Queen Elizabeth II Feel Sad About Tsunami in Anyer, Indonesia

Queen Elizabeth II Feel Sad About Tsunami in Anyer, Indonesia

3 days after Tsunami in Anyer. Even so, all victims and families left behind still feel deep sadness. Even many feel traumatized by the incident.

All parties expressed their condolences. Concerns not only come from all levels of Indonesian society, but also from Queen Elizabeth II. In fact, he gave his official message to Indonesian President Joko Widodo.

“The Queen has sent this message to the President of Indonesia and all the people of Indonesia. Here is the full message,” wrote the official Royal Family account on Twitter.

Although the message is quite short and dense, it contains extraordinary meaning. The Queen could not resist her sadness to see what had happened and hit Indonesia.

“Prince Philip and I were very sad to know that many lives were lost after the devastating Tsunami hit Indonesia,” – Her Majesty the Queen.

“We express our deep condolences to all who lost their loved ones, and victims whose homes were destroyed and all affected,” he continued.

The message was not only for the victims, but all involved helped evacuate. Yes, they are an important team and provide help.

“I appreciate the courage and dedication of emergency services and volunteers who always provide support,” said Elizabeth R.