Justin Bieber Open Up About His Career And His Will To Become A Father

Justin Bieber Open Up About His Career And His Will To Become A Father

After marrying Hailey Baldwin, Justin Bieber not only became more open about his love life, but also his health. As we know, he openly admitted that he was struggling to fight depression and the mental turmoil he suffered.

Luckily now Justin Bieber has Hailey Baldwin who is always loyal to him. Paparazzi cameras even repeatedly capture the moment when Hailey tried to calm Justin who looked emotional and cried in public.

Right today, Tuesday (26/3) Justin has just made a confession through a post on Instagram. That’s where he opened up about health, music career, and his desire to immediately have a baby.

“I read a lot of messages that you wanted (I immediately released) an album. I always toured all my teenage years, until I was 20 years old, I realized that as you can see, I was not happy on the last tour. deserve it, you pay me in hopes of seeing a concert that is full of light and energy, unfortunately I can’t give it at the end of my tour, “Justin wrote.

Furthermore, Justin also said, “During this time I tried to try and find the problem, and now I am very focused on fixing it, just like you. So that I am not destroyed, so that I can maintain my marriage, and become the father I want.

“Music is very important to me, but nothing is more important than my family and health. I will soon make an album ASAP, you know I’m cool right? And I know His love is a miracle and His mercy reliable, basically whether I will make music or not, everything is destined by God, but I will believe with all my heart about it. (My grammar and signs are very bad, just pretend if you are reading a text message and not care), “he concluded.