Nipsey Hussle Killed After Being Hit By Bullets

Nipsey Hussle Killed After Being Hit By Bullets

Nipsey Hussle, the Grammy nominated rapper was killed after being hit by bullets in front of his own shop in South Los Angeles, on the week of March 31 (Monday, Indonesian time). Based on information circulating, the 33-year-old rapper was shot several times and immediately taken to hospital.

But unfortunately his life could not be saved and was declared dead. Nipsey Hussle is not the only victim of this attack. Two other people were injured outside the Nipsey store, Marathon Clothing.

This shooting took place around 3:20 p.m. LA time. Three victims fell, 1 died and 2 were still being treated at the nearest hospital. However, the Los Angeles police claimed they did not have suspicion of the perpetrators of the shootings.

“We still have no suspicion till now and will provide detailed information as soon as possible,” said the police, quoted from their official Twitter.

The late Nipsey Hussler with the birth name Ermias Asghedom, is a local Los Angeles resident. While still alive, he often talked about his youth as a member of a street gang. In fact, he is considered a regulator of the street gang community.

A few hours before the shooting took place, Nipsey wrote a tweet about the problem of having an ‘enemy’. “Having a strong enemy is a blessing,” Nipsey wrote.