Kate Beckinsale’s Ex-boyfriend Gives a Warning to Pete Davidson

Kate Beckinsale's Ex-boyfriend Gives a Warning to Pete Davidson

Age seems not to be a big problem for Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale. Although initially it was very closed about their relationship status, the couple finally began to dare to go public.

If previously the media camera managed to capture their intimate moments when holding hands, now Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale without reluctance to indulge in a hot kiss in public. That view was clearly seen when they watched the hockey match in New York on Sunday (3/3) ago.

When their kissing photos shocked social media, the public is now shocked by the latest news. Not long ago Kate Beckinsale’s ex-boyfriend opened his voice through an interview with TMZ.

The man named Matt Rife delivered his message to Pete Davidson. Hoping that Pete could be happy with Kate Beckinsale, Matt also warned the SET IT UP star.

“Advice for Pete? As fellow men, run away. Enjoy while you can. I hope they are both happy. I hope they can build good and serious relationships. I hope they are happy. I have no strong advice, just be careful,” Matt said.

Furthermore, Matt also shared stories about his experience when he became Kate’s lover. He claimed to have had a relationship for approximately 1 year, but experienced quite a lot of problems.

“We dated for a year, our relationship was very complicated. Really. There are many ups and downs. But he (Kate) has moved on,” he concluded.