Leonardo DiCaprio Supports Fighting Against Illegal Fishing

Leonardo DiCaprio Supports Fighting Against Illegal Fishing

Who doesn’t know the figure of Leonardo DiCaprio? Yes, the actor who is famous through the Titanic movie does have a handsome face and is very good at playing roles. No wonder he won the Oscar in 2016.

But interestingly, the actor cast praise for Indonesia’s Maritime Minister, Susi Pujiastuti. The praise posted by Leonardo DiCaprio is inseparable from the success of Susi Pujiastuti in eradicating illegal vessels, thanks to his courage, Susi Pujiastuti was included in the list of 10 names of the World’s Best Thinkers in Foreign Policy in 2019.

In the video uploaded by Leonardo DiCaprio, he explained that illegal fishing is very detrimental to the fishermen.

“Some time ago around 10 thousand illegal vessels entered Indonesia. They stole the wealth of the Indonesian sea and benefited from the illegal activities, who was harmed? Local fishermen !, “explained Leo.

Not only that, Leo also gave praise to Susi Pujiastuti on that occasion.

“We can all see how courageous Minister Susi Pujiastuti is to eradicate any illegal fishing boats that enter. This is clear evidence of how they are trying to lead to a new era of transparency in fisheries management and making a system of monitoring ships through satellites that can be accessed directly through Global Fishing Watch, “Leo continued.

Leo also took concrete steps in eradicating illegal fishing by providing financial assistance, he also felt proud to be able to help eradicate illegal fishing through this funding.

“We are very proud to be able to help fund it. Indonesia is the largest fishing country in the world. We will help monitor illegal fishing and share ship monitoring data. This is a very brave and innovative commitment that is needed by the whole world. “