Priyanka Chopra Finally Married With Nick Jonas

It is undeniable, Nick Jonas’s decision to marry Priyanka Chopra was very fast. Almost all publics have the same opinion regarding Jonas’ marriage to Chopra. Many have questioned the reason behind the marriage that seems too fast.

Speculation after speculation continues to emerge. One of them is the insistence of the Chopra family, considering Chopra’s age has reached 36 years. But the rumor was denied by Nick Jonas. He said that his marriage to Chopra was without coercion from any party.

“My parents and Chopra’s parents were married shortly. They met, then had a short relationship, then decided to get married. My parents got married after three months of meeting, Chopra’s parents after 10 days of acquaintance,” Nick said as quoted by Hello Magz.

Nick Jonas also said that his decision to marry Chopra was a very right decision. According to him the figure of Chopra is the most appropriate woman to accompany his life.

Although not very familiar with Indian wedding traditions, Nick was happy to be able to marry Priyanka using the tradition believed by Priyanka Chopra. According to Nick, there are many interesting things from the marriage tradition in India.

“The meaning that is in the tradition of marriage in India is very much. I can see every detail. I am increasingly in love with Indian culture,” said Nick.

The marriage process of Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra runs with great emotion with the Punjabi Hindu tradition adopted by the Chopra family.