Justin Bieber Wrote A Romantic Poetry For Hailey

The marriage of Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin until now is still making the fans heartbroken. Nobody expected if Justin decided to get married quickly at a relatively young age.

Even after officially becoming a married couple, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin actually became more open about the relationship. This couple is no longer reluctant to show their intimacy when appearing in public or through posting on social media.

Speaking of posts on social media, Justin recently made a scene with Instagram. The Friends song singer has just written a romantic poem for her beloved wife. Curious?

“Sunlight falls into the bottomless pit, just as I fell into your lips. Waves crashing on the shore, my love for you continues to grow and grow. The sound of crickets is like meditation, I think of you, God’s most beautiful creation,” Justin wrote.

He continued, “When I fell into this happiness, I pondered that you were my only soulmate. It felt darker to see, cold wind swept over me. The smell of fresh camomile flowers from the garden, my life was like a movie and we both became stars. . ”

“Things around us get better as time goes by. I fall in love with you more every day! You have walked hand in hand, while I emit my emotions, thoughts, and soul wisely. You have given me strength, support, enthusiasm, and happiness. I want to respect you in public, and remind you that the best will come soon! Congratulations on filming today, my love! ” he concluded.

No wonder Justin’s sweet words succeeded in getting netizens to congregate. Some don’t even think that besides being good at creating lyrics and songs, Justin also has the talent to compose poetic prose like this. So sweet, huh? 😉