Fan BingBing Dissapear From Screen, What’s Happen ?

Fan BingBing Dissapear From Screen, What's Happen ?

Maybe many have asked where has Fan BingBing been? Because he has disappeared for more than a year. Though Fan BingBing is usually always present at the Venice Festival to Busan, but now his figure just disappears.

Fans and movie fans then questioned the whereabouts of Fan BingBing. The artist was last seen on July 1. At that time he was found visiting a children’s home.

Even when fans and media try to extract information through their social media accounts, there is no satisfying answer. Her Weibo account itself was last active on July 23.

A lot of speculation has emerged regarding the disappearance of FanBingBing from the screen. Though he is an artist with very fantastic income. Many speculations say the artist has a tax problem with the local government.

He also reportedly made a fake contract where he compiled two employment contracts in one project. Surely one of them is made at a lower cost than the original payment.

This effort he did to trick the Chinese government. Even the Chinese government has conducted an investigation regarding the case. When interrogated, BingBing denied all the allegations shown to him. It is not clear whether he is currently on vacation or making a new work, or perhaps he has been detained by the police?

Even more strangely, the representatives and staff also refused to comment. This is increasingly making the public curious, plus he is currently undergoing a new film project titled 355. That way, this proves that BingBing Fan has ascertained out of the film project.