Pennapa Naebchid – The Figure Behind the Phenomenal Wik Wik Song

Pennapa Naebchid - The Figure Behind the Phenomenal Wik Wik Song

Perhaps the most phenomenal song at this time is the Wik Wik Wik song, which was sung by a Thai singer named Pennapa Naebchid. But behind the popularity of the song, the public considered the song too vulgar.

The song that has the original viral title “Moan” is indeed very well known, even outside Thailand. But who would have thought there were tears falling behind the song.

How not, Penapa Naebchid received a lot of scathing criticism from the public, both from the Thai public to outside Thailand.

The song was actually sung by two people, namely Sittichai Vibhavadee and also Pennapa Naebchid. They both realized that the song they were singing was indeed risky of controversy. This is because such a thing is still considered taboo in Thailand.

“Bringing the song in public is not easy, we are very embarrassed when we sing it,” said Pennapa Naebchid as reported by

Actually, what is the meaning behind the Wik song?

The song actually tells about a man who had a relationship with a woman, but in the end the woman married another man. But the highlight is the expressions and scenes that seem to show the woman is wanting to make love with her husband, the scene is accompanied by the sound of wik wik wik and ah ah ah. This voice further reinforces the impression that they want to make out.

Here are the lyrics of the song:

“Wik … Wik … Wik … Wik … Wik …
Ahh … Ahh … Ahh … Ahh … ”

Apart from the good or not the meaning of the song, Wik Wik Wik song is indeed quite entertaining because it has a quite funny and fun rhythm.