Got Bad Petition, This Is How Nikita Answer It

It seems that Nikita Mirzani has always made sensations throughout her career. This behavior often makes netizens upset. Even netizens to make petitions containing requests that Mirzani stop being an artist. When asked for information, Nikita Mirzani answered it.

“It’s just normal. People don’t like it, yes it’s up to them. I don’t take care of petitions, “said Nikita Mirzani when met in the Tendean area, South Jakarta.

Hearing a lot of news that said he did not have achievements, Nikita Mirzani then gave a statement regarding the news. He dismissed the news saying he did not have talent or achievements in the world of art.

“That person always discussed my sensations. I have a lot of shows. Many of my films are box office. Anyone discussing? It’s not like that! You know, if there are any cases, then it gets excited. If I don’t have any achievements, it’s not impossible that I’m still selling well, still exists. ”

Nikita continued that as a public figure, sensation was needed. It is legitimate as long as the sensation is not a cheap sensation and does not have to be able to lift a career.

“The sensation must be, the artist’s needs sensation. But the sensation must be good, not the cheap one, “closed Nikita.