Fact About Chelsea Islan

Fact About Chelsea Islan

Already know the talented Indonesian artist, Chelsea Islan? If not, you have come to the right place. Because in this article we will discuss all about this one artist. Curious?

Chelsea Islan is an Indonesian-American artist. His face is very distinctive and has its own charisma when playing acting. Although still relatively young, Chelsea Islan has starred in many feature films. This proves that the quality of Chelsea Islan in acting deserves a thumbs up.

It turns out that behind his skill in acting, Chelsea Islan has a serious woman! In fact, he was also labeled as someone who could not joke. But that does not mean that Chelsea is fierce, he is still friendly and happy when he hears funny jokes that tickle.

In addition, Chelsea Islan is an artist who has many hidden talents. Besides being good at acting, Chelsea is also good at singing. Try it, you listen to Chelsea who are singing a Somebody To Be loved song that became the movie soundtrack of Merry Riana: The Dream of a Million Dollar that he played.

This girl with the Virgo zodiac was also fond of the world of art and also the social world. Chelsea often shows its interest in the social world through concrete actions in the field by joining the Love Pink organization that routinely visits breast cancer sufferers. Wow, it’s beautiful, it turns out that Chelsea is also caring about others, it’s worth emulating.

Do you know about Chelsea Islan when you were in school? Apparently he is active in various theater activities! No wonder he is very talented at playing role arts, it turns out it’s been a hobby for a long time.

Although happy to play acting, but Chelsea Islan does not like soap operas. Although initially Chelsea only played for feature films and hated soap operas, but eventually Chelsea took part in a comedy soap opera. According to Chelsea, the sitcom is different from ordinary soap operas because it can provide entertainment that tickles the stomach to the audience.