Kylie Jenner Show Her Freckles Face

Kylie Jenner Show Her Freckles Face

Being a mother at a young age has been a dream of Kylie Jenner for a long time. After hiding her pregnancy from the public and the media, Travis Scott’s lover finally began to open up and more often showed off photos of her daughter’s growth and development, named Stormi Webster.

Even though she has become a mother, her appearance is still the main thing for Kylie Jenner. This Life of Kylie star is always diligent about every aspect of beauty, from hair, makeup, skin health, even to nail care.

Speaking of treatments, recently Kylie Jenner has uploaded a selfie photo on her Instagram account. In the portrait, you can see what the original face looks like when it appears without wearing makeup.

Still wearing a towel on her head, Kylie posed near the window of her house. Kim Kardashian’s sister shows her best angle and the charm of her natural beauty. Not only that, you can also see the appearance of the freckles that fill his face.

Along with the upload of the photo, Kylie wrote a short caption that read, “Morning.” No wonder this post immediately grabs the attention of the fans and also the followers.

Although not wearing makeup, Kylie still maintains the lash extension that has become her trademark. Thick and long lashes seem to have become mandatory for women who have a career as a fashion and cosmetics businessman.

Well, before the media camera had captured the appearance of Kylie and Travis Scott when the West Hollywood area appeared on Thursday (3/21). Investigated, they apparently had dinner together at a famous waffle restaurant, Sweet Chick. Not only alone, the couple also invited his little daughter Stormi Webster.