid.

From two picture that upload by Gigi we can say that Bella is so happy getting a surprise from her beloved one. One the first picture we can see Bella sit toward her birthday cake and her face look very happy receiving that cake. The cake look so beautiful that consist of five layer cake that look so delicious to eat. Also there were a note “Happy Birthday Bella” on that cake.

” This night we are celebrating birthday of my great sister, 22 years old Bella Hadid ! ( I do not expect that you are already that old). I wish you can be more sparkle and always spread the love with the world, With being proudly, i will announce that i am very happy can spend  year and years with you, For me you are more than sister you are also my best friend. I really love you, My butterfly angel. May your day and this year will be pleasure to you, You Deserve it !” Write Gigi Hadid.

Well Let we also wish the best one for Bella hadid, Happy Buffdayy Bella.



James Gunn Do Not Worry After Fired By Disney

Director James Gunn claim that he is not feel any worried about his carrier after being sacked by Disney a moment ago. James Gunn as we know as the director of Guardian of the Galaxy 1  and 2 has been reportedly get so many offers from a bigger producer name in Hollywood to do a big project with them.

Although the news of James being sacked by Disney is controversial, But his cool hand in direct the film he do makes others producer not think twice to get him to do their project.

“I will work with him shortly,” tell one of the executive senior  manager to the Hollywood Reporter. but until now we can no get any clarification from Gunn side.

The Hollywood Reporter also claim they are already contact a doze of producer and executive producer and all of them claim that they are attract to work with James Gunn. But the source say that James Gunn until now can not make a deal with any other offers during the negotiation of him being fired by Disney.

” I have been told not to make any offers to him until his problem with Disney clear a hundred percent,” tells other producer to us.

Some of big producer that love to work with Gunn is Warner Bros that claim that they need a new fresh face to help them compete with other superhero movie producer such as Marvel and Disney.

Disney already sack Gunn at July 20. from the news we get, all the Guardian of the galaxy cast already sent a letter to Disney so Disney can consider again about Gunn been fired.

Now all of the hollywood movie lover will wait and see where will James Gunn go next.

Demi Lovato is back showing affection with Henry

For the sake of Lovato and the man who is rumored to be his lover, she is now showing off intimacy. This designer named Henry Levy did not hesitate to express his love for Demi in the public area. This time both of them seemed to join each other in the Beverly Hills area.

This pair seems to have just enjoyed the game on Saturday night (12/15). Both of them went straight to the car and appeared to be doing phone calls together.

The designer of branded clothes Enfants Riches Deprime is also the first figure to be ‘captured’ by the camera Demi after rehab. For official graduation from her rehabilitation at the end of last October. After rehab she appeared to be eating sushi with Henry in the Malibu region.

Reporting from E! Levy is considered to be a companion companion, aka friend Demi to avoid alcohol. “For the sake of wanting to be with someone who is as mindful and Henry as giving positive energy to him. They spend a lot of time together,” said a source at E News at the beginning of the return Demi from rehab.

Another question arose over the relationship between Demi and Henry. How can both suddenly be close and intimate. Considering this designer figure never even accompanied Demi during a critical period after an overdose.

“Demi is one of the celebrities who wore Henry’s work five years ago. This is one reason for their closeness. Friends of Demi hope they can help each other stay away from alcohol,” said a source quoted by E.

Until now Demi is still reluctant to give any statements to the media. The recipient of this 2019 Grammy nomination still wants to focus on recovery from his addiction. But if according to KLovers both will last long or just for a while?

Bradley Came With His Beautifull Mother in Oscar 2019

The 2019 Oscar will continue to run lively even without the presence of hosts at Dolby Theater, Los Angeles. Lady Gaga’s presence at the 2019 Oscar also managed to steal the public’s attention. Undeniably, the appearance of the singer of the Poker Face song was indeed very quirky, Lady Gaga also wore a yellow diamond necklace that was so beautiful.

If Lady Gaga managed to steal the attention through her distinctive style, different from Bradley Cooper. The 44-year-old handsome actor came while accompanied by two beautiful women, who is the woman?

Bradley Cooper turned out to go into Dolby Theater while holding Irina Shyak and a woman who looked not so foreign, yes she was Bradley’s mother, Gloria Campano. These three people wear matching clothes so it looks very match.

Bradley wears a black tuxedo so that it looks very handsome, while Irina looks so charming with longdress that is equipped with backless and gold fringe on the waist.

Even Mother Bradley also appeared charming with a tutu dress that was combined with an outer with velvet material. The mother also wore several accessories such as brooches, jewelry and black glasses so that it made her look like an elegant noble.

Apparently this is not the only time Bradley invites his beloved mother to attend a prestigious event, Bradley indeed often invites his mother to attend various official events or prestigious awards such as this.

Even though Bradley already has such a beautiful companion, he doesn’t forget his first love, his own mother. A filial child!