Kylie Jenner Show Her Freckles Face

Being a mother at a young age has been a dream of Kylie Jenner for a long time. After hiding her pregnancy from the public and the media, Travis Scott’s lover finally began to open up and more often showed off photos of her daughter’s growth and development, named Stormi Webster.

Even though she has become a mother, her appearance is still the main thing for Kylie Jenner. This Life of Kylie star is always diligent about every aspect of beauty, from hair, makeup, skin health, even to nail care.

Speaking of treatments, recently Kylie Jenner has uploaded a selfie photo on her Instagram account. In the portrait, you can see what the original face looks like when it appears without wearing makeup.

Still wearing a towel on her head, Kylie posed near the window of her house. Kim Kardashian’s sister shows her best angle and the charm of her natural beauty. Not only that, you can also see the appearance of the freckles that fill his face.

Along with the upload of the photo, Kylie wrote a short caption that read, “Morning.” No wonder this post immediately grabs the attention of the fans and also the followers.

Although not wearing makeup, Kylie still maintains the lash extension that has become her trademark. Thick and long lashes seem to have become mandatory for women who have a career as a fashion and cosmetics businessman.

Well, before the media camera had captured the appearance of Kylie and Travis Scott when the West Hollywood area appeared on Thursday (3/21). Investigated, they apparently had dinner together at a famous waffle restaurant, Sweet Chick. Not only alone, the couple also invited his little daughter Stormi Webster.

Channing Tatum Gave Birthday Greeting To Jessie J

Jessie J and Channing Tatum really went public about their relationship. But this couple showed off their intimacy in a very sweet way. Coinciding with Jessie’s 31st birthday, Channing arranged romantic words.

Through Instagram uploads, Channing revealed the meaning of Jessie’s presence to him. The readers were made to melt with these sweet writing words.

“I pray that you will have the happiest day of love and light. You have come to this world and made all the more excited. You bless your eyes, ears, heart and life. Thank you for being yourself. You are very special. Happy birthday, Baby, “Channing wrote.

Of course this upload seized a lot of attention from netizens. Jessie and Channing themselves began to open on Instagram since November 2018. Channing supported Jessie’s appearance in London at that time.

Jessie also uploaded a picture on this special day. This quote containing quotes describes his hopes and prayers at the age of 31.

“My wish for the age of 31 is … to be better,” Jessie wrote, citing more than a dozen hopes.

Jessie J was born with the name Jessica Ellen Cornish on March 27, 1988 in England. He has started art since he was 11 years old by taking part in musicals. Which KLovers themselves like Jessie’s song the most?

Justin Bieber Open Up About His Career And His Will To Become A Father

After marrying Hailey Baldwin, Justin Bieber not only became more open about his love life, but also his health. As we know, he openly admitted that he was struggling to fight depression and the mental turmoil he suffered.

Luckily now Justin Bieber has Hailey Baldwin who is always loyal to him. Paparazzi cameras even repeatedly capture the moment when Hailey tried to calm Justin who looked emotional and cried in public.

Right today, Tuesday (26/3) Justin has just made a confession through a post on Instagram. That’s where he opened up about health, music career, and his desire to immediately have a baby.

“I read a lot of messages that you wanted (I immediately released) an album. I always toured all my teenage years, until I was 20 years old, I realized that as you can see, I was not happy on the last tour. deserve it, you pay me in hopes of seeing a concert that is full of light and energy, unfortunately I can’t give it at the end of my tour, “Justin wrote.

Furthermore, Justin also said, “During this time I tried to try and find the problem, and now I am very focused on fixing it, just like you. So that I am not destroyed, so that I can maintain my marriage, and become the father I want.

“Music is very important to me, but nothing is more important than my family and health. I will soon make an album ASAP, you know I’m cool right? And I know His love is a miracle and His mercy reliable, basically whether I will make music or not, everything is destined by God, but I will believe with all my heart about it. (My grammar and signs are very bad, just pretend if you are reading a text message and not care), “he concluded.

Barack Obama Sends Greeting Card For Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez

The happy news of the engagement of Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez not only made netizens happy. Even Barack Obama gave his greeting card for them . The former President of the United States even wrote his greeting cards personally.

Alex Rodriguez uploaded this card from Obama to his Instagram account. For this former athlete, one of Obama’s sayings is very valuable. Not only congratulations, Obama also gave marriage advice.

“Michelle and I want to congratulate you on your engagement. After 26 years together, we can say that whatever challenges will come in your life, sharing with someone you love makes everything better,” Obama wrote for Alex and JLo.

Obama married Michelle who was then a senior at their workplace law firm. Dating since 1989, the two decided to get married in 1992 and support one another’s careers.

JLo and the new ARod got engaged on March 10, 2019. Alex gave a surprise in the form of a proposal ring when both of them vacationed at an exotic resort. Both have been close since 2017 and now both of their children have become close together.

“Children are very open to love each other. I love children (ARod), and he also loves my child. They also welcome each other while saying, ‘I get your bonus to play together and this is fun’,” continued JLo.

Blac Chyna Write Happy Birthday Greetings to Rob Kardashian

Some of you are certainly familiar with the name Rob Kardashian right? The youngest in the Kardashian brothers just celebrated his 32nd birthday on Sunday (3/17).

As usual, Rob Kardashian’s birthday coincides with the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. Because that’s no wonder why Kim Kardashian and his other brothers hold a surprise party with all-green themes, just like every year.

And it turned out that there was a scene that really caught the attention of Rob’s birthday this time. The former named Blac Chyna had just written her happy birthday.

Blac ucapkan selamat ultah untuk Rob ©

This is the scene that you can find in the recent Chyna Stories Blac Instagram post. There she uploaded a plain black background and wrote, “Happy birthday Rob.”

Inevitably this posting immediately seized the attention of the public and the media. No one would have thought if Blac Chyna had improved with Rob Kardashian after having had a big fight to end in a legal case.

As we know, Rob was angry at Blac before because she had an affair with another man. Unable to hold back emotions, he finally determined to upload indecent photographs in the form of the appearance of the private parts of the plump-bodied sexy model.


Recently there was good news coming from Ham’s pair So Won and Jin Hua. According to the news, they have just announced that Ham So Won is pregnant. This was revealed through the FLAVOR OF WIFE program aired on Chosun TV. In the program, the news of Ham So Won’s pregnancy was revealed.

Previously, Ham So Won was reported to have frozen his womb to see his age which had turned 42 years old. Even so, he looked tearful when he found out he was pregnant with a child. This moment was caught when they were doing ultrasound checks.

Seeing his wife undergoing an examination, Jin Hua who became her husband was seen holding Han So Won’s hand tightly. Although 18 years different from his wife, Jin Hua seemed to love his wife very much.

Ham So Won and Jin Hua were actually married in February. Although the age range of the two partners is very far, the two couples seem to love each other. Han So Won’s age is now 10 weeks old.

Jin Hua is a former trainee who became a celebrity on Weiboo, a social media used by Chinese people. Jin Hua himself reportedly is the son of a well-known businessman in China.
The news of the pregnancy revealed revealed many reactions from netizens. Many give prayers for Han So Won’s content and many pray for the relationship between the two partners to run well and be always happy.

George Clooney Give Support To Meghan Markle And Prince Harry

Everyone knows that all this time George Clooney has been aggressively conveying his support for Meghan Markle. Knowing that his best friend was subjected to blasphemy in British media, the star of OCEAN’S ELEVEN judged if Meghan was an extraordinary woman he had always admired.

Not enough at all, now George Clooney returned to making a similar confession when he guested on Good Morning Britain. It was there that he expressed his support for the household of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, as reported by People “I think it’s a little unfair, I see how reporters try to blame you for some ridiculous and insignificant reason.

And to me it’s a bit unfair because Meghan isn’t do anything other than living his life, “said George. He judged that the various tilted reports that tried to bring down the Duchess were deliberately made to damage his image. Though actually Meghan did nothing wrong. Furthermore, George Clooney also conveyed his judgment on the figure of Meghan.

According to him, the Duchess of Sussex was a very friendly and intelligent young woman. Not to forget, he also prayed for the best for Meghan and her husband. At the end of his interview, George Clooney had time to say, “(They are) very extraordinary couples, and love each other.”

Johnny Depp Persecuted and Got Finger Cut By Amber Heard

For a long time divorced, now Johnny Depp has filed a lawsuit against his ex-wife. This thousand character actor sent a lawsuit on March 1 to Amber Heard. Both were married but ended in divorce in 2017.

Depp sued Heard for alleged domestic violence. This PIRATES OF CARIBBEAN actor demanded compensation of 50 million dollars, aka 713.2 billion rupiah. This is Depp’s response to the false confession Amber wrote in the Washington Post in 2018.

The couple met in the project RUM DIARY (2010). Both began to become familiar as ordinary friends. But in 2013 both began close and married in 2015. But this marriage was colored by domestic violence.

Amber Heard made a hoax by accusing Depp of slapping her to bruise. Both of them went through a long trial and Depp had to pay millions of dollars in damages in 2018. Not enough to get there, Amber Heard gave a false statement to the Washington Post about being a victim of violence.

“The opinion column is centered on Ms. Amber as a victim and Mr. Depp is the perpetrator of the violence. This is very wrong and false. This false accusation has been broken with the testimony of two police officers and 87 cctv recordings that we just got,” said Depp lawyer reported by NME.

In addition to objections to the hoaxes spread by Heard, Depp’s attorney also had some surprising points. They accused Heard of attacking Depp several times. Even the cast of Princess Meera in Aquaman once threw a bottle of vodka which made Depp’s finger seriously injured.

“Amber attacked Depp by throwing a bottle of vodka very hard into Depp’s right hand. Cause his right middle finger was injured until a broken bone and had to be operated on. Heard also kicked Depp when he was in bed and several other places,” continued the attorney.

Justin Bieber Depression And Request Prayer Support From Fans

Just recently Justin Bieber has just issued a shocking confession. The singer of the song Love Yourself claimed she was in a bad mental state. Luckily Justin can be open to his family, friends and fans.

“I want to give you the latest developments, hopefully what I have been through can now be felt by you,” Justin Bieber said through his personal Instagram upload.

“Right now I’m struggling, I feel weird, maybe like” disconnect “. I tried to rise from this situation. I want to ask for your support through prayer. God is very faithful and your prayers will surely come true. Thank you for giving me support. I feel this situation is very natural, and this is the hardest period of my life. ”

Hasil gambar untuk JUSTIN BIEBER

The article was posted in the black and white photo caption he uploaded. In the photo, Justin and Kenya West are seen hugging each other and the manager, Scooter Braun. The photo was liked by more than 4 million people and was flooded with tens of thousands of comments. Even Diplo and Luis Phonsi also prayed for Justin.

Luckily Justin is surrounded by people who love him so much, call him his girlfriend Hailey Baldwin.

“Hailey is currently the foundation for Bieber. He is Justin’s belief, he always listens to the complaints and problems of Justin, even before they get married, “said a source as reported by E Online.

Justin is reportedly addicted to xanax, which is one type of sedative that can relieve anxiety for the short term.

“I used to use Xanax to cover up the shame of what I face today,” Justin concluded.

Paris Hilton Is Happier After Breaking Up From Chris Zylka

Unfortunately, a serious relationship between Paris Hilton and her fiance, Chris Zylka must end in the middle of the road. In November, they decided to break up and cancel the wedding plan.

We don’t know what happened, Chris Zylka is reportedly not the right man for Paris Hilton. Paris, who did not want to talk at length, admitted that they still wanted to be good friends even though they were no longer lovers.

Although initially sad and heartbroken, now Paris has returned to focusing on his career. The 37-year-old socialite is even happier after separating from Chris, as reported by Us Magazine.

Gambar terkait

This was directly conveyed by one source through an interview with Us Weekly, “Actually, Paris is very happy now. She tried again to stress herself not to be satisfied quickly. She wanted to have a husband and child, but that hasn’t happened yet. She committed to doing things that’s right for him, and live life like that. ”

“He will not establish relationships with just anyone to relieve others. He prefers to live alone and remain happy,” the source added.

the source reiterated if the reason behind the breakup was solely due to incompatibility. After a long time together, Paris and Chris realized that they were indeed not suitable.

“Paris loves him very much and he (Chris) really admires him. He (Paris) sees all the goodness in him (Chris) until finally they realize that they are totally incompatible, and are on a different level,” he concluded

Kim Kardashian Triggered by Tristan Thompson Affair

Finally the chronology of the affair between Tristan Thompson and Jordyn Woods was revealed. In an interview conducted by Jada Pinkett on the Red Table Talk program, Jordyn claimed that Tristan had kissed her lips when drunk.

Although she was kissed by Tristan, Jordyn claimed she had not told Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian about the kiss in order to protect their feelings. Hearing the story made by Jordyn, instead of subsiding, Khloe was even emotional and blamed Jordyn for the destruction of their relationship.

But after some time, Khloe gave further clarification regarding this issue. According to her, the person who must be responsible for all these problems is Tristan, not Jordan.

Not only Khloe was provoked by emotions due to the problems of infidelity between Tristan and Jordyn, Kim Kardashian was also the most angry person due to the problem.

“If there are people who are really angry about this problem, then Kim is the person in the top position. He was very angry and 100% gave support to Khloe. ”

“Kim is always there beside Khloe, she often hears Khloe curhatan, they often talk about this and that, including boyfriend affairs. Kim is a very supportive person and she will always give support to Khloe. The bond between them is very strong and never goes out. ”

According to the same source, Kim asked Khloe to immediately move on and not look at the past anymore. He also reminded Khloe of his responsibilities as the mother of True Thompson.

With the Affair of Kylie Jenner Issues, Travis Scott Delete His Instagram Account

The problem of the affair of Khloe-Tristan-Jordyn may have found a bright spot. But the drama in Kardashian Jenner’s family hasn’t ended! Now it’s the turn of relationship between Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott who is reportedly having a problem.

Some foreign media reported that both of them had a great fight. Because Kylie has proof of the affair committed by Stormi Webster’s father.

TYravis finally deleted its Instagram account after two days ago this speculation exploded. When this affair issue emerged he immediately dismissed the allegations.

Namunia canceled the first Astorworld concert scheduled to take place in Buffalo, New York on Thursday (28/2). He returned to California to meet Kylie and Stormi.

Until now Travis Scott’s party still denied the accusation. Travis Management confirmed his client canceled his appearance in New York because of health conditions. But there is no further information regarding the disappearance of the Travis instagram.

Do you think this super romantic couple will actually be break or no ? Although still both have not reacted directly to the public. But a big gesture was carried out by Travis. The rapper canceled his performance at the Astroworld concert which was originally to be held on Thursday (28/02) in Buffalo, New York.