Paris Hilton’s outpouring after breaking up with Zylka

Paris Hilton's outpouring after breaking up with Zylka

The news is quite surprising heard from the figure of Paris Hilton. How not, the artist with blonde hair has just reportedly ended the relationship with Chris Zylka, who was actually engaged to him.

No one knows for sure what really happened between these two partners. Paris Hilton with Zylka has been in a relationship since 2017 and has prepared a plan to get married soon. But fate said differently, their relationship had to run aground in the middle of the road.

According to news circulating, Paris Hilton said that the figure of Zylka was not the right male figure for him. Even though it has ended the relationship, both of them claim that they are still good friends.

As time went on, finally Paris Hilton raised her voice regarding her decision to end the relationship with Zylka. When attending The Talk on Wednesday 28/11, Paris Hilton then revealed the contents of her heart.

“Right now I want to enjoy my own time. When we fall in love, we usually give love excessively and inappropriately. This makes my life full of shock.”

“I’m very obsessed with the Disney story, where there is a lot of romance with a happy ending. But I realize that my relationship with Chris is not the right relationship.”

“In the future, I will get married and have children. For now, I will focus on my career first,” concluded Paris Hilton.