Channing Tatum Gentleman Behavior When Say Goodbye To Jessie J

Channing Tatum Gentleman Behavior When Say Goodbye To Jessie J

Although at first it was closed about their actual relationship status, now Jessie J and Channing Tatum no longer hide their romance. This couple has even shown mutual support on their social media accounts.

Not only that, the paparazzi camera also captured their romantic date moments. Channing Tatum was even caught watching Jessie J’s concert from the VVIP bench. And now, it seems that their relationship is getting more intimate day by day.

Evidently, one of the paparazzi cameras has just captured the moment of their intimate kiss. That view was clearly seen when Channing appeared in front of Jessie’s house in the Los Angeles area on Tuesday (1/22).

From the photo found by E! Online, Jessie seems to be saying goodbye to her beloved lover. Picked up by a luxury limo to get back to work, he kissed one of the hot daddy who was left at his residence.

One source said, “Channing helped hercarry her suitcase and drove him to the car. When they said goodbye, he (Channing) hugged and pulled her body (Jessie). He immediately gave him a kiss and whispered something in her ear. Then he gave the camera to her when she got in the car, until Jessie left with a smile. ”

Inevitably this is a sweet sight that shows the side of the gentleman in Jenna Dewan’s ex-husband. Which woman isn’t going to melt when she has a boyfriend who is attentive and sweet like him? 😉