Kim Kardashian Triggered by Tristan Thompson Affair

Finally the chronology of the affair between Tristan Thompson and Jordyn Woods was revealed. In an interview conducted by Jada Pinkett on the Red Table Talk program, Jordyn claimed that Tristan had kissed her lips when drunk.

Although she was kissed by Tristan, Jordyn claimed she had not told Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian about the kiss in order to protect their feelings. Hearing the story made by Jordyn, instead of subsiding, Khloe was even emotional and blamed Jordyn for the destruction of their relationship.

But after some time, Khloe gave further clarification regarding this issue. According to her, the person who must be responsible for all these problems is Tristan, not Jordan.

Not only Khloe was provoked by emotions due to the problems of infidelity between Tristan and Jordyn, Kim Kardashian was also the most angry person due to the problem.

“If there are people who are really angry about this problem, then Kim is the person in the top position. He was very angry and 100% gave support to Khloe. ”

“Kim is always there beside Khloe, she often hears Khloe curhatan, they often talk about this and that, including boyfriend affairs. Kim is a very supportive person and she will always give support to Khloe. The bond between them is very strong and never goes out. ”

According to the same source, Kim asked Khloe to immediately move on and not look at the past anymore. He also reminded Khloe of his responsibilities as the mother of True Thompson.