Jake Gyllenhaal Play As Mysterio In Spiderman: Far From Home

After divulging the trailer AVENGERS: END GAME last month, Sony and Marvel released the first teaser film SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME. As already known, this film is a sequel to SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING which was released in 2017.

From several scenes displayed in the trailer, it seems that Peter Parker’s action this time will be taken after Thanos snaps his fingers to eliminate some humans on earth. That means there is a possibility that Spider-Man and the other superheroes missing at INFINITY WAR will come back again, yeah!

In the trailer itself, Peter Parker (Tom Holland) is said to be traveling to Europe with his friends. He wants to be a normal teenager in general, no-frills superhero. Therefore, Peter was reluctant to bring his Spider-Man costume in the suitcase.

After arriving in Europe, Peter is suddenly met by Nick Fury who brings a special mission for him. It didn’t take long until finally Peter faced a giant monster made of water, fire and stone.

In the middle of his summer vacation, Peter has a heavy duty. The first is to protect the citizens of the city and the second tries to hide his identity while saving the lives of his friends.

In addition to Spider-Man’s action with his new costume which was excited, the promised epic appearance of actor Jake Gyllenhaal will take part in SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME also looks promising. According to guesses, he indeed became Mysterio’s super villain figure but strangely his role there looked very different from the story in the comic.

As is known, Mysterio himself is an evil figure and became one of Spider-Man’s enemies. But in the trailer, he actually looks like one of the super heroes who helped Spidey save the city. Then, what role will Jake Gyllenhaal play later?