Paris Hilton’s outpouring after breaking up with Zylka

The news is quite surprising heard from the figure of Paris Hilton. How not, the artist with blonde hair has just reportedly ended the relationship with Chris Zylka, who was actually engaged to him.

No one knows for sure what really happened between these two partners. Paris Hilton with Zylka has been in a relationship since 2017 and has prepared a plan to get married soon. But fate said differently, their relationship had to run aground in the middle of the road.

According to news circulating, Paris Hilton said that the figure of Zylka was not the right male figure for him. Even though it has ended the relationship, both of them claim that they are still good friends.

As time went on, finally Paris Hilton raised her voice regarding her decision to end the relationship with Zylka. When attending The Talk on Wednesday 28/11, Paris Hilton then revealed the contents of her heart.

“Right now I want to enjoy my own time. When we fall in love, we usually give love excessively and inappropriately. This makes my life full of shock.”

“I’m very obsessed with the Disney story, where there is a lot of romance with a happy ending. But I realize that my relationship with Chris is not the right relationship.”

“In the future, I will get married and have children. For now, I will focus on my career first,” concluded Paris Hilton.

Vicky Fulfills Police Calls And Sure Angel Lelga Becomes a Suspect

The case of divorce and raids carried out by Vicky Prasetyo is getting hotter. At present the case has been brought to justice, even the two parties have launched reports and demanded each other.

Recently Vicky Prasetyo has fulfilled the police call to be examined. Their case is currently under investigation by the police.

“First, I want to emphasize that Vicky will be assisted by several lawyers from me, Andre, and also Dinda. We really care about the case that happened to Vicky. Vicky has come to the office to do an examination. Earlier the investigator had raised this case from the investigation process into an investigation. This means that Angel Lelga is likely to become a suspect, then we’ll see how. Earlier we saw Vicky testify, “said Razman Nasution as Vicky’s attorney.

All evidence was also confiscated by the investigator. Vicky also feels that this must be done so that Angel feels deterrent.

“Mrs. Kani had confiscated all evidence such as bed linen, clothes, and so on. Vicky’s document has also been given and will be opened later. This case will be a lesson for women who like to play with men. ”

Even though they have been brought to justice, there are still many who doubt the authenticity of this case. Many people consider this to be a mere setting and aim to increase prestige in the world of homeland infotainment.

Fan BingBing Dissapear From Screen, What’s Happen ?

Maybe many have asked where has Fan BingBing been? Because he has disappeared for more than a year. Though Fan BingBing is usually always present at the Venice Festival to Busan, but now his figure just disappears.

Fans and movie fans then questioned the whereabouts of Fan BingBing. The artist was last seen on July 1. At that time he was found visiting a children’s home.

Even when fans and media try to extract information through their social media accounts, there is no satisfying answer. Her Weibo account itself was last active on July 23.

A lot of speculation has emerged regarding the disappearance of FanBingBing from the screen. Though he is an artist with very fantastic income. Many speculations say the artist has a tax problem with the local government.

He also reportedly made a fake contract where he compiled two employment contracts in one project. Surely one of them is made at a lower cost than the original payment.

This effort he did to trick the Chinese government. Even the Chinese government has conducted an investigation regarding the case. When interrogated, BingBing denied all the allegations shown to him. It is not clear whether he is currently on vacation or making a new work, or perhaps he has been detained by the police?

Even more strangely, the representatives and staff also refused to comment. This is increasingly making the public curious, plus he is currently undergoing a new film project titled 355. That way, this proves that BingBing Fan has ascertained out of the film project.

Miki – Leaving ABK48 Is A Wrong Decision

In the world of Japanese idols, especially AKB48, graduation of members or members has become commonplace. Many of them actually pass themselves off because of personal desires. Some of them can live happily, but not a few who have deteriorated their lives since leaving the idol group. One who regretted his decision to quit the idol group was Miki Nishino.

Miki Nishino herself was one of the members who joined AKB48 in 2012. He entered as the 14th generation and lived his life as an idol for approximately five years. Miki Nishino decided to graduate in 2017 and continue her career with Twin Planet Entertainment. Unfortunately, the decision he made was the wrong decision. Because he had to live hard after leaving the AKB48 group.

Just imagine, it is difficult for her to go through life, he currently has to work at a BBQ restaurant with an income of 1000 yen per hour. Unlike when he joined AKB48, she could perform at Budokan and even Tokyo Dome. Now she only works as a BBQ restaurant waiter and shakes hands with fans for free.

Actually Miki Nishino is not a top ranking member, she only ranked 61 in the 61st Senbatsu election. Even so, she could collect as much as 210,000 yen per month, much better than working at a BBQ restaurant. In fact, she also complained about the bathtub in the place where he lived.

“The bathtub in my house can’t heat water automatically, everything has to be manual and it’s very annoying and troublesome!”

Despite living a hard life, Miki enjoys sher work at a BBQ restaurant. That is life, we will never know what will happen in the future.

Japanese Artist Who Love Taking Photo With Sakura Blossom

The exposure of cherry blossoms in Japan certainly attracts the attention of many people, even Japanese people themselves are very happy with this moment. How not, the beauty of cherry blossoms is indeed successful in hypnotizing the eyes of anyone who saw it. In Japan itself, when cherry blossoms bloom, Japanese people will usually celebrate by coming to the park with out or closest friends.

There is so many tourist from outside of Japan intentionally come to Japan when cherry blossoms bloom, even many who take prawedding photos at this moment. Some of the most visited locations when these flowers bloom are Ueno Park, Kamo River in Kyoto, Sumida River and various other places. Here are some famous artists in Japan who participated in enlivening the cherry blossom festival by uploading their photos in the background of blooming cherry blossoms.

Number one is Oku Manami. This artist is wearing a thick black sweater and a photo with a very sexy sideways style. The beauty of the cherry blossoms that bloom behind it also adds to the beauty of the photos taken by Oku Manami.

The second one is Nozomi. This artist also enlivened the blossoming of cherry blossoms. Nozomi took photos with her friends with a panorama of cherry blossoms behind her.

The third one is Yuna Taira. This young artist also enlivened the cherry blossom flower festival. With bright red lipstick and beautiful cherry blossoms to be the perfect combination to radiate the beauty that is on him.

Cherry blossoms themselves are a symbol of happiness and hope for Japanese people, so it’s only natural that they love cherry blossoms. Besides being able to enjoy cherry blossoms, you can also try various kinds of culinary with the main ingredients of cherry blossoms, are you interested in trying it?

Hailey Use Bieber Name In Her Instagram

After previously being silent related to his marriage to Justin Bieber, Justin Bieber recently claimed to have married Hailey Baldwin. This was admitted by Justin when he was eating with a fans in one restaurant.

relationship between Justin and Hailey increasingly looked happy. Even Paparazzi often captures photos when they are on a date or when Justin cries when he is with Hailey.

Unfortunately, both parties are still reluctant to provide official information related to the news of the marriage that is being warmly discussed by the public.

But this time there was a surprising news that shocked the public, the article because Hailey’s personal Instagram account was found to change the name that initially Hailey Baldwin became Hailey Bieber.

This certainly invites excitement. As we know, Bieber is the last name of Justin so many think that they are indeed really married.

This immediately reaps a lot of reactions from fans and followers on Instagram. The fans were surprised by this, but not a few were relieved that they both finally married.

Many congratulations were expressed by the fans for both of them. The fans also can’t wait to see the couple’s wedding photos, complete with her wedding ring. Well, hopefully this news is true, so the fans and the public don’t keep putting a big question mark on the news of their marriages.

Fact About Chelsea Islan

Already know the talented Indonesian artist, Chelsea Islan? If not, you have come to the right place. Because in this article we will discuss all about this one artist. Curious?

Chelsea Islan is an Indonesian-American artist. His face is very distinctive and has its own charisma when playing acting. Although still relatively young, Chelsea Islan has starred in many feature films. This proves that the quality of Chelsea Islan in acting deserves a thumbs up.

It turns out that behind his skill in acting, Chelsea Islan has a serious woman! In fact, he was also labeled as someone who could not joke. But that does not mean that Chelsea is fierce, he is still friendly and happy when he hears funny jokes that tickle.

In addition, Chelsea Islan is an artist who has many hidden talents. Besides being good at acting, Chelsea is also good at singing. Try it, you listen to Chelsea who are singing a Somebody To Be loved song that became the movie soundtrack of Merry Riana: The Dream of a Million Dollar that he played.

This girl with the Virgo zodiac was also fond of the world of art and also the social world. Chelsea often shows its interest in the social world through concrete actions in the field by joining the Love Pink organization that routinely visits breast cancer sufferers. Wow, it’s beautiful, it turns out that Chelsea is also caring about others, it’s worth emulating.

Do you know about Chelsea Islan when you were in school? Apparently he is active in various theater activities! No wonder he is very talented at playing role arts, it turns out it’s been a hobby for a long time.

Although happy to play acting, but Chelsea Islan does not like soap operas. Although initially Chelsea only played for feature films and hated soap operas, but eventually Chelsea took part in a comedy soap opera. According to Chelsea, the sitcom is different from ordinary soap operas because it can provide entertainment that tickles the stomach to the audience.

Profile: Kate Middleton

Catherine Elizabeth Middleton is a woman born on January 9, 1982 in Reading, Berkshire, England. Catherine Elizabeth Middleton is more familiarly called by the name Kate Middleton. Kate is the child of the couple Carole Elizabeth Middleton and Michael Francis Middleton. Kate is the eldest of three siblings, her sisters Philippa Charlotte who was born in 1983 and James William who was born in 1987.

Kate Middleton began to be known by the public due to her relationship with Prince William. The two couples were reunited in 2001 when they studied at the University of St. Andrews. The two couples carried out their super luxurious wedding on April 29, 2011. The party is the most luxurious party in the world.

On September 14, 2012, the French Closer magazine published a photo from Kate’s Kate. The topless photo was taken when Kate vacationed with Prince William at Château d’Autet. As a result of the inappropriate maritime, Prince William finally sent a legal action to the Closer party.

Here are the awards that have been won by Elizabeth “Kate” Middleton Catherina:
1. Kate won the Most Promising Newcomer award – The Daily Telegraph – 2006
2. Kate ranks 8th in the list of Top Ten Icons – Tatler – 2007
3. Kate won Richard Blackwells Fabulous Fashion Independent – 2007
4. Kate won the best costume award – People – 2007
5. Kate won the beauty icon award – – 2008
6. Kate won the best international costume award – Vanity Fair – 2008
7. Kate won the best lostum award – People Magazine – 2010
8. Kate won Top Fashion Buzzword – Global Language Monitor – 2011

Pennapa Naebchid – The Figure Behind the Phenomenal Wik Wik Song

Perhaps the most phenomenal song at this time is the Wik Wik Wik song, which was sung by a Thai singer named Pennapa Naebchid. But behind the popularity of the song, the public considered the song too vulgar.

The song that has the original viral title “Moan” is indeed very well known, even outside Thailand. But who would have thought there were tears falling behind the song.

How not, Penapa Naebchid received a lot of scathing criticism from the public, both from the Thai public to outside Thailand.

The song was actually sung by two people, namely Sittichai Vibhavadee and also Pennapa Naebchid. They both realized that the song they were singing was indeed risky of controversy. This is because such a thing is still considered taboo in Thailand.

“Bringing the song in public is not easy, we are very embarrassed when we sing it,” said Pennapa Naebchid as reported by

Actually, what is the meaning behind the Wik song?

The song actually tells about a man who had a relationship with a woman, but in the end the woman married another man. But the highlight is the expressions and scenes that seem to show the woman is wanting to make love with her husband, the scene is accompanied by the sound of wik wik wik and ah ah ah. This voice further reinforces the impression that they want to make out.

Here are the lyrics of the song:

“Wik … Wik … Wik … Wik … Wik …
Ahh … Ahh … Ahh … Ahh … ”

Apart from the good or not the meaning of the song, Wik Wik Wik song is indeed quite entertaining because it has a quite funny and fun rhythm.

The Most Beautiful K-Pop Idol According to South Korean Journalists

It is undeniable, to be a member of Korean idols is not easy, there are many stages that must be passed by those who want to become idols there. Of the many idol beautiful women in South Korea, maybe there are only a few who are considered the most beautiful by South Korean journalists. Who do you think is included in the list of the most beautiful K-Pop idols?

First place is Jung So Min. He is an artist who appears charming in front of the camera. According to journalists and reporters from the YTN news station, they consider the beauty of Jung So Min to be compared to a beautiful deer in a fairyland. Deer is a creature that is considered graceful and enchanting, it is only natural that Jung So Min’s beauty is compared to deer, moreover deer in fairy tales are described as very beautiful and also friendly.

In second place there. He is a member of girlband Twice. Sana himself often gets praise from fans and also the public because the visuals shown in front of the camera are very fascinating. Even journalists and reporters on many television stations in Korea praise Sana’s beauty!

In third place, Irene is a member of a girl group called Red Velvet. As with Sana, Irene also often gets praise for her beauty. In addition, the visualization of Irene in front of the camera is considered very charming by many television reporters in Korea.

In fourth place is Bae Suzy. It’s no secret anymore, Bae Suzy is already famous for her beauty. Even the fans also come from many countries in various parts of the world. Her beauty can even make anyone who sees her fall in love, including reporters and journalists in Korea.

In the fifth place is Song Hye Kyo. Similar to Bae Suzy, Song He Kyo has also been famous in the world. He even entered as one of the most beautiful women in Korea. Not only good at singing, he is also good at acting. There are already many titles of the films played by Song Hye Kyo

Sacha Stevenson Feel Dizzy After Hearing Fadli Zon Speech

Sacha Stevenson is a Youtuber who has the blood of “Caucasians”. This one Youtuber is also very famous for her enthusiasm in making content on his Youtube channel.

Sacha is also very happy to criticize or discuss the incorrect pronunciation of English. This time the one who was criticized was Fadli Zon.

Who don’t know the Deputy General Chair of the Gerindra Party? But this time the one that needed to be highlighted was the way the pronunciation of English was difficult and frivolous. Even Sacha asked for a higher salary if asked to translate English spoken by Fadli Zon.

“Fadli Zon is a politician in Indonesia, if he is told to listen he says it’s okay, but if told to translate, sorry, going up my salary first before asking me to do it,” Sacha said on the video she uploaded on her YouTube channel.

Some of the words discussed by Sacha are Tolerancy (which is supposed to be tolerance), the use of verbs to other incorrect pronunciation.

“I sent the audio to friends who study in the political science department, they just got confused and bothered to hear it.”

“It’s like that, he wants to walk 100km / hour, but the tire is only 1.”

Well it seems that Fadli Zon must improve to see the many ridiculous behaviors he did as a people’s representative. Intrigued by the video? Just stop by Sacha’s Youtube channel.

Luna Maya Is Crying When Talk About Her Relationship With Barack

After undergoing a relationship for five years, Luna Maya finally had to break up with Reino Barack. Since the start of their relationship, Luna Maya and Reino Barack have often covered their romance. When questioned by the media crew, the two partners also often avoided.

Not long ago Luna Maya was invited as a guest in Boy William’s #NebengBoy broadcast. As we know, Boy William’s Youtube channel indeed often invites many artists to be invited to chat or talk lightly.

During the chat session, Luna Maya claimed that her relationship had to end because she did not get the blessing from her parents.

“Nothing really happened. From the beginning, the relationship was difficult because of family problems. Parents don’t accept this relationship. “From the beginning, I told Barack that the relationship would not be easy, so there would be predictions that things would be hard, this would happen,” said Luna Maya.

“Actually there is nothing wrong, the only thing that is wrong is in the confession. But the name of a parent would want the best for his child right? That’s not wrong, I respect their thoughts. It’s just still sad. ”

Although Luna Maya already knew from the start she would end up quite bitter, but she chose to keep trying to undergo the relationship. When the chat session goes on, it looks Luna Maya shed tears. It seems that Luna Maya still can’t forget her ex-lover.

“Well, we want to try first, if indeed there is a good way, but if it ultimately fails, it will be used as learning,” said Luna Maya.

Ireland Baldwin Denied Rumours About Hailey And Justin Marriage

Not long ago there was indeed horrendous news present from Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin. They were both caught by a camera entering the registry office. Many speculations say the two couples have been married secretly.

Shortly after the news circulated, Hailey Baldwin’s uncle Alec Baldwin confirmed that Hailey and Justin were secretly married. Even though Hailey never denied this news via Twitter, but this post is now unable to be found again (deleted).

Not long ago, this time it was Ireland Baldwin’s turn to be the cousin of Hailey Baldwin who gave confirmation regarding the news. Through Entertainment Tonight, the daughter of Alec said she was not sure if Hailey had secretly married Justin.

“I think they just want to go through this relationship slowly,” Ireland Baldwin said, trying to refute the news.

Not only that, Ireland also clarified Justin and Hailey. He said that Justin and Hailey were inseparable soulmates.

“They have been together for a long time, then they broke up, but in the end they came back together. They are true soulmates. ”

Ireland also explained that Hailey was very happy to be back with Justin. Ireland said that Hailey often smiled when telling stories about Justin.

“They really become great partners. They also give attention to each other. I think they can be happy families later. “