Justin Bieber Blocks Haters Account Who Like Bully Hailey Baldwin

Since still dating, the love affair between Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin has provoked pros and cons. Many support their love stories, but not a few also bombard their social media accounts with various blasphemies.

Even to get married, online bullying continues to haunt Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin households. Years of silence, no wonder if finally Justin’s patience was completely gone.

Through the Instagram Stories, Justin shows a screenshot of the page on one of the haters accounts that has been blocked. Furious with an account called @ balwinstruth, he even invited his fans to roll out reporting the account.

“Please, if you follow my account, I beg you to report them as a bully account, because they do it! Make lies and talk about things that are very horrible and painful,” Justin wrote on more than 108 million followers on Instagram.

No wonder the Justin Stories post managed to steal the attention. When investigated further, the bully account in the name of @baldwinstruth has now disappeared somewhere.

Even so, there are still people who fail to focus on the ‘Friend Suggestions’ column on Justin’s Instagram. It is clear if before Gigi Hadid and Camila Cabello, there is a Selena Gomez account that turns out to have been unfollowed by it.

Justin Bieber Wrote A Romantic Poetry For Hailey

The marriage of Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin until now is still making the fans heartbroken. Nobody expected if Justin decided to get married quickly at a relatively young age.

Even after officially becoming a married couple, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin actually became more open about the relationship. This couple is no longer reluctant to show their intimacy when appearing in public or through posting on social media.

Speaking of posts on social media, Justin recently made a scene with Instagram. The Friends song singer has just written a romantic poem for her beloved wife. Curious?

“Sunlight falls into the bottomless pit, just as I fell into your lips. Waves crashing on the shore, my love for you continues to grow and grow. The sound of crickets is like meditation, I think of you, God’s most beautiful creation,” Justin wrote.

He continued, “When I fell into this happiness, I pondered that you were my only soulmate. It felt darker to see, cold wind swept over me. The smell of fresh camomile flowers from the garden, my life was like a movie and we both became stars. . ”

“Things around us get better as time goes by. I fall in love with you more every day! You have walked hand in hand, while I emit my emotions, thoughts, and soul wisely. You have given me strength, support, enthusiasm, and happiness. I want to respect you in public, and remind you that the best will come soon! Congratulations on filming today, my love! ” he concluded.

No wonder Justin’s sweet words succeeded in getting netizens to congregate. Some don’t even think that besides being good at creating lyrics and songs, Justin also has the talent to compose poetic prose like this. So sweet, huh? 😉

Hailey Use Bieber Name In Her Instagram

After previously being silent related to his marriage to Justin Bieber, Justin Bieber recently claimed to have married Hailey Baldwin. This was admitted by Justin when he was eating with a fans in one restaurant.

relationship between Justin and Hailey increasingly looked happy. Even Paparazzi often captures photos when they are on a date or when Justin cries when he is with Hailey.

Unfortunately, both parties are still reluctant to provide official information related to the news of the marriage that is being warmly discussed by the public.

But this time there was a surprising news that shocked the public, the article because Hailey’s personal Instagram account was found to change the name that initially Hailey Baldwin became Hailey Bieber.

This certainly invites excitement. As we know, Bieber is the last name of Justin so many think that they are indeed really married.

This immediately reaps a lot of reactions from fans and followers on Instagram. The fans were surprised by this, but not a few were relieved that they both finally married.

Many congratulations were expressed by the fans for both of them. The fans also can’t wait to see the couple’s wedding photos, complete with her wedding ring. Well, hopefully this news is true, so the fans and the public don’t keep putting a big question mark on the news of their marriages.

Ireland Baldwin Denied Rumours About Hailey And Justin Marriage

Not long ago there was indeed horrendous news present from Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin. They were both caught by a camera entering the registry office. Many speculations say the two couples have been married secretly.

Shortly after the news circulated, Hailey Baldwin’s uncle Alec Baldwin confirmed that Hailey and Justin were secretly married. Even though Hailey never denied this news via Twitter, but this post is now unable to be found again (deleted).

Not long ago, this time it was Ireland Baldwin’s turn to be the cousin of Hailey Baldwin who gave confirmation regarding the news. Through Entertainment Tonight, the daughter of Alec said she was not sure if Hailey had secretly married Justin.

“I think they just want to go through this relationship slowly,” Ireland Baldwin said, trying to refute the news.

Not only that, Ireland also clarified Justin and Hailey. He said that Justin and Hailey were inseparable soulmates.

“They have been together for a long time, then they broke up, but in the end they came back together. They are true soulmates. ”

Ireland also explained that Hailey was very happy to be back with Justin. Ireland said that Hailey often smiled when telling stories about Justin.

“They really become great partners. They also give attention to each other. I think they can be happy families later. “

Justin And Bailey Married Secretly ?

It seems that the relationships that Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin lived have entered a more serious level. This has actually been seen when they just returned, where Justin was immediately engaged to Hailey shortly after they returned.

Justin is also not ashamed to say he wants to be Hailey’s husband. He even prepared all the needs to be used for their marriage. According to news circulating, the two couples will get married next year. But lately, the latest gossip has emerged which says they are married secretly.

There is even the latest news saying Hailey and Justin were found coming to the Marriage License Courthouse, which is a court similar to civil registration in Indonesia. What’s happen?

The one who first reported this was TMZ. Through photos circulating, Justin and Hailey were seen walking into the civil registry building in New York on Thursday 09/13/2018.

According to the expressions of several sources, Justin and Hailey looked very emotional that day. Even Justin could say “I can’t wait to marry you soon baby.”

According to other eyewitnesses, Justin and Hailey had met directly with the judge. Most likely they are married secretly and will only celebrate next year.

Mail Online is currently looking for the truth about this news. If what is reported by TMZ is true, this means that Justin and Hailey will immediately carry out their marriage before the end of this year.