My Butterfly Angel : Bella Hadid !

My Butterfly Angel : Bella Hadid !

Bella hadid, sister from the super model Gigi Hadid just celebrate her birthday. Yes exactly on last October 9th Bella celebrate her 22 years born to this world. The age where somebody is consider to be mature on western country.

In her age, Bella get so many surprising surprise for her. Not only from his boy friend, The Weekend, but also come from her beloved sister, Gigi Hadid. We can say that when Gigi post a picture of his sister birthday celebration on her private Instagram recently.

As we know, this two sister is very close to each other. So without a doubt we can see their bond, their connection to each other is so strong and there are not shy on showing their love towards each other, This also happen on the special day of Bella Hadid.

From two picture that upload by Gigi we can say that Bella is so happy getting a surprise from her beloved one. One the first picture we can see Bella sit toward her birthday cake and her face look very happy receiving that cake. The cake look so beautiful that consist of five layer cake that look so delicious to eat. Also there were a note “Happy Birthday Bella” on that cake.

” This night we are celebrating birthday of my great sister, 22 years old Bella Hadid ! ( I do not expect that you are already that old). I wish you can be more sparkle and always spread the love with the world, With being proudly, i will announce that i am very happy can spendĀ  year and years with you, For me you are more than sister you are also my best friend. I really love you, My butterfly angel. May your day and this year will be pleasure to you, You Deserve it !” Write Gigi Hadid.

Well Let we also wish the best one for Bella hadid, Happy Buffdayy Bella.