James Gunn Do Not Worry After Fired By Disney

James Gunn Do Not Worry After Fired By Disney

Director James Gunn claim that he is not feel any worried about his carrier after being sacked by Disney a moment ago. James Gunn as we know as the director of Guardian of the Galaxy 1  and 2 has been reportedly get so many offers from a bigger producer name in Hollywood to do a big project with them.

Although the news of James being sacked by Disney is controversial, But his cool hand in direct the film he do makes others producer not think twice to get him to do their project.

“I will work with him shortly,” tell one of the executive senior¬† manager to the Hollywood Reporter. but until now we can no get any clarification from Gunn side.

The Hollywood Reporter also claim they are already contact a doze of producer and executive producer and all of them claim that they are attract to work with James Gunn. But the source say that James Gunn until now can not make a deal with any other offers during the negotiation of him being fired by Disney.

” I have been told not to make any offers to him until his problem with Disney clear a hundred percent,” tells other producer to us.

Some of big producer that love to work with Gunn is Warner Bros that claim that they need a new fresh face to help them compete with other superhero movie producer such as Marvel and Disney.

Disney already sack Gunn at July 20. from the news we get, all the Guardian of the galaxy cast already sent a letter to Disney so Disney can consider again about Gunn been fired.

Now all of the hollywood movie lover will wait and see where will James Gunn go next.