Sacha Stevenson Feel Dizzy After Hearing Fadli Zon Speech

Sacha Stevenson is a Youtuber who has the blood of “Caucasians”. This one Youtuber is also very famous for her enthusiasm in making content on his Youtube channel.

Sacha is also very happy to criticize or discuss the incorrect pronunciation of English. This time the one who was criticized was Fadli Zon.

Who don’t know the Deputy General Chair of the Gerindra Party? But this time the one that needed to be highlighted was the way the pronunciation of English was difficult and frivolous. Even Sacha asked for a higher salary if asked to translate English spoken by Fadli Zon.

“Fadli Zon is a politician in Indonesia, if he is told to listen he says it’s okay, but if told to translate, sorry, going up my salary first before asking me to do it,” Sacha said on the video she uploaded on her YouTube channel.

Some of the words discussed by Sacha are Tolerancy (which is supposed to be tolerance), the use of verbs to other incorrect pronunciation.

“I sent the audio to friends who study in the political science department, they just got confused and bothered to hear it.”

“It’s like that, he wants to walk 100km / hour, but the tire is only 1.”

Well it seems that Fadli Zon must improve to see the many ridiculous behaviors he did as a people’s representative. Intrigued by the video? Just stop by Sacha’s Youtube channel.