Justin Bieber Depression And Request Prayer Support From Fans

Justin Bieber Depression And Request Prayer Support From Fans

Just recently Justin Bieber has just issued a shocking confession. The singer of the song Love Yourself claimed she was in a bad mental state. Luckily Justin can be open to his family, friends and fans.

“I want to give you the latest developments, hopefully what I have been through can now be felt by you,” Justin Bieber said through his personal Instagram upload.

“Right now I’m struggling, I feel weird, maybe like” disconnect “. I tried to rise from this situation. I want to ask for your support through prayer. God is very faithful and your prayers will surely come true. Thank you for giving me support. I feel this situation is very natural, and this is the hardest period of my life. ”

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The article was posted in the black and white photo caption he uploaded. In the photo, Justin and Kenya West are seen hugging each other and the manager, Scooter Braun. The photo was liked by more than 4 million people and was flooded with tens of thousands of comments. Even Diplo and Luis Phonsi also prayed for Justin.

Luckily Justin is surrounded by people who love him so much, call him his girlfriend Hailey Baldwin.

“Hailey is currently the foundation for Bieber. He is Justin’s belief, he always listens to the complaints and problems of Justin, even before they get married, “said a source as reported by E Online.

Justin is reportedly addicted to xanax, which is one type of sedative that can relieve anxiety for the short term.

“I used to use Xanax to cover up the shame of what I face today,” Justin concluded.