Demi Lovato: I Will Never Waste My Days Anymore

Demi Lovato: I Will Never Waste My Days Anymore

Along with the turn of the year, Demi reflects on her experience in one of his uploads on Instagram Story. “I am very grateful for the lessons I got this year. I will not waste my days, even when it was very bad,” she wrote. The overdose he experienced could not it is arguably the lowest point in life for Demi who is indeed struggling from drug dependence.

On the same occasion, Demi also addressed her gratitude to those around her, who helped her rise from adversity. “Thank you my fans, friends, family, and everyone who helped me through this year. God bless,” she added

Demi was found unconscious due to an overdose of illegal drugs at her home in the Hollywood area on July 24. She was immediately rushed to the hospital and had to be hospitalized for approximately two weeks. Not enough, Demi also has to continue treatment in a rehabilitation center.

According to one US Weekly source, the treatment received by Demi was very strict and hard. It’s no longer ordinary care. “It’s not like that (ordinary care) needed,” said the source.

The treatment actually managed to make Demi back to normal. She completed his treatment program last November.