Bring Perfume In France, Jennie Blackpink Appears Natural

Jennie as a member of Blackpink is dominating the music world in South Korea. The songs on Blackpink’s new albums like Ddu du Ddu du and Forever Young were successfully ranked first in the song charts in Korea. Even when it was just released on Youtube, their videos managed to penetrate 100 million viewers!

The beauty of Blackpink’s personnel is very popular with many people. In addition, the performance of those who are energetic is also able to give an effect of enthusiasm to those who watch. Of all Blackpink members, maybe the most fashionable is Jennie.

No wonder Jennie often gets invitations to go to events held by world-famous fashion brands. Even Jennie was chosen by the Chanel brand to become a brand of Korean Chanel ambassadors. Some time ago, Jennie flew to France to do a photo shoot related to the latest perfume product from Chanel.

According to alerts from Allkpop, in the Le Eaux De Chanel event, Jennie was one of the invited guests. Even Jennie also had the opportunity to do a photoshoot with a photographer from Korea’s Cosmopolitan magazine.

In the shoot, Jennie’s beauty looked very natural. In the b-cuts photo (photos that did not pass the selection) there was a very energetic and sweet photo of Jennie carrying a Chanel perfume. Jennie took a photo shoot with green grass with a very typical European-style building.

Jennie’s plain and sweet look seemed to blend with the natural panorama which was the background for her photo shoot. Besides being talented in singing and “rapp”, it turned out that Jennie was also gifted as a model. Keep on succeeding, Jennie!