Emma Stone Becoming the Next Wonder Woman

Emma Stone Becoming the Next Wonder Woman

As long as we know, when we are talking about Emma Stone, The first things that comes out into our mind is her character as the young witch Hermione Granger that she played in “Harry Potter”. But this time, this beautiful actress showing her other self that she can be other than the media and her fans thinks. Yes recently Emma Stone show herself as the other famous woman character which is Prince Diana , Wonder Woman.

Not a long ago, Emma post her newest picture on her private instagram. In her picture, The beautiful actress that also become the main actress in Beauty and the Beast (2017) looks wearing a Halloween Wonder Woman costume. in that picture showing how she and her partner that using Yoda costume.

It takes a short time only for that picture being commented by her fans, lot of her fans showing their admire and their like toward Emma and saying how good Emma wearing that costume. Also a lot of her fans are hoping that Emma Stone can soon be real having a project as one of the superhero adaption actress in movie.

There are a lot of suggestion come in from their fans that look like very encouraging her to act in superhero movie. From become Poison Ivy and Batgirl from DCEU franchise until become Spider Woman in marvel

“Emma looks so gorgeous in this costume.” say one of her fans. ” she looks very much same with Gal Gadot, both of them is strong woman in a real life,” say the others. “if Gal not yet becoming a Wonder Woman, i guess that Emma should be suitable becoming the one,” tell the others.

So just wait and see, Will Emma Stone becoming our next superhero or not ?