Vicky Fulfills Police Calls And Sure Angel Lelga Becomes a Suspect

Vicky Fulfills Police Calls And Sure Angel Lelga Becomes a Suspect

The case of divorce and raids carried out by Vicky Prasetyo is getting hotter. At present the case has been brought to justice, even the two parties have launched reports and demanded each other.

Recently Vicky Prasetyo has fulfilled the police call to be examined. Their case is currently under investigation by the police.

“First, I want to emphasize that Vicky will be assisted by several lawyers from me, Andre, and also Dinda. We really care about the case that happened to Vicky. Vicky has come to the office to do an examination. Earlier the investigator had raised this case from the investigation process into an investigation. This means that Angel Lelga is likely to become a suspect, then we’ll see how. Earlier we saw Vicky testify, “said Razman Nasution as Vicky’s attorney.

All evidence was also confiscated by the investigator. Vicky also feels that this must be done so that Angel feels deterrent.

“Mrs. Kani had confiscated all evidence such as bed linen, clothes, and so on. Vicky’s document has also been given and will be opened later. This case will be a lesson for women who like to play with men. ”

Even though they have been brought to justice, there are still many who doubt the authenticity of this case. Many people consider this to be a mere setting and aim to increase prestige in the world of homeland infotainment.