Luna Maya Is Crying When Talk About Her Relationship With Barack

After undergoing a relationship for five years, Luna Maya finally had to break up with Reino Barack. Since the start of their relationship, Luna Maya and Reino Barack have often covered their romance. When questioned by the media crew, the two partners also often avoided.

Not long ago Luna Maya was invited as a guest in Boy William’s #NebengBoy broadcast. As we know, Boy William’s Youtube channel indeed often invites many artists to be invited to chat or talk lightly.

During the chat session, Luna Maya claimed that her relationship had to end because she did not get the blessing from her parents.

“Nothing really happened. From the beginning, the relationship was difficult because of family problems. Parents don’t accept this relationship. “From the beginning, I told Barack that the relationship would not be easy, so there would be predictions that things would be hard, this would happen,” said Luna Maya.

“Actually there is nothing wrong, the only thing that is wrong is in the confession. But the name of a parent would want the best for his child right? That’s not wrong, I respect their thoughts. It’s just still sad. ”

Although Luna Maya already knew from the start she would end up quite bitter, but she chose to keep trying to undergo the relationship. When the chat session goes on, it looks Luna Maya shed tears. It seems that Luna Maya still can’t forget her ex-lover.

“Well, we want to try first, if indeed there is a good way, but if it ultimately fails, it will be used as learning,” said Luna Maya.