Recently there was good news coming from Ham’s pair So Won and Jin Hua. According to the news, they have just announced that Ham So Won is pregnant. This was revealed through the FLAVOR OF WIFE program aired on Chosun TV. In the program, the news of Ham So Won’s pregnancy was revealed.

Previously, Ham So Won was reported to have frozen his womb to see his age which had turned 42 years old. Even so, he looked tearful when he found out he was pregnant with a child. This moment was caught when they were doing ultrasound checks.

Seeing his wife undergoing an examination, Jin Hua who became her husband was seen holding Han So Won’s hand tightly. Although 18 years different from his wife, Jin Hua seemed to love his wife very much.

Ham So Won and Jin Hua were actually married in February. Although the age range of the two partners is very far, the two couples seem to love each other. Han So Won’s age is now 10 weeks old.

Jin Hua is a former trainee who became a celebrity on Weiboo, a social media used by Chinese people. Jin Hua himself reportedly is the son of a well-known businessman in China.
The news of the pregnancy revealed revealed many reactions from netizens. Many give prayers for Han So Won’s content and many pray for the relationship between the two partners to run well and be always happy.