Call Boy – Newest Drama By Tori Matsuzaka

Recently the teaser for the film Call Boy has just been released. This film is an 18+ rating film that will be played by the famous Japanese handsome actor, Tori Matsuzaka. The film Call Boy was produced by Daisuke Miura and will soon be aired on the big screen. This film has a fairly complicated storyline and shows several scenes devoted to adults.

Call Boy was appointed from a novel entitled Shonen. This novel is a work by Ira Ishida which was published in 2001. The novel tells of a man named Ryo Morinaka (who will later be played by Tori Matsuzaka). He is a student who does part-time work at the bar. Shinya Tajima (later will be played by Yu Koyanagi). who became Morinaka’s friend brought a host bar owner to come to the bar where Morinaka worked.

Apparently the person invited by Tajima is a woman named Shizuka Mido (later to be played by Sei Matobu). Ryo Morinaka finally decided to work with Shizuka and only served members. Although initially embarrassed, Ryo can fulfill all of his client’s requests. Apart from the above artists, the film will also star Amie Tomite, Kenta Izuta, Tokuma Nishioka and several other artists whose roles have not been revealed in the film Call Boy.

Intrigued by the Call Boy movie? The film will reportedly be released on July 7, 2019.