Demi Lovato is back showing affection with Henry

For the sake of Lovato and the man who is rumored to be his lover, she is now showing off intimacy. This designer named Henry Levy did not hesitate to express his love for Demi in the public area. This time both of them seemed to join each other in the Beverly Hills area.

This pair seems to have just enjoyed the game on Saturday night (12/15). Both of them went straight to the car and appeared to be doing phone calls together.

The designer of branded clothes Enfants Riches Deprime is also the first figure to be ‘captured’ by the camera Demi after rehab. For official graduation from her rehabilitation at the end of last October. After rehab she appeared to be eating sushi with Henry in the Malibu region.

Reporting from E! Levy is considered to be a companion companion, aka friend Demi to avoid alcohol. “For the sake of wanting to be with someone who is as mindful and Henry as giving positive energy to him. They spend a lot of time together,” said a source at E News at the beginning of the return Demi from rehab.

Another question arose over the relationship between Demi and Henry. How can both suddenly be close and intimate. Considering this designer figure never even accompanied Demi during a critical period after an overdose.

“Demi is one of the celebrities who wore Henry’s work five years ago. This is one reason for their closeness. Friends of Demi hope they can help each other stay away from alcohol,” said a source quoted by E.

Until now Demi is still reluctant to give any statements to the media. The recipient of this 2019 Grammy nomination still wants to focus on recovery from his addiction. But if according to KLovers both will last long or just for a while?

Become a Bridesmaid, Demi Lovato Look Beautifull

Demi Lovato is one of the Hollywood singers and actresses who often attracts attention because of her appearance. In addition, the story of his personal life is also often a conversation.

As is known, Demi had an overdose until she had to be rushed to the hospital. After undergoing treatment, the former Disney star returned to rehabilitation.

Well, some time ago, the beautiful star had come out of rehab with a better condition. He also got the opportunity to become one of the bridesmaid at his best friend’s wedding.

On January 14, 2019, Demi Lovato uploaded a selfie photo on her personal Instagram account. In the portrait, the singer of the Stone Cold song was being a bridesmaid at her best friend’s wedding, Jenna Schubart.

The post was then decorated with a caption, ‘I became a bridesmaid in the marriage of a sister, a former caregiver, my best friend for 23 years. I love you Jenna Schubart. The perfect wedding for the perfect bride. ‘

Of course, Demi’s appearance when she became a bridesmaid also caught the attention of her fans and followers. The beautiful star has indeed looked so healthy when showing off a charming face with flawless make-up.

His hair seemed to be left untouched beautifully with a natural wave arrangement. In addition, the unique thing is, Demi wears a black bridesmaid dress with sweet brocade details. So, what do you think about Demi Lovato’s appearance?

Demi Lovato: I Will Never Waste My Days Anymore

Along with the turn of the year, Demi reflects on her experience in one of his uploads on Instagram Story. “I am very grateful for the lessons I got this year. I will not waste my days, even when it was very bad,” she wrote. The overdose he experienced could not it is arguably the lowest point in life for Demi who is indeed struggling from drug dependence.

On the same occasion, Demi also addressed her gratitude to those around her, who helped her rise from adversity. “Thank you my fans, friends, family, and everyone who helped me through this year. God bless,” she added

Demi was found unconscious due to an overdose of illegal drugs at her home in the Hollywood area on July 24. She was immediately rushed to the hospital and had to be hospitalized for approximately two weeks. Not enough, Demi also has to continue treatment in a rehabilitation center.

According to one US Weekly source, the treatment received by Demi was very strict and hard. It’s no longer ordinary care. “It’s not like that (ordinary care) needed,” said the source.

The treatment actually managed to make Demi back to normal. She completed his treatment program last November.