The Most Beautiful K-Pop Idol According to South Korean Journalists

The Most Beautiful K-Pop Idol According to South Korean Journalists

It is undeniable, to be a member of Korean idols is not easy, there are many stages that must be passed by those who want to become idols there. Of the many idol beautiful women in South Korea, maybe there are only a few who are considered the most beautiful by South Korean journalists. Who do you think is included in the list of the most beautiful K-Pop idols?

First place is Jung So Min. He is an artist who appears charming in front of the camera. According to journalists and reporters from the YTN news station, they consider the beauty of Jung So Min to be compared to a beautiful deer in a fairyland. Deer is a creature that is considered graceful and enchanting, it is only natural that Jung So Min’s beauty is compared to deer, moreover deer in fairy tales are described as very beautiful and also friendly.

In second place there. He is a member of girlband Twice. Sana himself often gets praise from fans and also the public because the visuals shown in front of the camera are very fascinating. Even journalists and reporters on many television stations in Korea praise Sana’s beauty!

In third place, Irene is a member of a girl group called Red Velvet. As with Sana, Irene also often gets praise for her beauty. In addition, the visualization of Irene in front of the camera is considered very charming by many television reporters in Korea.

In fourth place is Bae Suzy. It’s no secret anymore, Bae Suzy is already famous for her beauty. Even the fans also come from many countries in various parts of the world. Her beauty can even make anyone who sees her fall in love, including reporters and journalists in Korea.

In the fifth place is Song Hye Kyo. Similar to Bae Suzy, Song He Kyo has also been famous in the world. He even entered as one of the most beautiful women in Korea. Not only good at singing, he is also good at acting. There are already many titles of the films played by Song Hye Kyo