Meghan Markle And Kate Middleton After Giving Birth

Monday (6/5) became a very historic day in the life of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. The pair of Duke and Duchess of Sussex finally welcomed the birth of their first baby male sex.

Shortly after, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle agreed to announce their baby’s name, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. But apparently, the little one is not the only one who managed to steal public and media attention.

Meghan’s appearance that day was also busy being discussed on social media. With her high class fashion taste, the Duchess of Sussex managed to look stylish and stunning after giving birth.

That day Meghan Markle appeared wearing a white trench dress by a famous British designer, designer Grace Wales. Sleeveless dress with a model like this is already a signature look.

To perfect her appearance, Meghan blends the dress with nude heels. No wonder the luxurious and expensive elegant impression emanated from the look at that time.

Unlike Meghan, Kate Middleton’s appearance is arguably simpler and simpler. Posing in front of Lindo Wing, St Mary’s Hospital Prince William’s wife always consistently wears a simple knee-length dress.

When giving birth to Prince George in 2013 ago, Kate wore a blue dress patterned polka dots. 2 years later Kate appeared fresh with a bright yellow dress with floral nuances. While for the third birth, the Duchess of Cambridge dropped his choice on a red dress with white collar made of lace.

Kate-William and Meghan-Harry Will Do Project Together

Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have just released a project together. This time they will campaign on how important it is to maintain mental health. Through a program called Shout, they will provide mental health support services through short text messages via Crisis Text Line.

Not long ago William released a video inviting people in the UK to volunteer for Shout. According to available data, 100 million messages have been sent and 5,000 volunteers have been trained since the program was released.

“They (Kate, Will, Harry and Meghan) are the first celebrities in the world who are serious about mental health problems. It is close to them and they have done great things to popularize this issue and reduce negative stigma,” said Nancy Lubin CEO of Crisis Text Line reported by People.

Furthermore, it turned out that the idea to start this project had been around since 2016. Precisely when Crisis CEO Text Line met Prince William at a dinner event.

“They have visited our office several times in the UK, they also met with volunteers. They were very involved. We could not find another spokesperson. Mental health problems have become an epidemic in the current generation,” continued the CEO.

George Clooney Give Support To Meghan Markle And Prince Harry

Everyone knows that all this time George Clooney has been aggressively conveying his support for Meghan Markle. Knowing that his best friend was subjected to blasphemy in British media, the star of OCEAN’S ELEVEN judged if Meghan was an extraordinary woman he had always admired.

Not enough at all, now George Clooney returned to making a similar confession when he guested on Good Morning Britain. It was there that he expressed his support for the household of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, as reported by People “I think it’s a little unfair, I see how reporters try to blame you for some ridiculous and insignificant reason.

And to me it’s a bit unfair because Meghan isn’t do anything other than living his life, “said George. He judged that the various tilted reports that tried to bring down the Duchess were deliberately made to damage his image. Though actually Meghan did nothing wrong. Furthermore, George Clooney also conveyed his judgment on the figure of Meghan.

According to him, the Duchess of Sussex was a very friendly and intelligent young woman. Not to forget, he also prayed for the best for Meghan and her husband. At the end of his interview, George Clooney had time to say, “(They are) very extraordinary couples, and love each other.”

Victoria Beckham Said Meghan Look Awesome

As soon as she joined the British Royal family, Meghan Markle was rated as one of the most stylish members of the Royal Family. Successfully rivals Kate Middleton, Prince Harry’s wife is admired thanks to the charm of her beauty and fashion taste.

One of Meghan Markle’s most attention-grabbing performances was when she celebrated her first Christmas party with the royal family. At that time she appeared wearing Victoria Beckham’s clothes.

As we know, last December 2018 Meghan appeared in his navy outfit starting from the headpiece, dress and long coat. She combines the OOTD with handbag and boots which are also designed by David Beckham’s wife.

A month passed since the moment of the Christmas celebration, Victoria finally opened her voice for the first time about this. Being a guest star on Live with Kelly and Ryan, the designer who had joined the Spice Girls claimed to be very flattered.

“She (Meghan) looks very beautiful. It was a sweet surprise when I woke up at Christmas morning. You know, I think she is a beautiful, strong and great woman. So I feel this is an honor,” Victoria said.

Previously, the Duchess of Sussex had indeed admitted his admiration for Victorian works. No wonder why Meghan decided to choose the design to look stunning and perfect especially at special moments like that time? 😉