Britney Spears Having Mental Disorders Because Her Father Health Condition

Britney Spears Having Mental Disorders Because Her Father Health Condition

World-class singer Britney Spears is reported to have received treatment for her mental health. She is reportedly having a mental problem due to the health condition of his father Jamie Spears.

Quoted from The Sun, Britney reportedly returned to a mental health disorder this week. She was confirmed to conduct an examination at a mental health center.

This is believed to be closely related to the father’s health condition which has deteriorated again. Jamie reportedly returned to hospital because of complications from intestinal cancer surgery he did in November 2018 ago.

Based on the information of the closest person, Britney will undergo the treatment process as long as the father is hospitalized. He is expected to stay in the center of the mental health facility for 30 days.

“Everyone is very anxious and worried,” said the unnamed source.

In January, Britney also announced her hiatus from the music world. She did this also because of his father’s health condition.

Jamie Spears is a father who is very meritorious for the diva. Because the scandals with Kevin Ferdelin make a commotion, the father cleared all the chaos. For Britney, Jamie is not only a father, but also a manager, a friend and the only man she loves wholeheartedly.

Britney reportedly suffered severe stress due to her father’s very critical health condition. She felt angry because she could not do anything to make his father healthy again.