This is The Price That Kylie Needs to Pay For Her Last Birthday Party

This is The Price That Kylie Needs to Pay For Her Last Birthday Party

Birthday will always been a special day that will be celebrate by all human beings  in this world. Everyone love their own birthday and always wish can celebrate their special day with the one that are important to them including Kylie Jenner. Kylie Jenner as we know are Hollywood top model that just celebrate her  21 ages on august 10 ago. Not surprisingly come from one of the most popular family in Hollywood now days, Kylie celebrate her birthday party with a super glamorous party that been attend by her family and also her close friend.

Kylie choose one of the best restaurant in west hollywood, Las Vegas as the place to celebrate her party on that day. And because of that The founder of Kylie Cosmetics need to pay a lot of money for that. As old time quotes just said “you get what you pay.”

From the source, In style, They confirm that Kylie need to pay more than USD 345.000 on her birthday ! that means a lot of money for regular people but maybe only a little for her. That price is include all the decoration , the rent place until her make up and dress.

Kylie wearing a dress design by Dundas with a magenta color. for having that dress Kylie needs to pay USD 3000.

Not satisfied only with on dress, in the middle of the event, Kylie change her dress into jumpsuit dress with a crystal accessorizes  that design by LaBourjoisie that make her need to pay around USD 8000 to get that dress. And for her shoes from Loubotin with cost USD 695 and wearing a ring by Martin Katz that been predict having a spectacular price around USD 148.000.

For the location Kylie need to pay around USD 7000 and another USD 11.000 for the decoration and also for the meal. and for the attraction she choose to invite her boyfriend  Travis Scott and also the comedian, Dave Chapelle. from the news Kylie need to pay around USD 150.000 for both of them.

And for the last, every party will bring us a memories to remember, and getting a picture is a must for us to help us remember those moment. Kylie know that things better than anyone because of that she prepared a Photo booth and a facial illustration service for her guest that night. Therefore, because of all the detail that she prepared on that day, that birthday event will getting a predicate as the most luxurious birthday party on 2018.