Japanese Artist Who Love Taking Photo With Sakura Blossom

The exposure of cherry blossoms in Japan certainly attracts the attention of many people, even Japanese people themselves are very happy with this moment. How not, the beauty of cherry blossoms is indeed successful in hypnotizing the eyes of anyone who saw it. In Japan itself, when cherry blossoms bloom, Japanese people will usually celebrate by coming to the park with out or closest friends.

There is so many tourist from outside of Japan intentionally come to Japan when cherry blossoms bloom, even many who take prawedding photos at this moment. Some of the most visited locations when these flowers bloom are Ueno Park, Kamo River in Kyoto, Sumida River and various other places. Here are some famous artists in Japan who participated in enlivening the cherry blossom festival by uploading their photos in the background of blooming cherry blossoms.

Number one is Oku Manami. This artist is wearing a thick black sweater and a photo with a very sexy sideways style. The beauty of the cherry blossoms that bloom behind it also adds to the beauty of the photos taken by Oku Manami.

The second one is Nozomi. This artist also enlivened the blossoming of cherry blossoms. Nozomi took photos with her friends with a panorama of cherry blossoms behind her.

The third one is Yuna Taira. This young artist also enlivened the cherry blossom flower festival. With bright red lipstick and beautiful cherry blossoms to be the perfect combination to radiate the beauty that is on him.

Cherry blossoms themselves are a symbol of happiness and hope for Japanese people, so it’s only natural that they love cherry blossoms. Besides being able to enjoy cherry blossoms, you can also try various kinds of culinary with the main ingredients of cherry blossoms, are you interested in trying it?