Meghan Markle & Kate Middleton bullied, Kensington Palace Take Action

Lately, Meghan Markle has often been the subject of conversation because of various negative news about the drama in the Royal Family. No wonder if in the end Prince Harry’s wife had become a target of haters who did not stop writing scathing comments on social media.

Apparently, this kind of cyberbullying does not only affect Meghan Markle, but also Kate Middleton. Aware of the increasingly sloping comments, Kensington Palace finally took a decisive step.

As reported by People, Kensington Palace has just watched negative comments trying to bring down Meghan and Kate. They even spend hours to ‘clean up’ their social media accounts.

“The Kingdom always monitors comments, but it really takes a lot of time. They can indeed block a few words, but many of them are quite serious,” said one representative from Kensington Palace.

He continued, “Over the past year, there have been hundreds of thousands of comments (negative), even two or three threats of violence. We can delete and report, and block people. And the police have a certain task behind it. That is the thing we must arrange because there is no other way to control it. ”

In the official account of the United Kingdom, Kate and Meghan still get scorn from netizens. Don’t imagine what happens if these two Duchess really have their own social media accounts?

This is The Price That Kylie Needs to Pay For Her Last Birthday Party

Birthday will always been a special day that will be celebrate by all human beings  in this world. Everyone love their own birthday and always wish can celebrate their special day with the one that are important to them including Kylie Jenner. Kylie Jenner as we know are Hollywood top model that just celebrate her  21 ages on august 10 ago. Not surprisingly come from one of the most popular family in Hollywood now days, Kylie celebrate her birthday party with a super glamorous party that been attend by her family and also her close friend.

Kylie choose one of the best restaurant in west hollywood, Las Vegas as the place to celebrate her party on that day. And because of that The founder of Kylie Cosmetics need to pay a lot of money for that. As old time quotes just said “you get what you pay.”

From the source, In style, They confirm that Kylie need to pay more than USD 345.000 on her birthday ! that means a lot of money for regular people but maybe only a little for her. That price is include all the decoration , the rent place until her make up and dress.

Kylie wearing a dress design by Dundas with a magenta color. for having that dress Kylie needs to pay USD 3000.

Not satisfied only with on dress, in the middle of the event, Kylie change her dress into jumpsuit dress with a crystal accessorizes  that design by LaBourjoisie that make her need to pay around USD 8000 to get that dress. And for her shoes from Loubotin with cost USD 695 and wearing a ring by Martin Katz that been predict having a spectacular price around USD 148.000.

For the location Kylie need to pay around USD 7000 and another USD 11.000 for the decoration and also for the meal. and for the attraction she choose to invite her boyfriend  Travis Scott and also the comedian, Dave Chapelle. from the news Kylie need to pay around USD 150.000 for both of them.

And for the last, every party will bring us a memories to remember, and getting a picture is a must for us to help us remember those moment. Kylie know that things better than anyone because of that she prepared a Photo booth and a facial illustration service for her guest that night. Therefore, because of all the detail that she prepared on that day, that birthday event will getting a predicate as the most luxurious birthday party on 2018.


Channing Tatum Gentleman Behavior When Say Goodbye To Jessie J

Although at first it was closed about their actual relationship status, now Jessie J and Channing Tatum no longer hide their romance. This couple has even shown mutual support on their social media accounts.

Not only that, the paparazzi camera also captured their romantic date moments. Channing Tatum was even caught watching Jessie J’s concert from the VVIP bench. And now, it seems that their relationship is getting more intimate day by day.

Evidently, one of the paparazzi cameras has just captured the moment of their intimate kiss. That view was clearly seen when Channing appeared in front of Jessie’s house in the Los Angeles area on Tuesday (1/22).

From the photo found by E! Online, Jessie seems to be saying goodbye to her beloved lover. Picked up by a luxury limo to get back to work, he kissed one of the hot daddy who was left at his residence.

One source said, “Channing helped hercarry her suitcase and drove him to the car. When they said goodbye, he (Channing) hugged and pulled her body (Jessie). He immediately gave him a kiss and whispered something in her ear. Then he gave the camera to her when she got in the car, until Jessie left with a smile. ”

Inevitably this is a sweet sight that shows the side of the gentleman in Jenna Dewan’s ex-husband. Which woman isn’t going to melt when she has a boyfriend who is attentive and sweet like him? 😉

Director of ‘BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY’ Stumbles on Sex Abuse Cases

BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY’s success must be followed by unpleasant news that happened to Brian Singer the director. The veteran filmmaker was accused of sexually abusing several underage boys. This news was published on Wednesday (23/1) by The Atlantic media.

This accusation is the result of an investigation that has been conducted for one year. During this investigation 50 sources were collected, including men who claimed to have had sexual relations while still under the age of 18.

One witness named Eric claimed he had sex when he was 17 years old. This incident took place at Bryan Singer’s home in 1997, the relationship continued until Eric was in his 20s.

“The accusation on Bryan Singer covers a lot of spectrum. Some victims claimed to be seduced by the director while underage. While some claimed to have been raped. The victims claimed to have suffered psychological loss, depression, and symptoms of PTSD,” The Atlantic media wrote.

Subsequent accusations came from the man Bryan harassed when he was 15 years old. He claimed to have met at the Bryan mansion in Beverly Hills. Both witnesses and victims requested that their identities be protected from the public.

Now, through the legal counsel appointed by Bryan Singer, he has dismissed this charge. His attorney also stressed that his client had never been proven to have any legal records. Singer has collected a number of evidences that will break this accusation.

David Beckham And His Family Enjoy Their Holiday In Bali Indonesia


David Beckham once again show his love towards Indonesia by visiting this country again in this august. As we know the former player of Manchester United already visit Indonesia a couple of time.

Their visit happens on 2014, where he and his wife, Victoria having a holiday in Bali, one of the most famous Island that you can found in Indonesia, at that time all their activities in Dewata Island, the famous name for Bali been captured and shared into their social media account.

On Maret 2018, David Beckham once again visited Indonesia but not on vacation time. This time this masculine ex football player come to Indonesia with a mission to join the event call Football For Country and also become the ambassador for give the best appreciation for new young Indonesia player that have a talent in playing football.

This time, on august 2018 Beckham brings all his kids come to Indonesia and having fun in Bali Island. As we know Lombok, a small Island near Bali just having an earthquake during this time, but that also not make Beckham cancel their plan to visit this wonderful Island once again.

All of us can see on how they enjoy their holiday this time, because on his private Instagram, Beckham shared a lot of fun things that he and his kids do in Bali.

Also for you information, in this august Indonesia will celebrate the month of their freedom, so from his Instagram we can see alongside the road all the Indonesia National Flag already show up.

Any others things that Beckham do this time when he visit Indonesia is to try many kinds of Indonesia food that only we can find in Indonesia. He also make a video on how Indonesia people do a Satay.



Become a Bridesmaid, Demi Lovato Look Beautifull

Demi Lovato is one of the Hollywood singers and actresses who often attracts attention because of her appearance. In addition, the story of his personal life is also often a conversation.

As is known, Demi had an overdose until she had to be rushed to the hospital. After undergoing treatment, the former Disney star returned to rehabilitation.

Well, some time ago, the beautiful star had come out of rehab with a better condition. He also got the opportunity to become one of the bridesmaid at his best friend’s wedding.

On January 14, 2019, Demi Lovato uploaded a selfie photo on her personal Instagram account. In the portrait, the singer of the Stone Cold song was being a bridesmaid at her best friend’s wedding, Jenna Schubart.

The post was then decorated with a caption, ‘I became a bridesmaid in the marriage of a sister, a former caregiver, my best friend for 23 years. I love you Jenna Schubart. The perfect wedding for the perfect bride. ‘

Of course, Demi’s appearance when she became a bridesmaid also caught the attention of her fans and followers. The beautiful star has indeed looked so healthy when showing off a charming face with flawless make-up.

His hair seemed to be left untouched beautifully with a natural wave arrangement. In addition, the unique thing is, Demi wears a black bridesmaid dress with sweet brocade details. So, what do you think about Demi Lovato’s appearance?

Sam Smith Clearly Said His Dislike To Jackson

We certainly agree that Michael Jackson became a very important and influential figure in the development of world pop songs. He is also a legend in world music. His work is indeed deserved thumbs up. Michael Jackson was even referred to as the King of Pop because of the action.

However, Sam Smith has a different opinion. Not all pop music developments are listed by Michael Jackson. Even due to the controversy Tweet made by Sam Smith, he gained a lot of criticism from netizens.

At the moment with Adam Lambert, the singer who helped the QUEEN become a video cameraman when Sam Smith relaxed on the boat. When the camera was highlighted on Sam Smith’s face, he then expressed his dislike of Michael Jackson.

“I never liked Michael Jackson. But the song he made was pretty good, “Sam Smith said in the video. Some friends who were in one boat with him were suddenly shocked and said WOW.

No need to wait long for the video to reap the reaction of netizens. Various criticisms were sent to Sam Smith. Some netizens explained that the disclosure of their dislike should not be too frontal.

“Everyone can argue, that’s natural. But it is not obvious that he does not like Michael Jackson. He can say it more politely, like Michael Jackson’s song is not my favorite or other words that are more polite, “wrote one of the netizens who gave criticism.

Jake Gyllenhaal Play As Mysterio In Spiderman: Far From Home

After divulging the trailer AVENGERS: END GAME last month, Sony and Marvel released the first teaser film SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME. As already known, this film is a sequel to SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING which was released in 2017.

From several scenes displayed in the trailer, it seems that Peter Parker’s action this time will be taken after Thanos snaps his fingers to eliminate some humans on earth. That means there is a possibility that Spider-Man and the other superheroes missing at INFINITY WAR will come back again, yeah!

In the trailer itself, Peter Parker (Tom Holland) is said to be traveling to Europe with his friends. He wants to be a normal teenager in general, no-frills superhero. Therefore, Peter was reluctant to bring his Spider-Man costume in the suitcase.

After arriving in Europe, Peter is suddenly met by Nick Fury who brings a special mission for him. It didn’t take long until finally Peter faced a giant monster made of water, fire and stone.

In the middle of his summer vacation, Peter has a heavy duty. The first is to protect the citizens of the city and the second tries to hide his identity while saving the lives of his friends.

In addition to Spider-Man’s action with his new costume which was excited, the promised epic appearance of actor Jake Gyllenhaal will take part in SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME also looks promising. According to guesses, he indeed became Mysterio’s super villain figure but strangely his role there looked very different from the story in the comic.

As is known, Mysterio himself is an evil figure and became one of Spider-Man’s enemies. But in the trailer, he actually looks like one of the super heroes who helped Spidey save the city. Then, what role will Jake Gyllenhaal play later?

The beauty of Emma Stone in British Vogue Cover

Who doesn’t know Emma Stone? This beautiful actress successfully built her career in the Hollywood film industry and became one of the most talented actresses today.

A number of best-selling films also starred in him starting from LA LA LAND, THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, and many more. But it turns out Emma Stone is not admired just because of acting talent, but also the charm of beauty in her fashion sense.

Met on every occasion, especially the red carpet event, Emma always tries to look stunning and perfect. And now he is again a subject of conversation because of his latest photoshoot with Vogue magazine.

Emma Stone has just been chosen as the face of British Vogue’s cover for the upcoming February 2019 edition. That’s where you can see the appearance that is very different from usual.

Known as an artist who always looks natural, for this photoshoot Emma is dressed up bold with striking makeup. In his eyes were aquamarine colored eyeshadow blends combined with classic red lipstick.

Her hair is styled sleek bun so that adds to the classy impression on her appearance at that time. Not to forget, a luxurious outfit that leaves a glamorous and oriental impression also perfects its appearance.

Emma’s appearance is more natural. Andrew Garfield’s former lover looks posing on the bed by wearing a nude-colored lingerie dress. Lace details on the chest add to the impression of its own section.

Emma’s beautiful face is polished with smokey eyes, while her hair is messy so it looks sexy and challenging. If so, what do you think Emma looks like this time?

Demi Lovato: I Will Never Waste My Days Anymore

Along with the turn of the year, Demi reflects on her experience in one of his uploads on Instagram Story. “I am very grateful for the lessons I got this year. I will not waste my days, even when it was very bad,” she wrote. The overdose he experienced could not it is arguably the lowest point in life for Demi who is indeed struggling from drug dependence.

On the same occasion, Demi also addressed her gratitude to those around her, who helped her rise from adversity. “Thank you my fans, friends, family, and everyone who helped me through this year. God bless,” she added

Demi was found unconscious due to an overdose of illegal drugs at her home in the Hollywood area on July 24. She was immediately rushed to the hospital and had to be hospitalized for approximately two weeks. Not enough, Demi also has to continue treatment in a rehabilitation center.

According to one US Weekly source, the treatment received by Demi was very strict and hard. It’s no longer ordinary care. “It’s not like that (ordinary care) needed,” said the source.

The treatment actually managed to make Demi back to normal. She completed his treatment program last November.

Robert De Niro voices strong criticism of Donald Trump

It is no longer a secret if US President Donald Trump has many haters. From among artists, you can find several names such as Madonna, Mark Ruffalo, Meryl Streep, Chrissy Teigen, and many more.

Of the many names, Robert De Niro is one of the most attention-grabbing. This senior actor is absolutely undaunted to fight Donald Trump. He has repeatedly voiced his scathing criticism, as well as this time.

As reported by Us Magazine, De Niro just said that Trump is a racist person. He stated this directly to the Guardian recently.

“I’m getting older now, and I feel very disappointed in all this. When you see people like (Trump) being president, I feel, ‘Well, OK, let’s see what he does, maybe he will change.’ even worse, “he said.

He also added, “It shows me that he is truly racist. I think because he is a New Yorker, he can understand the differences in this city, but he is far worse than my shadow, really bad. This is very embarrassing. This is a disaster for this country. ”

Furthermore, De Niro admitted that he was the father of 6 children of different races. “One of my children is gay, and he is worried that he will be treated badly,” he concluded.

Six Month After Divorce, Now Channing Tatum Get Along With Jessie J

Last April, Channing Tatum and her wife, Jenna Dewan make a shocking statement to the public. This couple that known very romantic and very good together just tell about their relationship getting divorce from their Instagram.

After their divorce, both of them never seeing each other again until now. However, both of them still try to have a good relationship for the happiness of their little daughter, Everly Tatum.

Six month after getting divorce, Now Channing becoming the attention of public media. As we get from the report, This handsome actor now is being reported having a relationship with Jessie J.

This news spread out when one of the source tell that Channing Tatum is inviting to one of the concert held by Jessie J in Seattle and Salt Lake City. Not only until that, another source also tell that seeing both of them having a date.

“Their relationship is still new, look like that are having fun together,” Tell one of the source that becoming the witnesses that seeing Jessie and Channing playing a mini golf together in Seattle last Saturday.

This news spread so fast until the public try to figure out the same between Jessie and Jenna. Not only both of them is beautiful and energetic, both of them also having the killer look and darker hair color. Because of that a lot of people thing that this is the type of woman that Channing like from the look.

But until now we can not know for sure about their relationship. Both jessie and Channing never want to discuss about this rumor. Also not to long ago Channing just found out like Jenna Instagram account, It means Channing still can not move on from Jenna ?

Look like only time can tell the answer guys.



Bring Perfume In France, Jennie Blackpink Appears Natural

Jennie as a member of Blackpink is dominating the music world in South Korea. The songs on Blackpink’s new albums like Ddu du Ddu du and Forever Young were successfully ranked first in the song charts in Korea. Even when it was just released on Youtube, their videos managed to penetrate 100 million viewers!

The beauty of Blackpink’s personnel is very popular with many people. In addition, the performance of those who are energetic is also able to give an effect of enthusiasm to those who watch. Of all Blackpink members, maybe the most fashionable is Jennie.

No wonder Jennie often gets invitations to go to events held by world-famous fashion brands. Even Jennie was chosen by the Chanel brand to become a brand of Korean Chanel ambassadors. Some time ago, Jennie flew to France to do a photo shoot related to the latest perfume product from Chanel.

According to alerts from Allkpop, in the Le Eaux De Chanel event, Jennie was one of the invited guests. Even Jennie also had the opportunity to do a photoshoot with a photographer from Korea’s Cosmopolitan magazine.

In the shoot, Jennie’s beauty looked very natural. In the b-cuts photo (photos that did not pass the selection) there was a very energetic and sweet photo of Jennie carrying a Chanel perfume. Jennie took a photo shoot with green grass with a very typical European-style building.

Jennie’s plain and sweet look seemed to blend with the natural panorama which was the background for her photo shoot. Besides being talented in singing and “rapp”, it turned out that Jennie was also gifted as a model. Keep on succeeding, Jennie!