Miki – Leaving ABK48 Is A Wrong Decision

In the world of Japanese idols, especially AKB48, graduation of members or members has become commonplace. Many of them actually pass themselves off because of personal desires. Some of them can live happily, but not a few who have deteriorated their lives since leaving the idol group. One who regretted his decision to quit the idol group was Miki Nishino.

Miki Nishino herself was one of the members who joined AKB48 in 2012. He entered as the 14th generation and lived his life as an idol for approximately five years. Miki Nishino decided to graduate in 2017 and continue her career with Twin Planet Entertainment. Unfortunately, the decision he made was the wrong decision. Because he had to live hard after leaving the AKB48 group.

Just imagine, it is difficult for her to go through life, he currently has to work at a BBQ restaurant with an income of 1000 yen per hour. Unlike when he joined AKB48, she could perform at Budokan and even Tokyo Dome. Now she only works as a BBQ restaurant waiter and shakes hands with fans for free.

Actually Miki Nishino is not a top ranking member, she only ranked 61 in the 61st Senbatsu election. Even so, she could collect as much as 210,000 yen per month, much better than working at a BBQ restaurant. In fact, she also complained about the bathtub in the place where he lived.

“The bathtub in my house can’t heat water automatically, everything has to be manual and it’s very annoying and troublesome!”

Despite living a hard life, Miki enjoys sher work at a BBQ restaurant. That is life, we will never know what will happen in the future.