Bradley Came With His Beautifull Mother in Oscar 2019

The 2019 Oscar will continue to run lively even without the presence of hosts at Dolby Theater, Los Angeles. Lady Gaga’s presence at the 2019 Oscar also managed to steal the public’s attention. Undeniably, the appearance of the singer of the Poker Face song was indeed very quirky, Lady Gaga also wore a yellow diamond necklace that was so beautiful.

If Lady Gaga managed to steal the attention through her distinctive style, different from Bradley Cooper. The 44-year-old handsome actor came while accompanied by two beautiful women, who is the woman?

Bradley Cooper turned out to go into Dolby Theater while holding Irina Shyak and a woman who looked not so foreign, yes she was Bradley’s mother, Gloria Campano. These three people wear matching clothes so it looks very match.

Bradley wears a black tuxedo so that it looks very handsome, while Irina looks so charming with longdress that is equipped with backless and gold fringe on the waist.

Even Mother Bradley also appeared charming with a tutu dress that was combined with an outer with velvet material. The mother also wore several accessories such as brooches, jewelry and black glasses so that it made her look like an elegant noble.

Apparently this is not the only time Bradley invites his beloved mother to attend a prestigious event, Bradley indeed often invites his mother to attend various official events or prestigious awards such as this.

Even though Bradley already has such a beautiful companion, he doesn’t forget his first love, his own mother. A filial child!